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Found 12 results

  1. Had 250ltr of our hot water tank leak through the ceiling recently. There was a little damage there before (shower leaked a few years ago) but it was too much hassle to fix. Now the damage is much much worse. The insurance are paying for the flooring but are refusing to pay for the ceiling saying I've not experienced any financial loss because it was damaged already? Is this normal? Surely its like saying you can't have a new carpet if its wrecked because there was a fag burn on one corner?
  2. I have a client initally wanted to pay for the extra work I done on their website, but after many excuses of paying the wrong person and not having the time it was clear that they did not want to pay. Can I change the passwords to the domain provider pending payment where I will change the password back and they can move to another provider. Am I allowed to do this ? I know I can not suspend the website as the payment is for extra work done on it and not for the actual website hosting.
  3. Briefly: Mini Cooper Clubman D bought from dealership for £7800 24/8/16 73000 miles 5 months later "Death Rattle" on timimng chain car parked up . Phoned dealer, not our problem, but will repair and let you off with the VAT ! Estimated cost £1500-2500 Letter sent (to be signed for) 17/2/17 stating im within the 6 month period under The Consumer Rights ACT 2015 FOR RETURN OR REPAIR. Giving them 7 days to reply. They are now offering to pick the car up and have it checked for the chain ! My letter clearly states "at your cost" Do I let them take it please ?? I paid with debit card and have drafted a letter of "Chargeback " from Lloyds Bank should this be for the repair only or the amount I paid with the card £7100 ? I am also looking at the ADR SCHEME to try mediation before court is that a good idea ? Many thanks PS; Does anyone know anything about the RESOLVA SCHEME ? I think its a motor trade voluntary thing
  4. Hello Friends, I have been working a my current firm for last 1 year 3 months at one of the top financial firms. I have to work very hard and extended hours to meet the business objectives of firm. My boss is being very unkind and dishonest with me. He basically wants to throw me out and bring in an old colleague at a lower salary. I came to know about his plan from one another colleague. Last Monday, there was a without prejudice meeting with firms solicitor where the boss started making false and flimsy allegations that my conduct has not been right in that I did not follow his instruction. He is citing just two occasions in a matter of one week. I have been able to prove one of the allegation as false and for the other my colleague can help me to prove wrong. He has no evidence of having given any such instruction of work though as it was communicated verbally. He is saying that he can get a few witnesses, who are again his friends from management side. What is best for me. Should I ask for evidence of such work having been assigned to me . Today again there was a without prejudice meeting with the manager and the firms solicitor, who is calling a case of break of trust and confidence as I have been performing poorly. Again this is a baseless allegation. I will come to this aspect later. My company handbook has a disciplinary processes which lays down that disciplinary matter is sorted in four stages. I want to know if the firm is contractually obligated to follow the disciplinary process. I am worried that if thrown out on basis of misconduct and poor performance, then PPI will not cover my mortgage and my career will be ruined. Can someone please advise me on this. Thanks
  5. Looking for some advice please. I bought a second hand car just under six months ago, it is on HP. I also took out an aftermarket warranty with Warranty Direct. The dealer gave a 3 month warranty but I know the company they use are rubbish so I decided to get my own. A few weeks ago it broke down. Had it towed to my local garage (didn't take it back to where I bought it as its quite a way from where I live and they have any proper workshop facilities). To cut a long story short the engine has been stripped right down, and the diagnosis is seized oil control rings. Warranty Direct sent an engineer out who has reported back to them ( I am getting a copy of his report) and they have refused to pay out as in his opinion the fault has been present since before I bought the vehicle and has just got worse over the time I've owned it. The car only has 77000 on the clock and has a full service history so no one had expected an engine of that age to have this fault. I'm now left looking at at £1300+ bill. Given that I have something in writing to say that the fault was present when I bought the car do I have a claim against the dealer and/or finance company? And if so how should I proceed? Thanks for any help
  6. Hello... I am posting on behalf of my husband, he bought a Nissan Vivaro van from new in 2012. It came with 3 years warranty, in that time he has had 3 new clutch's fitted.. His warranty ran out last April 2015. Each time he had a new clutch fitted he stated to the Vauxhall dealer about his warranty and this recurring problem... The clutch has now gone again on the van and is being towed to the Vauxhall garage tomorrow morning... He was wondering because this has been a pre existing condition problem since new where does he stand legally now.. My thoughts are Vauxhall are still responsible since the problem has been on going since he bought the van from new and that the warranty should carry over from each new clutch fitting... Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated Hazel
  7. Hi guys, a little reassurance needed here to help with the sleepless nights! Long story short, both me and spouse are students and she works part time in a bank. We have a mortgage and have never missed a payment or even been late with one. Since becoming students we have applied for a few CCs and Loans, all which were approved, however we always selected 'full time employed' even though this was not the case (we really didn't realise how important that was, since we knew we could afford payments). We are going on holiday soon and a few days ago, through work my wife tried applying for another CC which was free to use abroad and this was declined. Since that happening we are overrun with worry that a CIFA or something will appear on our credit files, and that may affect our existing mortgage and us lose our house - is this possible? We have now paid off every loan and CC except one in my name. There are no missed payments on any of the accounts. She is also worried that her work place will find out and that will accelerate things. What do you all think about this? Thanks so much in advance.
  8. Hi all. I took out a world wide annual travel insurance policy with xxxxxx insurance. Since taking out the policy I have been diagnosed with a condition that they would not ordinarily cover. I can't really make much sense od their rules and regs. Am I likely to be fully covered as I had no idea I had the condition before I took out the policy or is it like car insurance where if circumstances change you must tell them? Cheers.
