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  1. Great, thanks, thought as much! lmao!!! Cheers guys!
  2. Hey Eric - sorry bud, thought I replied to this?? Yes have had first nastyish one through the other week, now they've stepped up to a "Notice of intention to commence legal proceedings" - though still offering me 'half price', lol! Still ignore? Still doesn't appear to be a proper LBA, just a threat of one? ] Notice of intent.pdf
  3. Next communication has come through, sent to debt collector. Still just ignore? Have got to laugh at the little snippet that back in 2015 someone somewhere managed to enforce a parking charge.... you go guys! parking 2.pdf
  4. Really? That's mad! Then again one of my client bills north of £550/hr... so I can see a point, lol!
  5. Thanks ericsbrother, will wait on LBA then, and update in here. As for billing research time, my advertised hourly rate is £50, presume I would bill at that for 'x hours of research'?
  6. So keep eye out for court ones, ignore "we're going to send this to court"/"we're sending this to bailiffs" style ones, ta!
  7. Fab, thanks for that silverfox So tactic is to just arbitrarily ignore everything for now then, easy enough
  8. Thanks ericsbrother. So literally just hold my breath for now? Not even send a "I'm not gong to pay this for x,y,z reasons"? As for resisting harassment I've kept Parking Eye at bay over a typo on a ticket I bought, so I'm fairly stoic, lol!
  9. Hey HB - thanks for the quick reply! Yes have read around a bit, but got lost among the different stages/problems people are having. Also the 'recentness' of cases - can't find anyone recently saying its all gone away! I've saved as PDF, attached here. Will edit original post too if I can LJM.pdf
  10. Hi all - as per thread title, either my better half (car owner) or I stopped at LJA whilst dropping someone off. Didn't stop on a road edge, instead turned into a side road/parking area, spun around, and let them out. Reason for this - never been to LJA before and didn't have a clue what was going on parking wise! Looking around I think this is what I'm supposed to add in here 1 Date of the infringement 26/4/18 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 1/5/18 3 Date received 8/5/18 4 Does the NTK mention sche
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