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  1. Thank you for your advice. When I look at the footage, I wonder why they didn't start the yellow box after the tip of the striped triangle. What is the point of starting the yellow box so early. Not a single vehicle could come into High Road Leytonestone at RIGHT angle any way. If they had painted the yellow box right the the taped end of the triangle, more vehicles could move in the yellow boxed area and faster flowing will be the traffic. As you can see, even the arrows to cross over E11 are curved. Now, the north bit of the yellow box seems like an entrapment and a CASHCOW for Waltham Forest Council. NICE EARNER, WALTHAM FOREST. I wonder what happened to the black vehicle which stopped and then wriggled to a free space!
  2. Hi Our car was snapped moving along with other cars and we got a penalty notice. Please see http://www.viewmypcn.co.uk/Default.aspx?r=f6f80b089747e06ef1c94390293c17bf7073b763 The cars before us were moving, and how were we going to predict that we were stranded there? Cash cow for Waltham Forest. See give advice.
  3. I complained my case of Hastings SmartMiles demanding £159 plus for my putting down 8 years No claim bonus instead of 9. Now the adjudicator in Financial Ombudsman concluded that igo4 had every right to increase my premium to £159. I wonder what the raison d,etre of the Financial Ombudsman?? If igo4 were within their right, they wouldn't refund me £43, would they? This adjudicator needs re-training. I did not deliberately set out to fiddle with my NO claim bonus to get a lower premium. It was a genuine mistake. Now igo4 is probably more emboldened to relieve people of their money!
  4. Excuse me, my son was moved to this new room at 6pm on the 3rd because of a death threat. And the day - 5th June the burglary happened was the hottest day thus far 27 degrees. He aired the room because of the stale smell. He did not know that the window could be extended from outside. I wonder if he had completely moved his stuff out of his suitcases. He is autistic and never intentionally antagonised his 26 year old Romanian flatmate. I have given me a piece of my mind and I think he has learned his lesson. Let's hope nobody pinches your car using electronics ... since you're so clever!
  5. My son is actually quite a careful person. He was moved at 6pm because his 26-year-old Romanian flatmate threatened via text message, saying that he was f***g stupid and next time he sees him, my son will f***g die! My son got moved 6pm to another room on the ground floor on the 3rd June and 5 June was the hottest day - 27 degrees C and my son aired the room when he initially got moved there as it smelt a bit (having stood empty for a while!). The burglary happened in the evening when he was out. I was so mad at him and kept asking myself why he had not shown more contrition. We are thinking of locking it with a chain chained to the leg of a bed or some furniture. I will certainly tell him to be extra vigilant. I think he knows he has been very lucky. Thanks again.
  6. Thank you, Mwynci! Your help is soooooooooooo appreciated. My son will serenade you!http://static.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/violin.gif
  7. To everybody who has advised me, CompuCover has kindly agreed to let my son have a replacement. Thank you for all your ADVICE and I am trying to donate a small sum to this forum via which I have got useful help, TWICE! THANK YOU TO ALL!
  8. That's what I thought. It seems to me they can use any version to cover their track. Apparently, a lot of people have been stumped by this violent and forced entry. Thank you for the advice.
