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  1. It's a block of flats and unless it's addressed correctly it ends up through a communal door, i don't have access to that communal door whatsoever as i am in a different block altogether. All of their correspondence (checked with SAR) has gone through that communal door including the court docs.. .it's not a particularly nice area so noone ever brings around the post but because this said court services a good natured neighbour (nosy neighbour) opened it and tracked me down. It's bad enough they know but i don't want everyone knowing. I've honestly had no corresponde
  2. Hi all, I'll keep it short. I have a DCA chasing me for a debt from just less than 6 years ago. I received the papers from Northampton and sent in a defence and it looks like it's going to court. I would be mortified if my friends and family found out i was having to deal with issues this way - will my name appear in local newspapers/on the internet? I receive the local paper and quite often they list the criminal cases and outcomes at the magistrates court but never seemingly the debt related stuff.. .can anyone tell me if this sort of information is ava
  3. Hi all, Really simple question (hopefully). I understand that a debt becomes statute barred 6 years after the date of the last missed due payment. If a DMC issues court proceedings one month prior to this six year limit does that mean if this goes to court then even though by that time the six years has passed, the court will see it as being within the time limit or is it the case that the court will see that as a result of the case taking over a month to get to court (by the time you've filed a defence etc) it is now over 6 years and hence statute barred? I have tried look
  4. Hi all, I am looking to get my records for an old EGG account that i am being chased for that i genuinely think i settled in full nearly 6 years ago - it's Bryan Carter that's chasing me through Lowells and i've asked Lowells for everything they have but they've said i need to speak to Egg to get original documents etc... Is Egg now owned by Barclaycard? If so can anyone tell me where to send the request? Thanks all
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