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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all. I’m looking for some advice. I recently opened up a noodle account and noticed that a TSB account of some sort had been opened in my name. I think it was a loan as there have been monthly payments and now has a balance of £0. I know I should have checked sooner but in the past we used ones like Experian mainly for our credit score. Here are more details anyhow. The account was opened approx 3 years after we left the address it is registered at in 2014. There have been regular payments into the account/loan and everything other than it being false, seems ok. Payments stopped in April of this year and is marked up to date as of the end of April. Not sure how they managed to get my details as we had a redirect on for the mail and quickly notified people of our change of address etc. but something got through or left behind in the move. I’ve contacted the bank and have been given the number for their fraud department and have also marked the account as disputed on noodle. What I would like to know is what steps should I take to make sure this account is dealt with appropriately. Thanks and any questions that might help let me know. Spoke to their fraud department and it’s a current account, not loan etc. They’ll investigate and send me a letter in 10 days detailing what evidence was used to open the account. They’ve stopped the account and put a note on it.
  2. DVSA opening hours: Christmas and New Year READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dvsa-opening-hours-christmas-and-new-year
  3. last year I helped my grandmother switch from EON to Scottish Power to save some money on her energy bills, in October of last year when they requested meter readings we noticed that the previous meter reading showing on their website was in the region of 6000 units lower than the reading we had just taken. We contacted Scottish Power using their online contact form and explained the situation, they requested a photograph of the meter showing the serial number and current reading, then confirmed that the serial number was correct and that the meter read was indeed anomalous. At this point they requested we take photographs of the meter reading every day for a week to check if there was an issue with the meter reading too fast, we provided these at the end of the week the usage seemed normal, Scottish Power determined that the previous supplier had given them an incorrect opening meter read. On 2nd November Scottish Power advised that they would go back to the previous supplier and request that they amend their final meter read to a correct one and that within 28 days the opening meter reading on the Scottish Power account would be corrected. Shortly after my grandmother received an amended final bill from eON for £90 which showed they had amended their final meter read to the one specified by Scottish Power. After this was paid we just assumed that the issue would be resolved. Come late December Scottish Power sent an automated mail requesting meter readings so we took these, upon logging in to the website again we found that the online account still showed a meter read 6000 units too low. I replied to Scottish Power's e-mails on the matter on 25th December and received a response on 2nd January apologising and stating that they would once again get in touch with eON to have them amend their final meter read and that the issue would be resolved within 28 days. I immediately replied to this e-mail on the same day, advising Scottish Power that the previous supplier had already amended their final meter reading and that the issue was with the Scottish Power opening read, and that any changes needed to be carried out by Scottish Power. I never received a response to this mail. I sent another mail reply on 13th January, beyond the automated "We will respond within 48 hours" there was no reply forthcoming, and the online Scottish Power account still shows a meter reading 6000 units short of what it should be. As far as I can tell what's happened is that either Scottish Power have made a mistake when opening the account, as it appears from the amended final bill that eON did provide a correct final read originally, or shortly after opening the account a Scottish Power meter reader came to the property and read the meter, because the meter is at floor level they mistook a 6 for a 0 and then amended the meter read downwards themselves. We just want Scottish Power to amend the meter read on their system so that we can submit accurate meter readings without running the risk of being charged for 6000 units of usage that has already been paid to previous suppliers. Long term this issue also prevents switching providers as the new provider will be given the incorrect meter reads and the problem will start all over again. All communication with Scottish Power so far has been in writing via e-mail and we'd prefer to keep it that way so that everything is recorded/documented. I was planning on following the Scottish Power official complaints process this weekend, before that I was wondering if anyone here had an e-mail address for the Scottish Power CEO that I could try and contact on my grandmothers behalf and see if they can get this issue sorted out faster.
