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Found 8 results

  1. My daughter (aged 17) has just been awarded standard rate care for P.I.P Her claim starts from 24th March. She was admitted into hospital for 2 1/2 days....29th May to 31st May, 31st May being the day she returned home. She has received a letter to say that she will receive back payment but not from 24th March the start date of her claim but 31st May. She was expecting £600 and now she has been told her back pay is £78.41 for period 31st May till 9th June. Is this right??? I understand that if you're admitted into hospital you wont get care component for the time you spend away from home, but should'nt that just be for the length of time you're in hospital? Anyone got any ideas??? ps Im ringing them on Monday, but just thought Id ask in case this is correct, it just doesn't sound right to me!
  2. Hi, long story short, I am currently on benefits and have been since April of this year. My previous employer has now agreed after a long battle, that I was underpaid for the last few years and is paying me the difference between the pay that I actually received and the wage rise that I should have received, for those previous years. However I am concerned that they will give it as a wage payment, as if it is earnings for this year, when none of it would be applicable to this tax year since I have not received any wages in this tax year only benefits. So does anybody know if my current benefits might be stopped or affected because of the backpay? Thanks for any advice.
  3. Hello I am an agency worker and my holiday pay is calculated based on an average of my last 12 weeks earnings, which is calculated based on my average gross daily pay. I had a pay increase which was back dated to 1st April. My last wage slip last week showed my back pay for only the hours worked and not the annual leave I had been paid. I know for a fact that it is not a lot but this is principal as for the last 4 years the agency I work for I have brought up numerous errors in my pay. I was even more dumbfounded when I got this response to my query: "We are more than happy to do the calculation for people if they want it. We regularly have clients who are late with their pay reviews and this can be for several hundred people at a time. It would take days to redo the calculations for everyone and usually, they only get a few pounds back so you can appreciate it’s not a task we are able to do en masse, however if someone feels strongly about it we will do it as it isn’t your fault either! " I telephoned ACAS but they were of no use as I need to know the legal requirements of this. I do not see why anyone should have to claim or request pay that they are owed. Please advise from a legal point of view to their response. I have had it recalculated and they are paying me even if only a few pounds - PRINCIPLE Any queries then please let me know. Thank you
  4. hi there , i wonder if someone can help sanity check my ESA for me. I was migrated from IB and awarded ESA ( wrag group ) in July 2012... at first tier tribunal on the 1/08/2013 the decision made on 31/7/2012 was set aside and i was told i should be in support group.( so i thinking my rate will increase and there will be some arrears to be payed to me) My contribution ESA (wrag rate) ran out on 15 august 2013 and the last ESA payment i received was 05 Jun 2013. I have just received a letter and i cannot make sense of it It states from 16 august 2012?? ( why not 31/7/2012) my ESA will be £22.02 a week from 11 April 2013 my ESA will be £23.47 a week money will be paid every two weeks we will pay £69.90 into your account. The first payment includes arrears of £69.90 that are due from 16 august 2012 to 28 august 2013 How ESA has been worked out your living expenses £71.00 limited capability for work addition extra money because you are in the support group £34.05 which gives total income-related amount £105.05 Income and benefits personal health insurance or work related pension £83.03 total income £83.03 your total income -related amount is £105.05 less £83.03 so you would have been entitled to : £22.02 However because you are entitled to contribution based ESA we will pay you:£22.02:???: the amounts on this page apply from 16 August 2012 to 28 November 2012 I get a ill health retirement pension. if this helps at all ...as from april 2012 ( when getting IB) my calculations for the reduction from my pension were as follows: High rate £99.15 + age addition (lower) £5.90 = £105.05 receive gross annual pension=£13055.09 /divide by 52 to give weekly pension gross=£251.06 Take off £85.00 week=£166.06 divide by 2 , to give what ib will be reduced by=£83.03 Entitled to £105.05 get reduced IB of(105.05-83.03)= £22.02 a week when i was migrated from IB to ESA ( wrag) , so i wasnt worse off I got £22.02 a week 1.:?:what i really cannot understand is how despite now being awarded support group i am still getting the same amount £22.02 a week 2. and how The first payment includes arrears of £69.90 that are due from 16 august 2012 to 28 august 2013 has been calculated 3.??the amounts on this page apply from 16 August 2012 to 28 November 2012.... does this mean they are calculating things separately, and i will get another letter... what about the time period 29 nov 2013- to now ? Working this out really is beyond my impaired cognitive abilities, and if anyone can help me before i contact DWP and try to understand what they say to me it would be very much appreciated . i hope i have given enough information/figures to allow someone to make sense of this
  5. hi , I was awarded support group after appeal tribunal at the beginning of this month, and have just received a letter to say my ESA contibution based has ended on the 15 th . I rang JCP and they said it can take up to 8 wks for new award to come through and that they couldnt chase DWP until the 8 wks were up.. is that correct? I am expecting back pay from the time i was put into the wrag group... is there anything else i can do to chase this up I am currently without any benefit?
  6. The system must be in overload! I made a telephone inquiry today about the status of my claim, ( my appeal was upheld on 02/08/12) I was told that the DWP had not received the appeal notification yet, which was not much of a surprise TBH, the advice given was to phone again next week and if the paperwork had still not been received, the DWP would arrange to have JCP copy my notification and fax it through, the admin officer then said that once they had received the paperwork, the claim would be sorted chronologically and the waiting list was approx seven weeks for arrears to be paid. Cold comfort after being on the assessment rate for over a year.
  7. If its not one thing with the DWP its another... 7 months ago, i went to my ATOS "medical"...failed, came here asking for advice, got great advice, then went to my local CAB and done the appeal. The beginning of this month i won the appeal, 15 points and in the WRAG. I got the back payment that i was due 2 weeks ago. I used it to basically pay off all the debt i had accumulated, paying back my parents for the help they gave me, paying off other debts which left me with a little left over...but to be honest not much. Last week my ESA was late, i phoned up, the bloke on the phone said it was held back but he didnt know why, he then said he will "fast track" it so it will be in my bank account the next day, and it was. Today, i got a letter from the DWP saying that they are now holding back the backpayment because of a "possible overpayment"....the thing is...i already have received the backpayment LAST WEEK!? What happens if they now decide that i was overpayed (which was their fault for not using a sodding calculator) does this mean they will stop my ESA in order to get back the overpayed money? I thought that winning that tribunal would mean that for the first time in 7 months, i can finally relax and take care of my health issues...now the DWP throw another bag of angry cats at me and im worrying all over again.
  8. I work for an online bingo and gaming company. They are moving their business to Gibraltar and over the past 2 months have been employing new staff in Gib on a self employed basis. 27 Uk Staff most of who work from home ( as i do) on PAYE have been given notice of redundancy and we are in consultation process at the minute. The reason they gave us for the redundancy was that as the company based in Gibraltar they are unable to pay UK employees, this is due to tax purposes. I have looked on HM Revenue site but frankly I find it hard to navigate. can someone throw some light on this for me please? Also We were all promised a pay rise in September this year and this would be back dated from the 1st July, We've been told we are no longer getting this now because we are being made redundant. Is this legal?
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