  9. Hi My parents ran into some financial difficulty a number of years ago with Lloyds TSB. Lloyds closed the accounts and my parents reached an agreement with them to pay a monthly amount on the debt. In 2012, Lloyds sold the debt to Cabot Financial. My parents continued paying the agreed monthly sum and have never missed a payment. Cabot have now written to them saying: "We can confirm that we hold three Lloyds TSB accounts in your names. The accounts were grouped as one consolidated loan, when the accounts were originally with Lloyds TSB. The payment that you were making was being split pro rata across these accounts. However, now that Cabot Financial owns these accounts, they have been separated and we now require a repayment arrangement for each account." My (terminally ill) parents don't want to deal with this at all - they've handed it to me and just want to be left alone. I've not spoken to Cabot yet but wanted some advice before I do - I guess the key question is can they change the terms of the original agreement for this reason? TIA
  10. Hi, About 4 years ago, I had an orange account which to my knowledge has been paid in full and was closed. About a year ago, AG and BC started tagteaming with one another sending me various threatening letter. After about 5 letters asking for the final bill, and after a barney on the phone, I finally got one. The dates fall CLEARLY outside of the contract dates, as I only had a 1 year contract. Can I demand to see the original contract? both AG and BC both say that "they do not have to send it as the bill is enough". orange won't talk to me as they seem to think that the bill has been cleared, but the date of the latest bill is only from a few weeks ago. Can someone advise me as to what I should write and to who? I'm getting a little tired of the two bouncing this issue between themselves and I'm about to put a stop to it. Regards, Adridude
  11. Hi guys Hope someone can help me on this one: I have been buying for a long time dvds from a company called 'Simply Home Entertainment'. They used to have other names and seem to do every few years some debt shedding exercises where they go into administration and reappear like Phoenix from the ashes, the last such exercise was made by them in May. During this time I had placed quite a few orders with them, and a while later they started sending me requests to pay some orders. They used to do that in the past - and I even received another one a week ago - and queurying those in the past and the most recent one I was told to simply ignore them. But when there came multiple letters for an alleged debt of £180 I checked with them and they claimed there was this debt. They were unable to narrow it down, claiming at one point they sold me one or two dvds for £180. Eventually they sent me some printout which indicated at least clearly one transaction at about half the claims value as unpaid, so I sent them via email the relevant part of my bank statement showing that the money was taken from my account. I also asked them again to provide clear details as to which orders they claimed remain unpaid or to leave me in peace as this was now nothing short of harassment. That was mid-July. In the meantime I had placed another order but they failed to supply 2 dvds from that order and reassured me that they would issue a refund for them. I keep waiting for that refund, but instead of a refund I received today a letter from CCS Collect in my mail, asking me to pay the full £180 within 7 days. I called Simply and asked for the manager who was - unsurprisingly - not available but I was promised a callback. I also called Trading Standards who were busy and too my phone number down and promised to call me back. Neither did. I have tried to find info on non-existing debt and how to deal with that, but it seems that's a new one that a company tries to enforce payment of already paid goods. Any suggestions on how to deal with this? My first idea was to call the debt collectors as it seems they are being defrauded just like Simply try to defraud me, but I read on a post here 'never, ever talk to these people on the phone'. Any advise would be appreciated!
  12. I would prefer at this point to keep the names of the respective companies out of public view if only because I am going to take some unusual steps in order to try to force the issue. A relative who had cancelled a business insurance policy within the 30 day cancellation period was a year later contacted by a DCA claiming a fee of £91 for a non existing debt. Obviously I am struggling here to minimise the relative facts and details. Unlike most DCA's who in my experience run a mile at the mere mention of the phrase "this is a dispute not a debt" this bunch persisted. They obtained my phone number from somewhere initially sending threatening sms msg's followed by an auto ring back to their offices during which they insisted on speaking to my relative. I patiently pointed out that as my phone number was in a different county to the person with whom they wished to talk to I could not help them. Could I confirm my address? No because I lived in a different county therefore I could not. I contacted my relative and with the sketchy information deduced that the Insurance Company was at fault. However there are two ways of looking at this issue because certain things do not make much sense. Why wait a year before issuing a debt notice to the DCA yet no debt notice was delivered to my relative. Ok it could have been an oversight but don't they have access to their own payment records? I stepped in as my relatives representative with a written note emailed to both the DCA and the insurance company after all I was already getting pestered so why not? I stipulated that no phone calls to discuss this issue were permissable and so the insurance company phoned me. I sent them a stroppy worded email accusing them of treating this matter with contempt and for being obstructive. Then by return I got a smarmy patronising reply stating that they had called off the debt collector and would be happy to talk to my relative on the phone and more than happy to investigate this matter presumably to pass out a bucket of whitewash. Annoyed I responded with a threat to complain to the FOS (not likely cos they're a waste of time) and suprise suprise the debt collector resurfaced yet according to the insurance company it was the debt collector who had alerted them to the cancelled account. On the one hand I am toying with the idea that this is a stupid mistake by the insurance company and that it is so easy to jump to conclusions while on the other hand I suspect it might be an orchestrated insurance/debt [problem]. What concerns me the most is whether this is indeed the tip of an iceberg so I as I said am going to try pushing some buttons to get a responsive reaction (all legal and above board) I'll keep you posted. BTW one of the debt letters is blatantly in breach of the OFT guidelines because they pretend to have powers that they do not possess and its the kind of letter usually sent after a few weeks not as a second letter.
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