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Found 3 results

  1. yesterday [25th Aug] i got another ESA50 form. *i've been signed off work since 5-10-07 = 9yr 10m 2wk 6 days. yet they seem to think i'll suddenly get better. *i've been on sickness benefits since 5-12-07 = 9yr 8m 2wk 6 days. *originally i was on the disability rate of Income Support but i've been on ESA since 19-7-12 = 4yr 1m 6 days. *i had my medical on 3-7-15 = 1yr 1m 3wk 1 day ago. i heard people are often re-assessed every year, so i was wondering when i'd have to go through the dreaded form filling/medical again. *i won my most recent appeal & was moved from ESA WRAG into the Support Group of ESA on 27-10-15 = only 9m 4wk 3 days ago! on both the times i had to apply/re-apply for ESA i went through the same long & distressing procedures... fill in ESA50/enclose medication evidence...[i didn't have a medical 1st time but 2nd time i did]...get put in ESA WRAG...appeal decision=more forms/letters...after months of stress i'm put back into the Support Group of ESA. i understand they can't leave me alone forever as they want to check i'm still ill, but it would be nice if they could leave me alone for longer. having to go through this yearly is enough to drive anyone insane, let an someone with mental illnesses. is anyone else facing this repetitive situation? is there anything i can do to make the time between assessments longer?
  2. hi , I was awarded support group after appeal tribunal at the beginning of this month, and have just received a letter to say my ESA contibution based has ended on the 15 th . I rang JCP and they said it can take up to 8 wks for new award to come through and that they couldnt chase DWP until the 8 wks were up.. is that correct? I am expecting back pay from the time i was put into the wrag group... is there anything else i can do to chase this up I am currently without any benefit?
  3. I really could do with some advice. Here's the situation: I was on support group, moved over from incapacity benefit, due to mental health issues. Two months after getting moved over (which had involved being assessed) I get an ESA50 form. As it was so soon after being assessed, I wrote back to both ATOS & DWP asking why I needed to fill in the form when I'd recently been put on support group. I hear nothing for a while. Then ATOS replies saying its not them, but the DWP. Fair enough, I'll wait for the DWP reply I thought. Never received one. Wrote back to ATOS asking for them to hold their horses until DWP gets back with a decision about if I need to it. Fast forward to Friday, and I don't get paid. Phone up - told no payment is due as I didn't fill out the form, and it had been to a decision maker who decided to terminate my claim. First of all - I have received nothing from the DWP in writing. Secondly - I know now I should have just filled the form in and sent it back, but I did not know that then. I didn't want to go through another assessment so soon and still believe its completely wrong. Anyway - I was told I will not get any appeal rate. What do I do now for money? I have a toddler, and another child on the way. In this situation, how can they just kick me off when they didn't respond to me, when I have to have money to buy food to eat, let alone for my son... I'm at a total loss. Is this a sanction? Or is it a complete end for my claim? Can I re-claim? What normally happens when you fail to comply with the regulations, as the rude man at the DWP put it?
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