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Found 12 results

  1. Disclosure and Barring Service New identity checking guidelines READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-identity-checking-guidelines
  2. Disclosure and Barring Service Email addresses are changing READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dbs-email-addresses-are-changing
  3. Disclosure and Barring Service - GDPR is here READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/gdpr-is-here
  4. I'm into a DMP about 6 yrs now and through here have realised I've been cash cowed by a couple of the pre 2007 one's One card has not been part of the plan for some reason, never been paid and is on the cusp of Statute barring and I likely won't hear from them due to a CCA request thanks to you guys...now for the rest of them to be CCA'd Two stupid questions : Obviously part payments have been appearing on my records due to DMP but the original 5 yr old defaults will possibly drop off next September ...... is this correct? Like most I want to increase credit scores for so
  5. Hi, I'm in am unusual position, I think. Back in 2003 I had a cracking salary and mega limits on my credit cards (46k) I was made redundant after I became mentally unwell and so went back to uni. I *asked* the credit card companies to reduce my limits (not wanting to get rid of my cards altogether) but they refused. Point blank refused. Later that year I became ill again and was diagnosed with bipolar. I managed to spend £21,000 in 3 months, with very little to show for it (or take back!) The banks refused to help. I paid back just under 1/2. I now hav
  6. My question that I do not seem to get an answer for is this... Is my debt with Natwest time barred or do the inhibition and intimation affect it? I have worked to pay off/clear all my debts totalling about £20k but there is one I just cannot seem to be rid of. An overdraft of £600 that turned into a debt of £8k due to their charges and interests! Here's a brief timeline. . 2006 Default occurred. . 13.9.2011 an inhibition was granted by the Sheriff's court . At this point we had paid back much more than the original £600 and refused to pay any more. writi
  7. As Title says. If a company bars an account and prevents you from using the service, are ETFs then legal? I remember having this conversation before...
  8. Hi all, Really simple question (hopefully). I understand that a debt becomes statute barred 6 years after the date of the last missed due payment. If a DMC issues court proceedings one month prior to this six year limit does that mean if this goes to court then even though by that time the six years has passed, the court will see it as being within the time limit or is it the case that the court will see that as a result of the case taking over a month to get to court (by the time you've filed a defence etc) it is now over 6 years and hence statute barred? I have tried look
  9. I apologise if this is the wrong subsection, I was a little daunted by the huge amount of information available! I've spent the last 24 months trying to sort my financial life out. I was pretty lucky that both my mortgage company decided not to act upon my huge arrears and the local council took back a massive debt from the bailiffs and allowed me to pay them direct. This month marks the point where the mortgage is up to date and I have 2-3 payments left on the council tax. My gas and electric repayments also end in September. This relative turnaround in my situation has
  10. I got into debt some years ago and managed to sort out most of my debts bar one. Recently I have been contacted by a debt recovery agency who are trying to recover the debt. I have had no contact nor made any payments on the debt since April 2007 so presumed the debt to be statute barred. However, I then went onto one of the credit reference sites to check my credit records only to find that the default date listed for the debt was in fact June 2008. How can this be possible and is the time of the debt measured by my last contact or by the default date on my re
  11. Hi all, It has come as a major surprise to me that O2 are being incredibly unhelpful in applying either a credit limit to my phone (in case of unauthorized use if stolen), or applying an international call barr ( the most likely use if stolen). Am i being unnecessarily harsh/stupid in requesting same or are they simply looking to profiteer in the face of possible misfortune? Has any body managed to get this done with O2? And/or found an inventive work around? Thanks Jaba
  12. Hi everyone I need some valued help please I have a credit card debt that is soon to be removed from my credit file in a few months due to it being 6 years from the default date. My question is this, originally I wrote and made a settlement offer to the original credit card company in around 2007 , due to them being un coperative the debt was sold/transfered to First ( worst) Credit , I CCA`d them with no repsonse and eventually had a Statutory demand overturned and I won costs! My defense was for them to prove the debt which they didnt/couldnt at that time. Since then I have h
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