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  1. Claimaint: Vehicle Control Services Solicitors: None identified Date of Issue: 19 Apr 2018 Particulars of Claim: 1.The Claim against the Defendant is for breach of contract in respect of breaching the Terms and Conidtions set on private land. The Defendant was issued with a charge notice and has failed to settle their outstanding liabilities. 2.At all material time the Defendant was the registered keeper and/or driver of the vehicle identified in the Particulars of Claim. It is alleged the Defendant breached the Terms and Conditions of entering private land as
  2. Hi all - as per thread title, either my better half (car owner) or I stopped at LJA whilst dropping someone off. Didn't stop on a road edge, instead turned into a side road/parking area, spun around, and let them out. Reason for this - never been to LJA before and didn't have a clue what was going on parking wise! Looking around I think this is what I'm supposed to add in here 1 Date of the infringement 26/4/18 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 1/5/18 3 Date received 8/5/18 4 Does the NTK mention sche
  3. Hi All, Received an Invoice from Vehicle Control Solutions for allegedly stopping in a no-stopping area on a private access road at Liverpool Airport - I was not the driver of the vehicle. I've read all the posts concerning VCS and no-stopping on private land at the airport and my understanding is I should ignore everything from them until their lawyers get involved. At that stage I should send them something along these lines... "Dear VCS, In reply to your letter sent on xx/xx/2018. There has been no breach of any contractual agreement therefore I owe you nothing.
  4. Hi I also received a PCN from VCS Ltd for stopping for 8 seconds on 28 May 17 to pick up my distraught Sister-In-Law at Liverpool Airport. She didn't go to the pick up point as arranged but thought it better to start walking towards the main road. I received the initial notice from VCS Ltd but ripped it up and binned it (so I don't know if it was within the 14 days timeframe). I then ripped up and threw away their second letter. The first letter from BW Legal came int he same envelope as a letter from VCS saying my account had been passed to their legal team.
  5. Hi, I am in the same position and have received a 'scary letter' from BW legal. It was alleged at l'pool airport, Vehicle Control Services. I have not acknowledged anything they've sent me so far but now it's with their 'legal team' and the price has gone up to £160 with the threat of county court proceedings etc. Do you have any advice on best course of action please? thanks.
  6. Hello, I am posting here to see if I can get some advice regarding employment and support allowance. My history is that I currently recieve ESA in the support group and have been on this benefit for four years now with 3 reassessments including my first in 2012. Twice I was placed in the support group after a WCA but after my second assessment I was initially told over the phone I would not get any benefit. I asked the DWP on that call to reconsider and about an hour later they called back telling me I was again in the support group. I am now waiting to find out about my next assessment
  7. I have received a PCN for parking contravention 31 "Entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited". I have viewed the CCTV footage which shows the traffic flowing when I enter the box junction but just as I am exiting the traffic comes to a sudden stop and I am forced to stop in the box junction. Do you think I have grounds for an appeal here? The CCTV footage can be viewed on "https viewmypcn dot co dot uk" with the below details: PCN Number: KT5792518A Reg: Y**** My vehicle is the grey vauxhall astra 3 door.
  8. Hi, recently I received a PCN for entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited. I don't remember this situation, but picture from the notice is very controversial. I want ask should I appeal or better to pay a half price straight away?
  9. Please I need some help. I have been issued a PCN (penalty Charge Notice) from Merton council - 31J - entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited. It took place: London Road/Armfield Crescent (box junction) in Mitcham. When I arrived at the yellow box junction, it was empty and the traffic at the exit was moving. I proceeded to move inside the box and just as I approached the exit, the car in front stopped suddenly due to traffic ahead of it. I phoned up the authorities to ask them to send the video evidence on DVD to my home address. They said the
  10. Hi Our car was snapped moving along with other cars and we got a penalty notice. Please see http://www.viewmypcn.co.uk/Default.aspx?r=f6f80b089747e06ef1c94390293c17bf7073b763 The cars before us were moving, and how were we going to predict that we were stranded there? Cash cow for Waltham Forest. See give advice.
