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Found 11 results

  1. Back in April 2010 my daughter contacted Yell.com to inquire about advertising, a few days later she received a phone call and after a very very long conversation was offered a deal, she stated that it was just an inquiry and that she would not be interested in anything until after her visit to friends in Scotland during July. Today she has received a letter from Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd demanding £139.20 and £40 fee. She has only ever spoken to an agent over the phone, she has not signed anything and has never made or been asked to make any payments or give her bank details. Is there anyo
  2. To cut a very long story short I have an alleged outstanding personal loan from LloydsTSB. Was passed to Moorcroft Aug 2010. CCA request sent, they couldn't get one so default of CCA sent Sept 2010. Oct 2010 recieved notice from Moorcroft CCA unavailable. Dec 2010 contacted by Apex, sent account in dispute letter. Jan 2011 Apex accepted account was in dispute and went away. Now just a few days ago (May 2011) I get a letter from Robinson Day Ltd requesting full payment. Should I send account in dispute letter again? Many thanks in advance, T
  3. Hi Caggers I have just had a call of the lovely moorcroft group about my debt with Tesco broadband. I was with tesco for my internet, they gave me a go live date and it didnt happen, apparently there was a issue with their side, even though i told them it needs to be switched from fibre optic tonormal broadband, after about 1 month with no internet they decided to listen and send a engineer out and he sorted the problem. I received my 1st bill which i disputed because i had no internet for that month, in the end they knocked the internet bill off and gav
  4. Hello everyone. I have a situation that I would really like to asked for your advice please. I had gone to arrears with Next directory by 90 days after being a loyal customer for 5 years. This is mainly due to a drop of income because of an illness. They initially passed on the debt of £814 to Brecon Debt Recovery on which they have accepted a 50% F&F settlement. I have promised to pay provided that everything is put into writing. Now since the 1st letter(& only) they have sent in writing was not comprehensive, the last letter that I sent to them was to
  5. Hi Folks - I alongwith my wife lived as a lodger for around 6 months in one of the rooms in this property with resident live in landlord. On one morning (November 2012) I saw a letter addressed to me mentioning "Urgent - Do not Ignore", and found that it was a letter from Moorcroft (on behalf of Thames water) asking for paying debt of around GBP 300 as a matter of urgency !! I never ever contacted Thames water and had never had any agreement with them or requested their services at all ... Neither I ever gave my address to them nor I understand how they got to know that I l
  6. The other half has been with natwest for a time - has now been hit with a letter asking for £616.59 all of which are charges from natwest !!!! Natwest have closed the account without putting in to writing first - what should we do next ? i know we can send an SAR but my problem is that Moorcroft eill probably be knocking on the door - what should we do to keep them off case until we have written to Natwest ? Any help very gladly appreciated !
  7. Hi, i'm a new user so hope anyone can help me, Liverpool city council say my husband owes Poll Tax from 1992,93, 94 with a total of £1600!! i am convinced it was paid, however i have no proof as this came like a bolt out the blue earlier this year, when i disputed the debt they passed it to Moorcroft debt recovery and this has started months of harassment. I am at my wits end, they will not speak to me because it's my husband who they say owes the money, this is despite me and my daughter telling them he has had several strokes and is unable to communicate.
  8. Here we go again. I defaulted on my water payments last year due to more important debts to pay. I have had a payment plan set up with Moorcroft this year paying both lots of water bills. Our payment plan was £40 per month (based on a financial summery completed by the C.A.B) and occasionally i would pay £50 pm. With my husband being self employed and me losing my job we had no income this summer at all, nothing. so I rung Moorcroft and told them I would not be making payments for the next two months, they didn't like it but agreed I would contact them in October.
  9. Hello Forum, I have a debt with Lloyds, about £20k, from about 10 years ago, which i probably stopped paying in 2006. It got sold to moorcroft who have last had contact with me in 2008, when i told them i was moving abroad, which i did. Since then no contact from them. I'm not on the electoral roll, though i live and work in the UK now. They did try the last place i was registered too, my sister, she said she had no idea where i was! Someone has advised me that "one day they'll find you and charge you £100,000!" Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any words of experienced
  10. Hi Everyone, I wonder if anyone can help me with Moorcroft. I am new to this so please bear with me. I have taken some advice from reading other similar posts on here, but am unsure how to proceed next. Basically my husband and I once had a current account with Alliance and Leicester which was moved over to Santander when they took over the bank. We got into financial difficulties on the account after my husband was taken ill and I lost my job due to redundancy. All in all, the amount owed is less than £1000. The bulk of the debt we owe is charges that they kept p
  11. I have a bit of a strange situation whereby my mother opened catalogue accounts in my name with Freemans, Oli, Next, Littlewoods, Great Universal and Empire. Some I knew about some I didn't. Any CCAs were signed by her in my name. At the time she had a good job but payments fell into arrears on all accounts when she couldn't keep up with payments (sometimes due to medical reasons and my dad has been very poorly since around 2005). I have taken over control of all the accounts from my mum although initially she was making total payments of around £400+/month into payment plans that I had s
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