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Found 6 results

  1. To cut a very long story short I have an alleged outstanding personal loan from LloydsTSB. Was passed to Moorcroft Aug 2010. CCA request sent, they couldn't get one so default of CCA sent Sept 2010. Oct 2010 recieved notice from Moorcroft CCA unavailable. Dec 2010 contacted by Apex, sent account in dispute letter. Jan 2011 Apex accepted account was in dispute and went away. Now just a few days ago (May 2011) I get a letter from Robinson Day Ltd requesting full payment. Should I send account in dispute letter again? Many thanks in advance, TC
  2. Hi Forum, I have an unusual and complicated situation that I would greatly appreciate some helpful advice on. On 31st March 2008 I entered into a HP agreement with BH, total price £11,179.83 and paid a deposit of £500. The total credit charge was £2,858.65 and agreed to be repaid by 48 instalments of £282.26 I was able to meet the payments up until and including November 2009, but after this date I was unable to due to my company going into liquidation. I held onto the car without making any payments until October 2010 in the hope things would improve and I could get back on my feet. When I decided I was not going to be able to achieve this I agreed to entertain a VS. At this point the matter was passed to Apex Credit Management. As you may expect, I was very apprehensive to do a VS as I am aware that cars are auctioned and I didn't want the vehicle to be sold for a lot less than its value and be left with a significant amount still to pay. I was visited by a representative of Apex by the name of Mr Brian Pearson. He was a very friendly man at the time and appeared to be very cooperative. When I voiced my concerns over the auction sale being far less than the cars worth leaving me a large deficit, he advised that the normal procedure was to place a reserve on the car of the Glass Guide price plus 5%, and that the vehicle would continue to go through the auctions until it sold at this value, therefore a low price sale would not occur and I would not be exposed to a high deficit. This information put me at a lot of ease and I consequently signed the relevant documents (naturally they contained huge amounts of very small print T & C's) however Mr Pearson told me I had nothing to worry about and that from the just over £8,000 I still owed, after the auction I would only be left with probably just over £1,000 and would be able to come to an agreement with BH to settle this. For the record, my car was extremely well looked after with very low mileage and the Glass Guide price was £6,300 in its state at the time. Approximately 3 months later I received a letter from BH saying the vehicle has been sold for a paltry £3,389.20 and I was left with a deficit of £4,514.08!! Obviously I was horrified. I immediately wrote to both BH and Apex demanding to know what the hell had happened in light of the advice I had been given by Apex. Naturally BH said they knew nothing of anything and referred to their terms. Apex were as bad and denied they would ever give such advice and can only refer to terms of surrender etc. Whilst in hindsight, I realise I should of got written confirmation of such things, at the time when you are under great stress you take these things on professional trust. Obviously not being happy with the situation, I decided to take my case to the Ombudsman who have not upheld anything to do with my complaint stating: " It is difficult to conclude that BH has done anything substantially wrong. I have no reason to believe that the current balance is incorrect or that BH was under any an obligation to put a reserve price on the car at the auction." It goes on to explain how BH provided a copy of the signed paperwork and that it was all done in-line with terms and standard practice. All in all, BH have done everything correct and by the book and have done nothing wrong. When addressing the issue with Apex, again the Ombudsman has said that there is not enough evidence to uphold my complaint because: Apex have sent Mr Pearsons account of events and he is adamant he would not have said such a thing (surprise surprise) and that he always advises that cars go to auction and get sold for as much as possible, end of. He goes on to explain that he sometimes uses an anecdote about a car his daughter was looking to buy and refers to a CAPS guide price plus 5%. To which the Ombudsman finds plausible and suggests I might be confused! I can 100% assure anyone, I know what Glass Guide is and I know what Mr Pearson informed me off and never mentioned anything about any CAPS guide price, otherwise I would have wanted to know what this price was? All in all the Ombudsman concludes that it cannot verify verbal misrepresentation and therefore cannot uphold my complaint. I have the opportunity to appeal the decision, however I do not know how best to go about this at all and would be really grateful for some useful advice on this. I will also happily donate to the cause as well. Many Thanks, SK
  3. Hello! Last summer I paid off the final amount on a Barclays Partner Finance agreement, for a camera I bought about 10 years ago from Jacobs (I was paying off a small amount a month after an initial large payment and closed the account by paying the last £90), I just called up Barclays and the lady was really nice and I paid off the account then got a letter stating the account was closed and had a balance of zero - phew! A month or less later I started getting letters addressed to me at my parents house in Northern Ireland (I used it often as I was in a different rental house very year in London and travelled quite a bit). They were from Apex credit saying I owed over £3K on a Barclays Partner Finance account. So I called Apex and they couldn't tell me any details of the account (and were very rude), so I called Barclays Partner finance but they wouldn't give me any details because I couldn't give the right postcode (I have lived t about 20 addresses over the years). So I came on here and after another threatening letter from Apex- saying that I hadn't contacted them when I had been on the phone twice - I sent a letter to Apex, requesting account information for the money they were chasing. I got yet another exact same letter from them saying that they are pursuing me and unable to contact me (even though I had sent a letter - and changed my address to my new house), so I called them just before Xmas. I asked again for information for the account, saying it seems very weird to get a request to pay a similar amount from the same lender and for, it turns out - Jacobs cameras... but for a different account number. They said they were unable to provide the details, they have since said that I need to send them copies of my bank accounts with relevant details blanked out, but evidence of me paying the account and a final statement from Barclays - which I did - along with a lett of complaint. That was December, I heard nothing until yesterday when I got a letter saying that they were handling my complaint and would get back to me as soon as it was resolved BUT it still had the £3K outstanding at the top of the letter. Then today I got a text message asking me to call them straightaway - should I call them? I am currently working part-time and part-time post-grad studying. When I applied for a loan to help me pay the fees last year I got refused even though experian had me down as a 99% all round good egg borrower... (I requested it after getting refused as the only debt i THOUGHT i had was my £2K overdraft.) I am currently living in my now £2.6K overdraft from Halifax and only get paid £900 a month, so can't see a way out of it or any way to even pay them a little bit. It has kept me awake at night and I feel a bit sick when I think about it. I haven't the means to pay a debt of that size. There's only one possible thing I think it could be, I got a replacement camera in about 2005 but I thought it was added to the Jacobs account I already had, and thought I was paying off ever since. It seems weird tht there is only a problem now.... what should I do next? thanks in advance for your help!