  9. I have already sent Lloyds the email. Thank you so much for the assurance.
  10. Now the story gets more complicated: I was told to send complaint to complaints and then was told to send complaint to LLOYDS. Please see the followings: Dear ***, I have looked in to your claim and the subsequent complaint and unfortunately I am not able to resolve this to your satisfaction. Firstly I would like to point out that your policy is underwritten by Lloyd’s Syndicate 5820 which is managed by ANV Syndicates Limited, whereas the policy wording that you have located on our website is underwritten by UK General Insurance Ltd on behalf of Ageas Insurance Limited. These two policies are different and will have different exclusions. However as you policy has only ever been with Lloyds, it is the wording that was in place when the policy was incepted and which were emailed to you 21/10/2014 at 14:23 that this claim is validated against. The policy that you hold with us provides cover for accidental damage and theft, however as with all insurance policies there are exclusions to this. In this case the policy provides cover for theft and accidental damage. While burglaries will be considered under the theft element of this policy, your definition of burglary that you have supplied does not take precedent over the policy wording through with items are covered. Theft from any premises is considered in conjunction with the following policy extracts - Theft from unoccupied premises unless there is evidence of violent and forcible entry to such premises. A copy of the repairer’s account for the damage to the premises must be submitted with any claim. Unfortunately in this case while we accept that this theft is genuine and that as you say there is no attempt being made by you to defraud us the circumstances of this incident are not covered by this policy and as such we are unable to pay any part of this claim. *** not to expect any contribution from us. Should you remain dissatisfied, you may if you wish, refer your complaint to Lloyd's, who will investigate and assess this complaint. Lloyd's contact details are as follows: Complaints Team Market Services Lloyd’s One Lime Street London EC3M 7HA Email: [email protected] Telephone: +44 (0)20 7327 5693 Fax: +44 (0)20 7327 5225 Ultimately, should you remain dissatisfied with Lloyd's final response, you may, if eligible, refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Details of who is eligible to refer a complaint to the FOS can be found on their website at www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk. Kind regards *** Finance & Compliance Manager Summit Insurance Services Ltd The Robbins Building Albert Street Rugby Warwickshire CV21 2SD How are we mere mortals who pay and yet have no idea who WE ARE FINALLY INSURED WITH? And why there are so many VERSIONS floating around to confuse? Why are they allowed to confuse us? Where is the transparency? So the burglary was genuine, and knowing that these are shared accommodation, how can there be violent entry as the latter would certainly be very noisy. To all parents sending their kids to uni, one word of advice: Insurance companies are there to make money, and not to protect you. Best is to print a poster: HAVE YOU LOCKED THE WINDOWS? Tell them to keep their laptop under a locked box which is chained to other heavy furniture even if they are going for a wee! It's no laughing matter as the gadget cost £1.5k:| Be very careful when you move to a new environment, check all doors and windows. A lot of parents have been stung by this violent or/and forced entry and remember this name compuCover as they certainly will NOT pay even though THEY ADMIT THERE WAS A GENUINE BURLGARY.
  11. However, we received this WHAT IS NOT COVERED – THE EXCLUSIONS This insurance does not cover: Theft Exclusions: 1. Theft from any motor vehicle unless all the vehicle’s windows and doors have been closed and locked and all security systems have been activated. A copy of the repairer’s account for the damage to the vehicle must be supplied with any claim. 2. Theft from unoccupied premises unless there is evidence of violent and forcible entry to such premises. A copy of the repairer’s account for the damage to the premises must be submitted with any claim. 3. Any theft claim unless you have reported the incident to the appropriate local Police authorities within 24 hours of discovering the incident, and have obtained a Crime Reference Number and Report. 4. Any loss of information or data or software contained in or stored on the computer equipment whether arising as a result of a claim paid by this insurance or otherwise.
  12. Son had his laptop lifted 2 days after he moved into a new shared accommodation and insurance compuCover refused to consider the claim. I am really depressed over this: My son had to move room because of tension with his ex flat mate. He moved at 6pm on 3 June. He opened the window as the room had not been occupied for a while and you understand the smell of undergraduate!! In the evening of 5 June, he found that his AppleMac laptop had disappeared. His door and the front door were locked and there were 2 other people in the block. Son found that the gap between the window and its frame had widened and police sent forensic team to take finger prints and apparently found some (although whose was not clarified). Now compuCover refused to cover with the trusted phrase no forced and violent entry. Since when must burglary or theft be defined on such terms?? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. It's OK for now, but whenever I see the company logo, my heart sinks. I have to reply to Financial Ombudsman Service as they sent me a complaint form. I think people should fight their case when companies like these charge £25 for change of anything. Thanks for the suggestion.
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