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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I'm hoping someone can help me My car a citroen grand Picasso 2010 was in the citroen garage a month ago to fix the boot whilst in they advised it had an oil leak and diesel leak and a belt needed changing they did the work at a cost of 1700 ive split the payments so payed 425 so far the next payment is due in two days. Less than three weeks after this work was done I was driving back from a day out for my son's birthday the first time the car had been driven over 60mph for longer than 10 mins. The car had done less than 300 miles since being in the garage. Anyway the car started making a funny noise and about 30 seconds later it came up stop oil pressure and I pulled straight into a layby and switched off the engine. The engine fan was still going and white smoke coming from it. I phoned RACand they towed it back to citroen. The car wouldnt switch on at this point even after he tried to jump it. After they looked at the engine they said it was nothing to do with the work they did however it may have contributed as now the top engine was fixed it would put pressure on the bottom. They offered Labour at half price to put in a brand new engine for 6500. The car is worth 4000 tops really. So now I'm stuck with a car that won't work on my drive and a 1700 bill. Is there anything I can do?
  2. Hi, I received a penalty notice as my parking ticket was in the foot well when I returned to my car. Here's the notice & ticket: I then challenged the ticket following an example letter used successfully here (http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?389602-Have-a-local-authority-parking-ticket). This was my challenge description: "I would like to appeal the penalty charge served upon me. Enclosed is a copy of the Pay & Display ticket that I purchased and displayed for inspection. It can clearly be seen that I paid the appropriate fee and that the ticket was valid when the officer inspected my vehicle. Unfortunately, at some point during my absence from the vehicle, the ticket somehow became dislodged from where it had been clearly displayed and fell into the foot well. I accept that your officer could not have known this and acted accordingly. However, now that the ticket has been presented for inspection it is clear that I did not avoid payment of the parking fee or that I had parked beyond time paid for. The only purpose a ticket needs to be displayed is to enable an officer to distinguish between those that have paid for parking and those that have not and those who have exceeded the time paid for. The ticket produced clearly shows that had your officer seen my ticket at the time of inspection that there would be no need to serve a penalty charge notice. The only remaining issue is whether the fact that the ticket was not clearly displayed at the time of inspection warrants the council taking a hard line and upholding the penalty charge. I believe that for the council to take such a stance would be contrary to the advice of the DfT and the Secretary of State. As a valid ticket has been presented for inspection it is clear to any reasonable person that it would not be in the public interest to penalise a person who paid the required fee and did nothing to the detriment of the public interest. I cannot think of a more appropriate situation where paragraph 85 applies than this. I therefore politely request that the council act fairly and proportionately in this matter and exercise their discretion sensibly and reasonably by cancelling this penalty charge. It would be best for all if we can resolve this without the need to seek independent adjudication." I have now received the following response from Hackney: Does anyone have any advice on whether this is worth pursuing - I wouldn't be able to take any time off work, so if that was going to be a requirement for challenging this further, it's not really an option for me. That said, I do feel like this is really unfair and am keen to pursue on principle. Appreciate any help! Many thanks Simon
  3. So what are your thoughts on this. I think it is in very bad tastes and what does it have to do with the ethos of the Commonwealth Games. Not forgetting all those people that had compulsory purchase orders on there properties to make way for buildings need for these games. http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2014/apr/03/glasgow-2014-red-road-flats-demolished-opening-ceremony-commonwealth-games
