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Found 1 result

  1. hi there , i wonder if someone can help sanity check my ESA for me. I was migrated from IB and awarded ESA ( wrag group ) in July 2012... at first tier tribunal on the 1/08/2013 the decision made on 31/7/2012 was set aside and i was told i should be in support group.( so i thinking my rate will increase and there will be some arrears to be payed to me) My contribution ESA (wrag rate) ran out on 15 august 2013 and the last ESA payment i received was 05 Jun 2013. I have just received a letter and i cannot make sense of it It states from 16 august 2012?? ( why not 31/7/2012) my ESA will be £22.02 a week from 11 April 2013 my ESA will be £23.47 a week money will be paid every two weeks we will pay £69.90 into your account. The first payment includes arrears of £69.90 that are due from 16 august 2012 to 28 august 2013 How ESA has been worked out your living expenses £71.00 limited capability for work addition extra money because you are in the support group £34.05 which gives total income-related amount £105.05 Income and benefits personal health insurance or work related pension £83.03 total income £83.03 your total income -related amount is £105.05 less £83.03 so you would have been entitled to : £22.02 However because you are entitled to contribution based ESA we will pay you:£22.02:???: the amounts on this page apply from 16 August 2012 to 28 November 2012 I get a ill health retirement pension. if this helps at all ...as from april 2012 ( when getting IB) my calculations for the reduction from my pension were as follows: High rate £99.15 + age addition (lower) £5.90 = £105.05 receive gross annual pension=£13055.09 /divide by 52 to give weekly pension gross=£251.06 Take off £85.00 week=£166.06 divide by 2 , to give what ib will be reduced by=£83.03 Entitled to £105.05 get reduced IB of(105.05-83.03)= £22.02 a week when i was migrated from IB to ESA ( wrag) , so i wasnt worse off I got £22.02 a week 1.:?:what i really cannot understand is how despite now being awarded support group i am still getting the same amount £22.02 a week 2. and how The first payment includes arrears of £69.90 that are due from 16 august 2012 to 28 august 2013 has been calculated 3.??the amounts on this page apply from 16 August 2012 to 28 November 2012.... does this mean they are calculating things separately, and i will get another letter... what about the time period 29 nov 2013- to now ? Working this out really is beyond my impaired cognitive abilities, and if anyone can help me before i contact DWP and try to understand what they say to me it would be very much appreciated . i hope i have given enough information/figures to allow someone to make sense of this
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