  4. Who are Aprex Credit Management, a week ago we started getting phone calls 3 or 4 times a day, asking to speak with my husband, who is away working, when he phoned them they wanted personal information off him, which he wasnt willing to divulge as he doesnt know who these people are, they called again today in a rather stroppy manner saying we are ignoring letters they have sent, we havent received any letters off them, as far as were aware we dont owe anyone anything, we have asked them to put it in writing but nothing ever arrives, they did give us our address so they have that correct and obviously know our phone number but i am very weiry after reading other threads on them, and i dont want to give my personal information out to someone i dont know, where can i go from here?
  5. Hi all, Hoping for some guidence over the next few months if possible... A quick history... 4 years ago suckered into paying Total Refund £390 to assess 2 loan agreements (Egg and Barclays), letter recevied couple months ago to say TF gone into administration and I had lost money...no surprise there. Also recevied cheque from Barclays in settlement of PPI claim which I didnt even know was going on (only good thing to come out of my stupidity of pay TF). Now I have Credit Clear Services asking me for £149 to progess my Egg claim to the next stage of 'Defended Action' - I think they can go jump...I've learnt my lesson! I've been paying into a DMP for almost 5 years....situation has changed over the years meaning my payments went up and down - hind-sight I should have just gone bankrupt 5 years ago then I wouldn't still have £15k outstanding! Anyway......my Egg loan (approx. £7500) has been sold to Apex. I follow my DMP online with Payplan and in the 'Creditor' section there is a line that says 'Product Name' and next to that it says 'Apex Purchased Debt 6%'. Do you think this means that Apex purchased this debt from Egg for 6% of the outstanding amount? Bearing in mind I was on a reduced payment plan with egg for 4 years so I assume they have written it off a bad debt for tax purposes? Today I have CCA'd Apex. My plan is if they come back with the agreement then I will offer a F&F for 10% of the outstanding balance (I have already paid Apex 12% of the bought balalnce through my DMP). There has been a default relating to Egg on my CF since May 2006 and is due to be removed next year...what happens to the outstanding balance next year when the default is removed? Does the account still show on my file but without the default or is it completely removed and never put back on? If someone could advise on the few Q's I have and I will keep you all posted over the next few weeks / months re the CCA requests. Cheers Miss
  6. Hi, We have a bit of unusual situation here and dont know how to deal with it properly and will appreciate your expert opinions and comments in this regard. My girlfriend and i moved to an Asian country almost two years ago for work. We were going through some financial hardships in UK and my girlfriend sought advice from "clear you debt" [problem] company who has run away with over 4000GBP since without solving the matter. Anyway, since we have ben overseas we have successfully negotiated full and final settlement with MBNA (RMA) and Egg (ARC Europe Ltd). We have one more credit card debt with barclaycard which we were hoping to negotiate in next few months. The reason we have them at the end was because every now and then barclaycard will take out £170-200 from her Barclays account. The total debt is around £7700 and a default has already ben placed in her credit file since early 2010. YEsterday "Apex Credit Management" people called at her work place, i dont know how did they trace her number down as we live in an Asian country now and left her colleague a message to contact them. We contacted them twice yesterday. They took our details and promised to call us back within couple of minutes. We however, did not receive any calls from them to which i dont understand the reason. Can someone please let me know what would be the right course of action in this situation. Should i approach barclaycard directly or send them a full and final settlement offer or wait to hear back from Apex. Also if someone has dealt with them before regarding full and final settlement? How understanding and co-operative they are in this regard? Thanks in Advance, Bowden
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