  4. Just opening a thread on Carers. What benefits they can get. How earning a small wage can effect them,anything really about carers. What troubles they face. Where they can find help and where. What charities will help them with things they may need.For the people they care for. Whether a unpaid carer or paid carer. Maybe you are a charity and see many things and help so many.Good on you. Whether a Carer who is employed by a company and shoots round all over the towns and cities, what pressures you or they face. Does the company you work for treat you well. What pressure are you under. Too much paperwork do you feel. Do you think you are doing things you are not really trained for. Anything you want to say feel free. I personally have just finished helping someone care for someone and saw how hard it could be. Made a few observations in the little time i cared for someone. And wondered how it really is all over Great Britain.For the Carers in our communities. So soon i will find articles. Just wanted the thread out there. Another thought out of a cluttered mind. Are you a carer .How old are you. I believe many carers are young,some are pensioners i believe. What is lacking do you feel.If anything. The population is getting older,many more carers may be needed. Have your say. The Country would be lost without them of that i am sure. If you are outside looking in just register and have your say.We are a friendly lot. There you are. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/register.php
  5. Hello, Looking for some advice on an issue I currently have with Three UK. In 2013 I rang Three to discuss a cheaper tariff for my ongoing phone contract. The call went well and they offered a new tariff at £15 a month. Brilliant! However, last week I received a demand for payment for a three account that I had no idea was in existence. It appears the new £15 a month tariff was actually a new contract! I was under no impression that when I agreed to £15 a month they were in fact opening a new contract in my name, and not changing the tariff on the contract I already had in place with them. Three are not being helpful at all - they say that when I used the new £15 a month deal I accepted its terms and conditions. They did send a new sim but in my naivety I just thought this was normal practice for changing tariffs. I should have checked this, but at the same time I had no further contact regarding the original contract, which was accruing monthly line rental up until the point they cancelled the contract due to non payment - some 2 years ago now. No request for payment has been received until Lowell sent me a letter saying they have bought the debt (including a dodgy looking notice of assignment from Three). All correspondence with Three has been with their Executive Office, and they are flat refusing my version of events and claim I must have known there was two contracts as I have used the sim card in question. They can't provide written or verbal evidence that I accepted the contract while on the phone back in 2013. The new/later contract was issued by their direct sales team in Glasgow over the phone. Could anyone suggest the best line of action from here? Thanks for taking the time to read.
  6. Hello and Happy new year everyone! After struggling financially with my benefits over the christmas period was saying how great it would be to have some money saved up from over the year to buy a few gifts and extra's at christmas. At the moment I have one account and no credit cards. Looking at my bank I might be able to open an online savings account where I could put £10 here and there away for christmas and emergencies. I am worried about applying for one though in case it triggers anything in regards to my benefits as I am currently on ESA in the support group. Can anyone advise me in this matter?
  7. Hi, I recently switched a bank account that I'd had for about 14 years because another bank was offering 100 quid to switch. Prior to this I had a 5/5 credit rating (although not sure what the score was). It had been like this for about 8 years. The month after I switched my credit rating went down to 4/5. I assumed this was normal and it will improve however, the next month it changed to 3/5 It has been a long time since I missed a payment, at least 10 years. I've had loads of mobile phone contracts over the years and also have three credit cards and another current account with a bank that I've been with for 20 years and never missed a payment on their overdraft. I have a reasonable amount of credit card credit available to me but at the moment I have no debt whatsoever and it's been a long time since I even had a thousand pounds of debt. Sadly though I started claiming ESA recently and notified both banks of this. Might this be why they've done this? I'm so annoyed. I'm hoping (health permitting) to buy a house in the next couple of years and now that seems to be totally out of my reach although I'm obviously hopeful things will improve in about two years. What do you think is going on? Oh also, the account which I closed I missed about 6 payments in a row in 2004 because I withdrew money from an overdraft and put it in a savings account and didn't realise the overdraft was on my credit file. I'm told that when you close an account, missed payments can stay on your file for 6 years but I thought that applies to payments made in the last six years? Rather than any missed payments that were on the account?
