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  1. Generally speaking members of the public who are not seeking to trade under any specific name for business purposes tend to come under Distant Selling Regulations when not buying anything in person though there could be a debate as to whether insurance is a tangible item, being something you can hold in your hand, usually with DSR's there is only a seven day cancellation period unless otherwise stated. In business to business transactions there is a 30 day allowable cancellation period and the only letter from the insurance company is an acknowledgement that the payment process had been cancel
  2. I do appreciate your reply however there never was any debt at all. Her first payment was followed two weeks later by her second payment (one payment per month) and two-three days later she was forced by ill health to cancel her arrangements. Plus it was the compliance manager offering to bypass me (written permission from my relative being ignored) and talk to my relative on the phone.
  3. I would prefer at this point to keep the names of the respective companies out of public view if only because I am going to take some unusual steps in order to try to force the issue. A relative who had cancelled a business insurance policy within the 30 day cancellation period was a year later contacted by a DCA claiming a fee of £91 for a non existing debt. Obviously I am struggling here to minimise the relative facts and details. Unlike most DCA's who in my experience run a mile at the mere mention of the phrase "this is a dispute not a debt" this bunch persisted. They obtained
  4. Bah what a load of old rubbish. I periodically get similar nonsense usually of a sadistic sexual nature from some sad person. NEVER Ever click on any links in this kind of nonsense
  5. Yes that's understandable and very easily achieved. My response in writing was "this is a dispute not a debt so I strongly advise you to back of as you have no right to be involved in any dispute and neither can you offer to mediate which is illegal activity as you very well know." (Some DCA's will verbally offer to mediate which is basically just a ruse to get more money out of the unsuspecting)
  6. Briefly BT billed me for 6 weeks service at the same figure for 12 weeks service as the final bill demanding £140 which I disputed in writing and in emails all to no avail. They refused to see their mistake and in came a DCA who duely responded to my suggestion to back off. I spoke in person to one mindless BT operator who told me that had I paid the final bill I would now be in credit...my answer is best left to your imagination... Eventually I spoke on the phone to someone who could count and when BT realised its mistake I received an invoice for £77.00 no apology though. Then I receiv
  7. I had a similar problem which I will explain in due course. First write to the DCA and inform them that this is a dispute not a debt and that they have no juristriction under English law (assuming you live in England?) to get involved in any disputes. Keep your answer simple and do not bother to go into details. Write to BT and suggest that they re-examine your account also inform them that you dispute their alleged debt and that if it is forwarded to another DCA that you will take your complaint against them to anyone who will listen which could include CAG and BBC Watchdog.
  8. When I graduated from Uni in 2010 at the age of 55 most of the online advice was considerably out of date so I in my innocence applied for JSA though I did have a business idea which required very little finance. My DWP job advisor was extremely unsupportive and dismissive and insisted that it was compulsory for me to attend a job program. I was informed that I would get a kitchen Hygiene certificate and be trained as a security guard. I informed him that I had no desire to work in kitchens or for that matter as a security guard. He then started rambling on about me getting a career in retail
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