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  1. Hi all, wondering if someone could give me advice about a plevin offer recieved from Tesco , applied just before the August 19th Deadline having had my ppi claim rejected a couple of years earlier by Tesco. had two letters in September stating they were waiting on "internal Information" regarding my claim , recieved a letter last week several pages long part of which states:- I have carried out a review of the sale of your payment protection insurance policy and found that your credit card meets the date criteria and that an unfair relationship exi
  2. Thanks for the advice citizen and dx will sort out the sar's letters tommorrow in work and will try and avoid conversations on the phone with anyone who calls regarding PPI gonna tackle tesco again as well they sadi no last year as well Will keep you all informed of progress and update when i can it's difficult with having teenagers one of whom is quite nosey so I can only get on heer when they go to bed Thanks again for the advice Mark
  3. Hi dx , no I did'nt I did have every intention of doing but as mentioned life took over we have 4 kids two going into seniors this year and despite us both working our guts off moneywise will still appear to be going backwards. the phone call came out of the blue if i manage to get anything off them it will a blessing I quired the other rejected one whilst he was on phone relating to mortagesure which I think was lloyds on mortage ppi he sadi he would make a note of it and pass it onto the relevant team but I may have to submit a new fos questionaire He said I would hear the out
  4. Hi all, It's been exactly a year since I was last on here asking for advice I had some success with ppi claims but the two I thought would be certanties with both rejected by Lloyds in May last year . I did mean to challenge them but life takes over and we have had some family issues , last week I said to my partner we will have to sit down and resubmit claims against Lloyds as during my original claim I did not mention I had some savings in the form of £800 in a credit union and £400 premium bonds left to me by my dad ,so we were going to sit down this weekend and g
  5. Hi all, Apologies if this is the wrong location but I have been through most of the forums looking for info regarding opening new bank acoounts . I have been on a DMP since mid 2010 and have not missed a payment since thenn although I did lower the ammount I was apying at the starte of this year. I owe money acrross 8 different finances:- 3 lloyds,1 egg,1virgin.1 mbna,1 halifax and tesco . Altough I think the lower lloyds one may have ben sold.. I bank with co op and have a fairly good and secure job ,mortage and family and have lived at my address for 15+ years.. d
  6. Hi hillards , you may be right although the guy did say he was lloyds ?? just been on your own site some really interesting info on there. DX gonna take your advice and use the FOS forms for all of them
  7. Thanks for the reply DX the discussion on the phone seemed to be based around the death in service benefits from my employer and also the period I would get sickness pay. Also had a call from lloyds yesterday !! asking if I would be interested in using part of the payment to pay off one of my debits to them at a reduced rate (£700 knocked off the original amount ) which I declined as previously mentioned this year has been tough and I need very penny I can get at the moments although I will be making a donation to this fantastic site shortly. I have printed off copies of fox quest
  8. Hi All, I have not been on her for a couple of years some personal issues we hopefully are starting to resolve themselves. I was going to sar several orginisations that i thought I had ppi with I got the postal orders but hit a sticky patch an recashed the postal orders in to use instead and forgot about the ppi issue for the time being. in march this year i got a letter form lloyds stating I may have had ppi on a personal loan and if I fille in the questionaire and they would be in touch . I sent it back end of march and got a phone mid April and guy asked m
  9. Hey Aussiebloke I know what you mean about the addresses ,with the MBNA one I have eneded up going on the website.There is so much information on here that it becomes difficult to find things (said with the greatest respect to the people offering advice) With regards to myself I am going to start with my main loan and credit card ppi queries using the SAR process see what comes back and then do one for the mortgage which I have had for at least 15 years and see if there is anything is there. Although money is tight I figure for the sake of £10.00 if I can reduce my debit free perio
  10. Hi folks apologies for the delay in responding I did intend on starting the ball rolling back in April but a lack of money meant I could not buy the postal orders until now. So I have bought 5 £10 postal orders to send off SAR's my question is who to send them to they are going to the following :- Lloyds Tsb Halifax Tesco MBNA and EGG What would be the best address to send them to and should i request proof of posting from the post office Thanks Again Mark
  11. Many thanks for your quick response ims21 Gonna start sending the sor's this week thanks again
  12. Looking for some advice about where to start with my claim I have been through the forum looking for a definitive answer about which way to proceed. Basically I am on a dmp and have been for just over a year my estimated debit free date is june 2025 so as you can guess i owe a fair bit across 8 accounts ;- 3 with lloyds , 1 halifax, 1 egg,1 tesco and 2 with mbna. I know I should be able to reclaim on at least 2 of the above if not more , i also know any money will go off my overall debit which again I am fine with . What i would like help with is the following Most of the a
  13. Hi loobyloo thanks for the reply and advice i went through my details with cccs and the advice is to go for a dmp which they estimate will take me 13 years to complete i am hoping to reduce this by claiming back ppi and any other charges i can get As i have mentioned in other post i am finding the whole thing very daunting regards Mark
  14. hi peeps, i have started the ball rolling (no getting off now) and i am cacking my self i have cancelled all my direct debits including my mortage with my main bank i intend on walking in there tommorrow and paying just my mortage (can i do this??) i have filled in my details with cccs and i am awaiting an email with my dmp instructions in they have told me it could be up and running by august 1st but in the mean time i should make a token payment to each creditor to show willing as mentioned i am sh.tting myself but i cannot see any other way forward i will keep the fo
  15. Hi rebel thanks for the reply and advice what are penalty charges excuse my ignorance are they when you pay late ?? also i have just been called by payplan to seee if i have filled in the details online yet at justabank which i have not due being in work all day and young kids to entertain when i get home should i be aiming to pay as little as i can to the creditors or more i thought with having 8 i should aim to pay £30 to each ??? :confused:
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