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Found 13 results

  1. Claimaint: Vehicle Control Services Solicitors: None identified Date of Issue: 19 Apr 2018 Particulars of Claim: 1.The Claim against the Defendant is for breach of contract in respect of breaching the Terms and Conidtions set on private land. The Defendant was issued with a charge notice and has failed to settle their outstanding liabilities. 2.At all material time the Defendant was the registered keeper and/or driver of the vehicle identified in the Particulars of Claim. It is alleged the Defendant breached the Terms and Conditions of entering private land as
  2. Being forced to raise a small claims against SKY, I'm familiar with the process however Sky Subscriber Services Ltd are based at a PO Box in Livingston (Scotland) however their registered address for the company is Isleworth Middlesex although they also have a Scottish office in Dunfermline. I'm assuming I have to go for the registered company address and therefore make a claim through the English courts. Anyone have any advice?
  3. I am based in Scotland. I broke my Samsung Tablet in a fall and arranged online with an English company - Fone Angels - for its repair. I paid them £200 by PayPal and sent them the item. I was informed the repair would take 7-14 days. This was in December. It's now March 13th. Their customer serve phone line take you through to a recorded message and does not itself record incoming calls. When I try to email them, I receive vague and non-specific information about my item. I wish to raise an action in the small claims court for the return of the item and the funds I have sent them.
  4. A chap I have known for many years is having horrendous problems with Royal Mail as an employee. He has been subjected to a breach of contract and unlawful deduction of wages. The internal grievance procedure has been dragged out by the employer to such an extent that it was about to become timed barred. To instigate a claim through the Employment Tribunal service has to be done within three months less one day. He transferred to northern Ireland a few months ago. Royal Mail solicitors want nothing to do with ACAS. They are saying it is out of their jurisdiction as Ireland has
  5. Hi there, I wonder if you can help. I have a County Court claim against my ex employer. I previously won at the ET for a portion of some sick pay I was owed (company sick pay) but only because it fell within three months. I am pursuing some sick pay that I was due but wasn't paid within the last three years in the County Court, but the employer is now quoting res judicata as the ET judge had considered it but found no reason to award it as it was not in his jurisdiction. Is there any chance I might be right in thinking I can collect the money in the Coun
  6. I entered into an informal loan agreement, the specifics of which were detailed in an exchange of emails. This loan was later increased and essentially became an investment in a joint business venture. The partnership was later dissolved by mutual consent (again there is an email chain to confirm this). My former partner and I later fell out and despite me continuing to comply with the previously agreed repayment schedule my former business partner has issued in the county court demanding interest at an extortionate rate when the loan / investment had not interest agreed. I have
  7. Having successfully sent the mother company Cabot packing, they have now brought out the pop-guns against me in the form of a letter from FIRE Ltd. So I did a couple of the usual checks on them. First Companies House: 'Kings Hill (No 2) Ltd' company number 03959268 became 'Financial Investigations and Recoveries (Europe) Ltd' company number 03958421 on the 14 March 2005. Of course the registered address of Kings Hill (No 2) Ltd as we all know is .... 1 KINGS HILL AVENUE KINGS HILL WEST MALLING KENT
  8. Hello! This is my first thread so look forward to reading the responses. I wish to file a claim (c£3,000) against my previous landlady. She agreed to pay costs we directly bore (moving, hotel, storage, etc) because the house was not in move-in condition at the start of our lease. She then reneged after we bore these costs and moved in. We withheld rent which she in turn withheld from our deposit when we moved out, and we have been unable to reach an agreement since. The landlady is Brazilian and resides in, and is domiciled in, Brazil. I know I need to file an N510 form but
  9. Hi all, hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. I did search the forum but couldn't find I have sumitted an ET against my current employer which has ended up including direct sex discrimination, indirect sex discrimination, breach of contract, and most recently, victimisation. At the case management discussion the judge asked for me to make a scott schedule, and gave the column headings. I'm fine with most of it (eg 'date of incident', 'nature of incident' etc), and the judge did explain it to me at the CMD (I am unrepresented). However, when I received the notes fr
  10. Hello, I've been reading about this topic offline with a lot of interest and there's been some really sound advice. I was hoping the same people could offer some help in my predicament.... I've worked in Dubai for about 5 years, got a personal loan with a local bank to pay for a development project. The project when belly side up. I refused to pay due to the fact nothing was being built, and even after it would have been built, there would be no infrastructure (water, power, sewage lines) to make it habitable. There was also no way to get my money back despite legal action. The developers
  11. There have been quite a few posts recently where it has not come to light a poster is not in England/Wales until quite a few replies have been forthcoming (second page in one case). When a new member signs up, they should be asked their chosen jurisdiction or country to be displayed on their profile to assist replies. I appreciate the site team can see where the ISP points to, but even that offers no reference for wireless broadband access. Additionally - there should be some indication on the mobile site, as even if a poster has their location listed, it can only be seen on the
  12. Any help or advice or pointers would be so gratefully received. I have received a summons from a US company based in Florida, however they have used a debt collection agents address in the UK to pursue this. Is that possible?? Would there not be a question of jursidiction? Also the debt relates an invoice in US $ that I am disputing.
  13. Hi, Just a quick one wondering does anyone know if this is lawful- I requested an invoice that the claimant mentioned in his POS as the invoice amount seemed like a higher figure than I was aware of - he has sent the invoice after I requested it using the very helpful request template on this website CPR 31.14 however he has added $400 for 'debt collection' onto the invoic hence the higher figuree- can he do this? it just sounds totally trumped up
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