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  1. I haven't moved house since the credit card was applied for in the nineties. Is it possible that they've used the electoral roll to check that I'm still living at the same address as I was in 2012? I'm inclined to sit tight on this one and see what happens next If I need to send the statute barred letter, can I just enter on the letter the account/reference number that was on the Cabot without entering my name and address? It would simplify matters and they should know who it's from. Many thanks for your help
  2. Hi I had a credit card debt with Providian that was sold to Cabot a number of years ago. The last monthly payment I made on the account was in July 2012. In August 2012, I wrote a CCA request to Cabot using the CAG template from the library. They wrote back stating that they would attempt to get the information requested within 40 days. In October 2012, Cabot wrote that they had not obtained the info I needed under S77/78 CCA 1974 and as a result, the debt was unenforceable. In the meantime, they recommended that I continued to make repayments to the account. Obviously, no such repayments were made and I made no further contact with Cabot. Similarly, they have not been in contact with me in the intervening years until this month. Earlier this month, I received a letter from Cabot out of the blue, offering to write of the debt for around 12% of the apparent outstanding amount. The figure is a few hundred pounds. This “offer” to free me of the account as they called it, was valid for twenty days. The said payment would mean that they would no longer contact me about the account. I made no contact with them regarding the matter. This week, I’ve received what no doubt is the first telephone call from one of their call centre staff. Upon asking for me and revealing who they were, I said “All communication in writing only” and put the phone down. It seems to me I have two options here: 1. I could photocopy the October 2012 letter from them and write something like “still waiting for the documentation” on it and enclose a copy of their begging letter or 2. I could send them a Statute Barrred letter from the CAG library. Which of these would you advise or is there an alternative? I take it that as no payment has been made since July 2012, the entire debt is Statute Barred? Thank you very much for your continuing help
  3. Hi all You guys have helped me immensely over the past few years to send packing a number of DCA's that were treating me as a cash cow and I'm immensely grateful. I now need some advice about how to deal with a number of debts belonging to my niece that she's been paying £5 or so per month for a number of years since she was a student. She's been paying a called Debt Managers LTD based in Rotherham the £5 by DD with no contact with them for quite a while. She seems to recall receiving a notice of assignment from Lowlife a while ago about it and her current bank statements shows the DD recipient as Debt Managers. She has had the standard offer letters from both Lowlife and this latest outfit and I've explained to her what this means. The original debt was a student credit card with Barclays. Now I always paid mine over the counter at a bank or post office via a payment book. I've told her I'll send them a CCA request and the follow-up letters if necessary to get them to go skulking back under their stone, but she's asked me when she should stop the DD. If they reply they're suspending collection until they get the info, can the DD be stopped then? Or does she have to wait until they back off and admit they can't collect? One of the other debts she has relates to a student loan taken out around the turn of the century. I've asked her to do a search on Noddle but I'd be grateful for some guidelines about when to stop the Direct Debits. She seems to have around half a dozen debts each of which she's paying at around a fiver per month like this. Thank you all
  4. Hi all I've written about a credit card debt originally with Lloyds on here previously. The debt was managed by their own BLS Collections until I went into hospital and missed a payment, when without warning BLS sold it on to a string of DCA's one after the other. I was annoyed as BLS acted without even asking me why a payment had been missed. I've fended off five DCA's over this debt subsequently because each of them has failed to supply the original credit agreement. Oddly, I even have a letter from Lloyds who wrote to me directly after one DCA request and admitted in writing that the original credit agreement was unretrievable. This time around Lowlife have been on the case. I sent them the OCA request and the failure to comply letter a fortnight later as per usual. They've backed off after a month stating that they bought the debt from Lloyd's in good faith after being assured it was viable to collect. The problem that I have is that they've not returned my £1.00 postal order and I'm narked about it. Yes, I intend to write to them to request the reimbursement but I'm dying to point out to them that Lloyd's knowingly sold to them an unretrievable debt. Caveat Emptor as they say. They've been taken for a ride by Lloyd undoubtedly, is there some way I could politely point this out to them, possibly with some humour? It just goes to show that even the big lenders can deceive DCA's when they sell debts on. Thanks all. Thank you
  5. Thank you both. I'll follow your advice dx100uk and ignore them. After all, they've now stated that they won't enter into letter tennis themselves so I'll abide by their wishes! BRIGADIER2JCS, they've still not disclosed the name of their client. Having admitted that they purchased the debt (see #22), I think they're going to have some difficulty! They can't be that good at reviewing their files, as they can't even admit that they've previously apologised to me for falsely claiming the existence of a client. Nothing about this on credit reference files. Thank you both again.
