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  1. An interesting idea and one i might just do to see what liability they may think they have. . I still struggle to understand why so few if any people are complaining about this huge hole in consumer protection !
  2. Totally agree that would be a were of time and effort. However they are ones only interface with the firm. The real ? Here is 'Is there a work around? Jaba
  3. Hi Yes mobile with O2. All i have tried thus far is trying to persuade the call centre guys that this is somethings the network is well able to do IF they have the intention of doing so?....... but they are not interested. I am also aware of a hack using some software, but that requires a jailbreak which i dont want to do at this stage.
  4. Hi all, It has come as a major surprise to me that O2 are being incredibly unhelpful in applying either a credit limit to my phone (in case of unauthorized use if stolen), or applying an international call barr ( the most likely use if stolen). Am i being unnecessarily harsh/stupid in requesting same or are they simply looking to profiteer in the face of possible misfortune? Has any body managed to get this done with O2? And/or found an inventive work around? Thanks Jaba
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