  8. :???:hi i am new here and found this site via yahoo my problem is this i have accumulated debits over the past few years which now total in the region of £32k stupid i know but i thought that i could clear them by keeping up with payments an act which i now know was futile things came to a head last week when our mobile phones were switched off and i started to receive calls from the various card companies that i owe money to my debit is roughly made up of the following £ 8,000 credit card, £5,500 personal loan, £1,900 overdraft all with lloyds £4,800 mbna £3,500 tesco £4,000 egg £2,000 virgin £3,00 halifax up until this month i have not missed a payment on the personal loan (been running for 3 years with 2 left) and have made more than the minimum payements on the cards. but i now reliase my outgoings far outway my income and i am at my wits end whilst speaking to a call centre from lloyds last week they mentioned the credit consumer council and payplan and suggested i contacted them for assistance i tried both on line and they both appear to have advise a reduced payment plan and that i should open a new bank account and have my wages paid in i am in the process of doing this but have found it hard to find a bank not linked i applied to natwest and then found out they are linked to rbs i have now been accepted by the co op who appear to be linked to no one i have stopped my wages going in for next thurs but i am really scared about the backlash from lloyds i still have a mortage with them and intend on trying to pay it over the counter until my new account is up and runnning im i doing the right thing part of me feels it is dishonest and then the other part feels angry that they(lloyds) have allowed me to continue building up debit with them i have been a customer for over 20 years any advice would be most welcome and helpful Thanks Mark:???:
  9. So what are your thoughts on this. I think it is in very bad tastes and what does it have to do with the ethos of the Commonwealth Games. Not forgetting all those people that had compulsory purchase orders on there properties to make way for buildings need for these games. http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2014/apr/03/glasgow-2014-red-road-flats-demolished-opening-ceremony-commonwealth-games
  10. I have a CCJ on which a full and final settlement was reached. I would like to open a bank account. When asked about whether or not i have a CCJ against me should i answer yes. In my case which bank is the best for an account that provides a visa debit card and direct debit facility. i don't need a overdraft. regards
  11. Hello, OK it's probably a teeny tiny bit early to ask this question but I was wondering if anyone knew the dates the Job Centre will be open during the Christmas/New Year period this year? They usually release the dates on a website somewhere but I cant find it. I want to go spend Christmas with my sister in Peterborough this year (I live in Leeds) and one of my signing days falls on Friday 27th December, knowing my luck it will be open on that day and I will have to rush back to Leeds to make my appointment at 9AM lol. Someone told me you can book a "holiday" from signing on, does anyone know if thats true and if so do you still get paid in that period?.
  12. Hi this problem has been outstanding for many years but this year has got worse. i live in a converted property of 2 flat, i therefore share a letterbox with my neighbour. over this past year the reoccurance of my neighbour opening my mail has increased. this time it is twice within one week. this is causing me some embarassment. i have tried to ignore it, but in all honesty i am now fed up to the back teeth especically as it has been brought to my attention via senders that some of my post have gone missing! i think these are the ones my neighbour couldnt be bothered to give me back! i have never in all the years i have lived in the house opened any post but my own. my neighbour will or will not leave an accompanying note of apology. there are no literary issues, surely this has to be a form of harassment. over the years there have been other issues, and the only other time i got so fed up i wrote a letter to the neighbour about it was to do with tresspass and the repeated removal of my washing from my washing line, my washing left on the back stairs damp with her cats using my washing as a bed to lay on! anyway that letter worked! i now need help with how to word the letter about the opening of my mail. is it a criminal offence? what are the consequences? am i able to report the matter to the police? i just want my complaint taken seriously by my neighbour and for the incidents of the letter tampering to stop. any help that anyone can provide is appreciated. Thanks
  13. It was very clever, but did anyone else find it a bit bizarre?
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