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Found 10 results

  1. My question that I do not seem to get an answer for is this... Is my debt with Natwest time barred or do the inhibition and intimation affect it? I have worked to pay off/clear all my debts totalling about £20k but there is one I just cannot seem to be rid of. An overdraft of £600 that turned into a debt of £8k due to their charges and interests! Here's a brief timeline. . 2006 Default occurred. . 13.9.2011 an inhibition was granted by the Sheriff's court . At this point we had paid back much more than the original £600 and refused to pay any more. writing to them got us no where. From this point on we made token payments, which despite our income and expenditure they said they refused yet still banked. . 10/1/12 last token payment made . We have not acknowledged the debt since or written to them ourselves since January 2012. . 8/10/12 In an effort to sort out our situation we went to the CAB who put an intimation in place. We never actually used the plan proposed by CAB as it really didn't help us beyond what we were already doing to remedy our full financial situation. . 9/10/2012 Anderson Strathern send an earnings arrestment to the local authority assuming I was working for them. They disclosed my debt and personal details in a huge breach of data protection. . 15/10/16 We tried to apply to remortgage our home to clean up the last of our debt but the matter of the inhibition came up. I was told they expire after 2 years, now I am told it is 5. So it possibly hadn't expired when we applied for the remortgage. This was the only block to our application. There are dates and interest rates missing from the court paperwork completely, and we have letters that give different figures of what we owe (one month £8k then 3 months later £14!) the discrepancies are multiple. The debt has been passed to various other collection agencies although I'm not sure it's been sold.
  2. cancookwill

    Amex /Allied

    Amex this week have just passed my wife's account to Allied the account is a gold card we ran into a little trouble and we haven't been able to pay in full I had hopped to be able to deal directly with Amex on this smatter as it is only a few months overdue unfortunately Amex have pulled the trigger rather quickly Allied haven't written to us yet they have just started with phone calls and an email I just wanted to get plan of action started pre harassment from Allied And to see if there is any way I can just deal with Amex Many thanks in advance cancookwill
  3. Hi, I'm a little concerned. I moved into a property mid March. I rent, and when I moved in the letting agent transferred our energy supply from Npower to Spark Energy. I didn't want this, so as soon as the transfer was complete, I arranged to move to British Gas. I had a final bill from Npower (though it took some time) for the first 4 weeks, taking us onto Mid-April. British Gas then took over from Spark at the end of May. Till then, I'd not had a bill from Spark, I logged into my account and made a payment of £100 anyway, which was a rough figure I reckon I'd have used. Roll forward a month, and I've still not had anything from Spark - no bill, no email, no contact at all - but given it took some time for Npower to send a final bill, I was not surprised by this. today I realise I have a voicemail (from a couple of weeks ago - I was out of the country at the time, but not sure why it's only today my phone decided to let me know). It was from a company called Allied International regarding my Spark Energy account. A quick google shows these to be a DCA, which comes as a shock, as as far as I was concerned, no bill had been given to me. Log into my account, and lo & behold, there is a bill for £138 - less the £100 I'd already paid = a £38 outstanding balance. And I gather this has been passed to the DCA. The date on the bill is 1/6/14 - but there is no way on earth that bill was produced on the 1st. I logged in several times after making the payment on the 21/5, and there was no bill there. Further, BG only took over the account on the 27/5. Really, really hacked off at how I've been treated. Not spoken to Allied (called, but no answer, and now I know the nature of their outfit, have no plan to do so). Trying to get hold of spark to see what they have to say for themselves. Are they likely to have put this on my CRA profile?
  4. Allied Int phoned today regards an alleged AMEX CC account in dispute. CCA compliant with Sec 61(1) of CCA1974 requested on 1oth Sept. In reply came recon agreement no signatures and a load of T&Cs. Failed to supply letter sent 27th December. Early Jan letter saqying account being sourced to outside agents for recovery. Meanwhile charges and interest still being added to account. Refused to answer Allied questions just stated account in dispute until such time as requested CCA is received.
  5. had a pi granted to me from the bank of Scotland but Nat west has gave it to allied international credit.Who are these credit people thanks chris:?:
  6. Since Christmas I have been receiving phone calls from a company called Allied International, Over the last few weeks it’s been every day. This company asks me to identify myself for security, to which I have refused, because I do not know who there are, I get a lot of calls from PPI and other such companies, each time they stated that a letter had been posted, I have told them that they are phoning a business number and I have not received any letter. I looked them up on the internet, to find that they are a debt company, this lead me to this site. After reading a few threads it looks like they may be chasing me for monies? I don’t have any loans or credit cards. I joined and checked on Noddle for any problems that may have happened by mistake – None I don’t want to give my details out on the phone, I suggested a home visit, they declined , how do I stop these calls
  7. Hi, I'm in need of help. I took a loan out with Northern Rock approx eight plus years ago. I lost my job and was unable to pay the loan. I agreed a repayment amount with them and payed this for quite a while. I fell into further financial difficulties and stopped payments altogether. They have now moved my loan to another company for them to collect. The company is called Allied International Credit (UK) Limited. I've now received a letter from them which says the following - CLIENT NAME - NORTHERN ROCK (ASSETMANAGEMENT) CLIENT REF NO - I won't state this for obvious reasons. AIC REFERENCE NO - I won't state this for obvious reasons. OUTSTANDING BALANCE - £4102.35 Dear (my name) The account noted above has been assigned to us from our client, NORTHER ROCK (ASSETMANAGEMENT) with regards to the non payment of the outstanding balance. We are unaware of any reason for the non payment and we encourage you to contact our office immediately to resolve the outstanding matter in a timely manner. If you have already made payment to this account please contact us with the payment details. Alternatively, if you are experiencing financial difficulty please call us as we are happy to discuss your situation and how we can help resolve. Yours sincerely Mr A Dickey Debt Collection Department I am in a better position to repay the debt and I understand that the last thing I should do is contact them by phone but after that I'm not sure what to do. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Steve.
  8. ]Hi, I owe £950 to Natwest, and they have passed it onto AIC. AIC previously accepted £10 per month from me, but have now sent me a letter with a financial statement that they want me to fill and and return within 10 days showing all my salary, my employer, and my outgoings. Do I have to give them this information, or should I just throw the letter away and carry on paying as much as I can each month (minimum of £10) thanks for any advice Philip
  9. Hey there, Just had a call from a relative from a previous home address telling me Allied International have a 'urgent personal message' for me. So I google'd who there were before calling and thank god I did because it led me to a long thread with years of history on these forums. First of all as of a few years I no longer live in the UK, I now reside in France everything written below has happened since I'm in France. I'm 99% sure its to do with an overdraft I have with Natwest, after a few conversations months ago where Natwest had setup a repayment plan with me then just before the first repayment date they wanted me to contact them again. Turns out they had no record of any repayment plan had been setup and there were no notes on my account. The conversation with Natwest was left at them getting back to me with a 'report' into what happened with the missing repayment plan. So here I am months later, went to check my balance online 2 days ago with Natwest and now it won't let me in giving me errors and today I'm told Allied International have an 'urgent personal message' for me. It seems like the first thing to do now is ring Natwest and ask what's going on right? It could be too late since Allied are now trying to contact me. They don't have my current address, telephone number or anything. So that's my wall of text, just asking for advice.
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