  6. Robbers way got in touch with me again recently. In the letter they claimed that they were working for an undisclosed “client”. I’ve had one of these client letters a few months ago and was suspicious as it mentioned discounts for settlement. I wrote back to them at the time and the Complaints & Compliance officer replied that the client claim had been a mistake and they had purchased the debt themselves. I also pointed out they they had still not supplied the CCA documents required in their entirety and the account was still in dispute. About a month Iater, I had a “polite” letter from RW inviting me to pay up headed “where have we gone wrong?” and requesting I contact them to discuss repayment arrangements that were affordable. I did not reply to the letter and stayed off the phone. A couple of weeks ago, I received a further letter stating again that they were acting for a client and they were recommending the client to go to court for recovery unless I contacted them. I again wrote to them asking for disclosure of this so-called client, pointed out that just over 2 years had elapsed since I put in the CCA request and they had still not supplied the correct documentation. If they wanted to take me to court, I said they were welcome to do so and I would point out to a judge they were continuing to lie regarding a client and the unfair time I had been waiting for the correct documentation. Robbers have now written again to say they’ve noted the contents of my correspondence and after reviewing the account, they have made their position “perfectly clear” and will not enter into repetitive correspondence. They assert that the documents supplied comply fully with my CCA request and add “that any assertions that the agreement is unenforceable, would be a matter for a court to determine, should either party wish to enter into litigation”. In the “absence of any alternative dispute” they now require my payment proposals again after which collection activity will resume or they “may” transfer the account to their solicitors who “may” commence legal action against me. What should I do next? Thanks
  7. I'm not quite following this. Surely the purpose of a CCA is to establish the right of the DCA to collect the debt. Having seen previous DCA's floundering around seeking original agreements (or copies thereof) and "suspending collection activities" until they can come up with the goods, surely a CCA request will fit the bill here again - two of my previous DCA's have backed off since I've disputed the validity of the guff they sent me. The only thing different here is that Wetcloths don't seem to have bought the debt from Lloyds. Would this make a difference? thanks
  8. Ok there have been further developments today. Wetcloths have been quick off the mark and sent me a red headed letter titled "Important Notice of Debt Collection". They state that they have been instructed on behalf of their client to collect the outstanding balance on their behalf. An adjacent box states that they are writing on behalf of Lloyds TSB. They want me to reply immediately to the letter either by paying the balance in full or contacting them by phone. These are the only ways I can avoid them taking further action. Failure to do so "will result in further recovery action" I have no intention of phoning them as per the advice constantly given on the forum. However, I'm reluctant to write to Lloyds for a SAR not only because of ten pound cost but also because I still have my one and only current account with them with associated DD's on fuel and phone linked to the account along with my DLA - Rocking the boat right now with these could cause serious problems. Would it still be worthwhile sending a CCA request to Wetcloths and seeing what develops? The only other option I seem to have is to wait the seven days they've provided me to reply and see what they do next. Thanks all.
  9. Could you please explain the benefit of sending a SAR request to Lloyds rather than a CCA request to the DCA? I also don't understand how BOS are involved in any of this. Apologies for being naive over this. Thanks
  10. The Lloyds paying in book quotes a "Collection Account" at a Lloyds address in Brighton as the account to be credited.I've got no idea if this account is being monitored from Brighton, Oxford or Rosyth right now.
  11. I've just discovered that the address on the Lloyds letter ( Lloyds TSB Plc, Credit Operations, PO Box 66, Rosyth, KY11 2WG) is actually the same address and PO number as a company called Blair, Oliver and Scott who seem to be the in-house collection agency of HBOS according to other posts on this forum. Curiously, no contact telephone number is included on the letter Now I'm puzzled. Can I use this address to write to requesting the SAR? Do I address the letter to Blair, Oliver and Scott or LloydsTSB at that address? Alternatively do I write to BLS Collections? I've got no other address for LloydsTSB. I've not sent off a CCA request to Lloyds.
  12. Yes, payments have ceased and they were followed up with a failure to comply letter. One of them did send me a clear, lucid copy of the original agreement but omitted to meet their other obligation which was to provide the current terms and conditions. They waffled off a reply when I informed them that they still had not complied that as far as they were concerned they had complied with my request and I've heard nothing since.
  13. This one was the last debt. I continued to pay this as it seemed to be the only one that was effectively still held by the lender and not sold off to a DCA. It just seemed as if the lender was in a stronger position when it came to recovering the money. I really don't know if I was right or wrong in this decision.
  14. Credit card was taken out in the late nineties. Yes dx100uk I did get the CCA's off as advised. It's gone quiet ever since.
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