  4. Hi, I'm having a headache with my car and would appreciate any good advice. Last August (2013) I bought a 54 plate Seat Ibiza which had done 62500 miles for £2,250. I was told I wouldn't need to do anything to the car which I understood as until MOT - this is due in May 2014. Within the first week I returned to the garage/dealer as the starter motor made a noise (sounds like a squeal from the inside but my parents say it's like a grinding from the outside) but after a 2nd visit, the garage said there was nothing wrong with it, that it was common for this car and that even if I had a new starter motor, the same thing would happen. away I went, a bit unsure but I tried to trust them. It doesn't happen every time and they now say that it didn't happen when they sold the car to me. I took the car back in early December because the engine maintenance light showed amber. When I collected the car, they said they had cleared the light, which sometimes happens when the weather gets cold. This came back on after a couple of drives. They also said they had flushed the water coolant system which was foreign to me really, I had no idea that the two things (the light and the coolant system) weren't linked. This change was done without my permission but as there was no charge, I have no paperwork. Not long after, the water temperature gauge started fluctuating and so I took it to a local garage who checked it for leaks and said they couldn't see any drive it and then check the water levels when the engine was cool. I went to my volunteer placement the following week and on the way home, the temperature gauge showed it was overheating, steam came from under the bonnet and there was no water in the tank. I put some water in just to get me home and bought some coolant the next day. Topped up the tank and took it for a short drive. Steam again. So I called recovery the next day. Had it recovered to the garage I bought it from, which they now say was not agreed. However, 2 phone conversations took place and they did not refuse. I went to the garage and said that under SOGA, the car was not sold in satisfactory condition they ought to repair the car. The man said I needed to speak to another member of staff about this. He then said they were very busy but he had a "friend" who could do it for £350-400. I was suspicious and at this point, I was hoping for a free repair, did not agree. I decided to see what the director's reply would be. after waiting 2 days to get a response, he turned around and said they are not specialist enough to repair it. I suspect this is not true as they serviced and MOT'd the car, and advertise head gasket work on their website. not knowing what else to do, I paid £77 to have the car re-towed so that I wouldn't incur parking fees if they chose to move my car to the street. I have since asked them to repair the car or to put me in touch with a garage who will repair at no cost to me, but they have not acknowledged these subsequent invitations. They argue that they offered to repair the car, but as I said, this was before I had spoken to the director. I also asked verbally for replacement or refund but refused. The current garage had it 6 weeks and have done nothing and my 6 months was up in Feb. (The gasket went at 4 months 3 weeks). And I'd only driven it 2500 miles. Do I risk taking the garage I bought it from to court under SOGA? Can I take them to court before repairs are done? Or should I sell it for repairs/breaking? I'm not sure. But one thing I do know I'll get the bus in future!!! Thanks for you help guys.
  5. Hi Guys, I am part way through a small claims for a car I bought last year from a private seller. The car was advertised as 'in excellent' condition in an ebay advert and I bought it but after the ebay listing had finished so was not entitled to any buyers protection. Anyway I paid in cash for it without test driving it and discovered that the clutch was blown as on the way home I couldn't get about 2krpm without extreme slippage and burning. i complained within a few hours to the seller asking for 50% contribution towards a new clutch or returning it and offering her to keep £100 fo the cost. It was a Toyota Celica 1997 and I paid £450. Anyway after getting it repaired, without using it for 3 months due to not affording the repair. I made a small claims and the defendant didn't reply to the papers within 2 weeks so asked for a default judgement which I was awarded. they challenged this and the judgement was 'set aside' two weeks ago. Now I'm back to square one. My question is shall I on my allocation questionnaire express an interest in 'mediation' or just proceed to the court hearing?? Has anyone any knowledge/experience of the mediation process?? I didn't pursue this originally because they didn't want any contact with me or they'd report me to the cops!! Thanks for any help
  6. Hi All. I recently bought a 55 plate Renault Grand Scenic 1.9DCi from a small dealer in Portsmouth. We have had the car for 8 weeks and so far we have had to charge the AC as it wasnt giving any cold air at all, taken the car back to the dealer to have an emissions fault fixed and now the car has lost all power and seems to have a failed turbo. We have spoken to the dealer and they have said that they will only pay for the first £300 of repair as per their warranty conditions. Now, as I see it we are covered under the SOGA as the car to us is only 8 weeks old and a failed turbo is a serious issue. We have spoken to our local mechanic and the quote is £950 using genuine parts. We are going to email the dealer to try to resolve the issue but should the dealer stick with only paying the first £300, should I get the car repaired myself and take him through small claims? Thanks for your advise!! EDIT: Just had a thought, the car was purchased using my Tescos credit card. How does this affect the issue and getting it resolved? J.
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