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Found 11 results

  1. I have a client initally wanted to pay for the extra work I done on their website, but after many excuses of paying the wrong person and not having the time it was clear that they did not want to pay. Can I change the passwords to the domain provider pending payment where I will change the password back and they can move to another provider. Am I allowed to do this ? I know I can not suspend the website as the payment is for extra work done on it and not for the actual website hosting.
  2. I'm sure someone on here can give a straight answer as I am trying to help my granddad who was unfortunately hit by scaffolding that had been put up around his block of flats which is Council owned ( Old peoples properties ) He instructed a solicitor to claim for damages caused due to injuries which included broken arm and was told by the solicitor that he would be covered under a no-fee, no win basis. Would this include a contract between both parties as I assume would be, because the solicitor is now refusing to provide a copy of the contract that my granddad has asked to see.
  3. I'm a court appointed deputy for my husband. In 2008 he was placed under the court of protection due to a severe head injury, at that time he had a Barclays Bank account with an overdraft of £600. When the CoP was put in place he had been in to his local branch and they refused to serve him or talk to him. He was lied to about why and we only found out a few weeks later that it was due to the CoP which had taken over a year to be put in place. His original Deputy was extremely incompetent and cause no end of problems. In a nutshell they began paying his overdraft off at £15
  4. Hi, I took a company to court and the day before the hearing their solicitor called and agreed a settlement sum. He then wrote to the court to say we had settled. The next day before the hearing we signed a consent order (myself and the third party solicitor). I went to the hearing and the judge put through an order as per the consent. The third party did not pay and despite chasing their solicitor he always said "I'm waiting further instructions". During the claim I did not speak or deal with any of the third party, only their solicitor. The company went into liquidat
  5. Hi guys, I am having some issues with a client and would appreciate some good advice as to where to go from here. We have been working on several projects with this client however in July they began to drop further into arrears with their account. In August we asked them to settle their account as their was an invoice since April and they had failed to make payments several times. This led to several reminders and several times they promised to pay only for them to not make any payment. Finally I had no choice but to suspend the account. This is normally enough to quicken the p
  6. I would really appreciate some advice, long story my daughter got a fine -driving in a bus lane she did n't pay it, yes I know she should have but you may understand the pressure she was under if you read this. She had a bailiffs letter a few months ago, left sticking out of her letterbox, I wrote a letter on her behalf stating that she was a vulnerable client for the following reasons: She was a victim of severe domestic violence including being held prisoner in a house, threatened with being shot , said he would disfigured, her, he smashed
  7. I am hoping some of you can help me, my daughter has had 3 bailiffs letters re a parking offence, she doesn't deny that she owes some money and she has good cause re not dealing with it, she is being treated for depression and is currently in fear of her life due to violent former boyfriend, she has made statements to police and is going to be a witness in the court case, despite threats from him. I wrote a letter ( on her behalf) to equita and explained her situation and informed them that the situation came under the vulnerable debtors, clause and ask
  8. Does a solicitor who represents a client have to present the actual dates of events occured, are they obliged to give the correct limitation on their care letters such as the minus one day, would month to month periods be incorrect.
  9. Hi there, I work as a self employed graphic designer and have done for 5 years now. I did some website designer for a website developer and this was completed to his brief 2 months ago. When I sent him the files (screen visuals) to look at he acknowledged receipt of them and also acknowledged that he was really pleased with the work and that all his fellow band members (it was a website for a band he's in) also liked the website design and that he would get back to me over the next couple of days with a "few amends". I waited and waited and then 2 weeks later chased him on the
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm posting this again as I was concerned that it wouldn't be easily noticed tucked behind another thread. I found this forum a couple of weeks ago when I Googled Allied International after they had left me a voicemail asking me to call them. I also received a WARNING card from them informing me that they are acting on behalf of their client LTSB and I should contact them urgently. I had a Goldfish loan which I paid for four years without any problems until I started having difficulties back in Dec 07. I contacted LTSB and asked if I could reduce my paym
  11. Hi, I left my employment a month ago, not on great terms, as I left to set up another company. I would not attempt to break any of my compete clauses. Today I met with a potential client. This client was not a client of my previous employer, but was a potential client (as is anyone). I was told by a senior director that someone from my previous employer had called them a few weeks ago, obviously after I had left, to state I had in fact been terminated due to some invoicing irregularities. This was the language he used. He would support me and back it up with a statement as he felt it ent
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