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  1. 5 weeks and still no refund, how surprising
  2. All I've had on any communication is 'your payment will be considerably smaller than the agreed claim amount'
  3. Hello. I have a British Gas account for dual energy with small outstanding balance (£350) I pay by direct debit £170 per month. THis is too high, my usage for last year was just over £100 per month across the year. I have argued with BG that whilst I realise they want the balance paid off the amount I'm paying will put me in credit by some way by the end of the year which they will then refund me. I feel this is morally wrong, I don't see why a multi million pound corporation should owe me money, particularly when it is set up as a credit account a
  4. I'd appreciate a bit more advice on this complaint. After the non budge phone call they've actually emailed me this morning which I've copied below. I have now complained to the fos but haven't heard anything from them yet. Should I respond now to this email, and if so what should I write? Or just leave it now to the ombudsman? Thanks again Good afternoon Further to your recent email, I have reviewed your comments about why you didn’t complain about your loans until now, and I need some more information from you. Please be aware that wi
  5. They phoned me this morning asking me to answer some further questions. I refused and said I want to keep everything in writing, they refused and said they need to actually speak to me, this went back and forwards for a good few minutes with them saying they don't email customers as they need to ask over the phone. Strange given everything has been done by email so far. So I guess its off to the Ombudsman I go...
  6. Update, I went back to them saying that I've only recently found out the loans were able to be complained about. They have now got back to me saying they need some more information and would like to speak to me over the phone. Should I do this or insist everything is kept in writing, or just ignore now and go straight to the FOS? Thanks
  7. Hello No need to apolgise, thanks for taking the time to help. So from the above do you think I should go back to them now with that information or just go direct to the FOS?
  8. A few years ago I had a lot of cheque cashing loans rolled over with the Money Shop. I only found out very recently that these are still classed as pay day loans and are therefore claimable for irresponsible lending. I sent them the SAR which I recieved, and then the complaint. After a bit of padding out they have sent me their 'final response', which is copied below. Could someone please advise me how I should proceed. Many thanks Thank you for taking the time in bringing your complaint to my attention on 04 Apr 2019 and for giv
  9. Hoping someone can advise me about an issue with these people. I've been a silly boy and used wonga a few times whilst I was self employed a while ago. I had no problems at first and it was actully a good short term cashflow solution if used correctly, however I encountered problems with my work and fell behind with payments, and so they started adding fees and interest. This was about the time they went into administration. About the same time I filed a complaint of irresponsible lending as I had got into the situation of having to roll over loans. This complaint was ignored and then sen
  10. I'm waiting ona final statement from them at the moment, they don't seem to be in any rush to supply it
  11. HI, I've recently paid off my car finance which was with Close Brothers Motor finance. Over the period of the loan there were a few late payment administration charges charges added. I remember someone saying its possible to claim these back? Is that correct, and if so how should I go about it? Thanks for any advice.
  12. What a shame, never mind... I wonder now how many people will just not bother paying back their outstanding loans, thus making things even worse for the company/administrators?
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