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  1. That was a long journey, mh? I'm soooo glad for you that this has an end now! Our payment with the arrears took a couple of weeks, but everything runs normally again. I hope you can relax and soon forget about all that chaos!
  2. Just a quick update: My Partner had his medical assessment 11 weeks ago, we didn't have any letter since so we called the ESA yesterday and asked for a callback. The lady informed us that the doctor gave him 6 points, but the decision maker checked the medical evidence, letters etc we send in and gave him 15 points. He will be in the work related group I think it's really important to call them some weeks after the assessment if you don't receive any letters. So our total waiting time was 47 weeks and I really hope other claims will be process quicker! Maybe it takes 1-2weeks to sor
  3. Hi lottiesnan, my partner had the same problem before. We called the ESA and a lady said they never received the sicknote, but we should get a new sicknote and she'll make an appointment at our local Jobcenter the next day. We got paid only 3hours after we hand in the sicknote at the jobcenter Maybe this would be an option for you?
  4. Do you mean to get an earlier appointment? Within the waiting time it's impossible because you have no chance to speak to the right person, as soon as you receive an appointment letter, you're able to call a number to rearrange it. Maybe it's possible to get an earlier one, but we didn't try it because the appointment was after two weeks.
  5. A couple of pages before I wrote that my partner claimed ESA in October 2013. We finally received a letter for a face-to-face appointment End of June. He had his on Friday and everything went fine. The doctor said we'll receive a letter in the next 6 weeks about the claim. So we waited 36 weeks for the appointment + an extra 6 weeks for the process.
  6. I used to live in a country in the last 10 years where it was a kind of civil courage to report benefit fraud. How can you ignore it if somebody uses your money/taxes, when they are not entitled?
  7. I appreciate the objective answers. I don't want an argument here and wait until DWP contact him.
  8. Thank you nystamite and essexmat for your answers. To be honest I didn't know the fact about the car, the person told me that the car and some miles are for free. It was a bit misleading that I compared PIP with "able to work" - sorry for that - because I know both is possible. I'm annoyed about about this man, because he's bragging all the time how easy it is to fool the system and if they catch him he'll declare himself bankrupt, leave the country etc. In my opinion it's just not right.
  9. Hi! Yes you can live with her, but you won't receive any JSA because of her income. If your partner is over 25 she would be able to claim working tax credits. As far as I know you can only get tax credits if you're working or have a child.
  10. Hi there, I'm wondering what your thoughts are and if I can/should do something. The father of a friend had a serious heart problem and his condition was really bad in January '12. The doctor said he won't survive so he claimed PIP because of terminal illness. Luckily his condition changed and he was much better end of '12, where they bought a fancy new car. At least I thought they bought it. I had some discussions with him about benefits the last few months, where he told me that he's still claiming PIP on the highest rates and he received the car for free. He was able to ch
  11. My partner and I receiving the couple rate for ESA and as far as I know we'll get the extra amount on top if he's in the work related or support group (this could take a while).
  12. Hi there! I'm not so sure if there's any difference with your daughter, but I was receiving JSA and then moved in with my partner (ESA). We called the ESA and received a change of circumstances form some days after, filled this out and then got paid the couple rate (both under 25, so its around 113 pound/week). I only had to bring back my sign-on-booklet to my jobcenter.
  13. No worries, I absolutely understand this. I was wondering as well why they didn't dismiss me earlier. It's only a speculation but I think there was something wrong with the phone call on the 5th May and that the managers brother never told my manager that I cannot attend the meeting, but would like discuss it over the phone -> I never had a phone call from the manager and now they want the disciplinary meeting because I didn't attend the meeting? I will try to contact my employer again and hope that I can reach the manager directly.
  14. @ Sidewinder thank you very much for your detailed answer! I have to agree that the length of my employment is the biggest problem and I understand my employers view. I started March '14 and was off sick since April '14. The accident wasn't in work, but I have to be honest that I always had problems with my hip (surgeries etc) and fell down the stairs on this hip again. Probably I should never start this job, but after looking for a job for 4 months I had to do something. I would like to work again, but unfortunately I don't know when I'm fit for work again.
  15. That's great to know, thank you very much for the information!
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