  11. Hi all You guys have helped me immensely over the past few years to send packing a number of DCA's that were treating me as a cash cow and I'm immensely grateful. I now need some advice about how to deal with a number of debts belonging to my niece that she's been paying £5 or so per month for a number of years since she was a student. She's been paying a called Debt Managers LTD based in Rotherham the £5 by DD with no contact with them for quite a while. She seems to recall receiving a notice of assignment from Lowlife a while ago about it and her current
  12. Hi all once again, have a small problem with an eviction. I am with Amber home loans, have a self build mortgage on another property. Keeping it short I had an accident a few years ago that left me unable to work. In January run out of money and could not pay the mortgage. Struggled to find work again etc as injuries restricted me. Anyway bury head, get repossessed then ring Amber. Told eviction date of July 30th. I owe about 3800, paid them a 1000 up front, told them an interim from my accident was due in a couple of weeks which would clear arrears, they asked for bank statements, proof
  13. My wife has a LA PCN for stopping in a box junction which she doesnt think she did . She followed the link to the online info that shows 4 pictures of the car all off the box apart from one where she is half into it. So how do the council decide if you were stopped in the box or passing over it? Thanks for any help Sam
  14. Hi All, can anyone tell me if there is a way of "stopping" a ccj before it goes through? Creditors know that I am a non-UK resident and they are taking me to court using a UK address which I am no longer associated with and they know this. I have no way to access any court papers that are sent to this address and so cannot defend myself. Can my UK property have a charging order placed on it or a order for sale? Is there any way of contacting the court pre- default judgement to let them know I cannot access the papers? Or will I have to wait till it
  15. Hi, I'd appreciate advice from others who have had similar experiences with Vodafone, and am also hoping Lee the Vodafone Rep may be able to intervene and/or offer advice. I opened a Vodafone account in June 2011. My calls and text usage was always well below the plan I was paying for. In August 2012 I received a sales call out of the blue offering me a new phone. I was under the impression I was agreeing to an upgrade, and agreed to increase my DD by £10 per month for a Smart phone to replace my Blackberry. They sent me the new phone and it transpired I had been sold a whol
  16. I finally faced up to my huge debt problem and went through the CCCS to try and get life back on track. A repayment plan was made Everything's been great so far, apart from the Halifax who only let you have 6 months before they default you and send to DCA. So, I have now have defaults (through the Halifax) which I would love to get removed from my credit file. Having sent signed CCA requests to each of the credit card companies, so far, they've sent agreements just printed out (no signature) or application forms. They say that they don't have to send true copies with
  17. Rather than go through rubbish Stepchange, I intend to leave Stepchange and make payments to creditors ourselves. But, will making these individual payments hinder our possible mortgage application in a few years?? If we start making eg, £1 payments to a creditor, these will show on our bank account. If a mortgage provider scrutinises our account and sees payments like this to creditors, will it ring alarm bells/raise questions? Some of these debts have vanished from our credit report and I was just hoping that they stay hidden. Thank you for any advice
  18. I received a PCN notice for stopping on a road that I entered by mistake near to Liverpool Airport. I had no idea that I'd entered a controlled area and was turning around at a junction with an incomplete road once I realized I had taken a wrong turn. I stopped there for 32 seconds according to the notice. Appealed to VCS who obviously rejected it. Appealed to POPLA on grounds that I was at a junction and consistent with highway code/law etc, but to my amazement the appeal was rejected. The video evidence must have shown the road to be clear (apart from some odd looking car with a big cam
  19. 7 days ago i was looking to see if i could get a short term loan. I was using a website that said i had been accepted for a loan and to enter my bank details. Once i had entered my bank details i was told i would be charged something like £68.99 for the service that will be taken from my account at some point in the next 60 days (!?). I was then given my loan options and i clicked on one was asked to enter my details and was told again i would be charged £68.99 or there about for the service!!!! I decided straight away at this point to not get a loan. Ever since i have been inundated with
  20. :???:hi i am new here and found this site via yahoo my problem is this i have accumulated debits over the past few years which now total in the region of £32k stupid i know but i thought that i could clear them by keeping up with payments an act which i now know was futile things came to a head last week when our mobile phones were switched off and i started to receive calls from the various card companies that i owe money to my debit is roughly made up of the following £ 8,000 credit card, £5,500 personal loan, £1,900 overdraft all with lloyds £4,800 mbna
  21. Hi, I was on a one-way road with double yellows and needed to answer a phone-call. Another car came and parked on the opposite side of the road (in the same direction); therefore, there was not much space for a car to go past so I climbed the kerb and was stationary for about 2 mins. I don't know if it's of any relevance, but I had my break lights on all the way and moved off within a couple of minutes. One of those small cctv cars came up behind me and then drove off. I received a ticket not too long after. I have written an appeal saying that I had to get on the pavement to let other ca
  22. Hello all I realise discussion of this sort of topic tends to get a bit heated but I'd really appreciate some advice. There is a primary school on the street with various parking restrictions. On the side with the primary school entrance, on both sides of the gate there are zigzags, which mean no parking or waiting or stopping at any time, I believe, but please correct me if this is wrong. On the opposite side there is a single yellow, with a sign stating no parking between certain times. This would mean that you can only park before and after the stated times. Now, does
  23. I've been offered a job but yet to get a start date as they doing the administrative side of things but also completing a DBS check which could potentially take time to complete. It was submitted last Friday so not sure when I'll get it (Although doing a DBS check for my voluntary work - I got it back within a week. My new employer say might take longer for some reason) but if I tell Jobcentre then they'll stop my claim immediately and I may not start work for another 2-3 weeks? Do they give you a final payment after you've landed a job? (I think that's only done if you've had a 100% atte
  24. Hi, I need an advice, I am considering stopping taking care of my disabled sister and currently on income support and carer allowance as she rather have no carer and to be able to claim severe disability premium for her ESA. If I do decide to cancel it how do I do it and how long before I will have to go back onto job seeker. Just want to make sure everything goes smoothly as possible without gaps payment. Many Thanks Bob.
  25. Hi, I received a Penalty Charge Notice yesterday (13/09) for Entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited... It occurred in : BOX JUNCTION - NEW KINGS RD J?W BAGLEYS LANE Date: 08/09/12 @12:17 I have pictures but can't add any I feel this is unfair as I entered the junction with moving traffic. The cars in front of me entered the junction just in front of me and were moving. At the point of entering the junction all the traffic ahead of me seemed to be moving I had not reason to believe it would stop. The next traffic light it very cl
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