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  1. Hi both, Thanks for your messages. You're quite right CitizenB. I have no wish to speak to them again! Hi Renegadeimp, By chance (via scanning messages on here), I've just been reading about stat decs. It is indeed true that everything here is mine, the few things that he left included nothing of value so it all went in the bin. Am I correct though in reading between the lines that a stat dec is for a limited period? Is it correct that I can obtain one at a court free as opposed to charged at a solicitor? Does it then need to be submitted to the court, to Marstons, or to both?
  2. Hi, Thanks for the message. I dont believe they have breached the DPA as they didn't disclose any information on the phone. The information I have is from the letter. I dont see any value on speaking to Marston on the phone again. The attitude from the guy I spoke to was truly shocking. I guess it may well be useful speaking to the court service and seeing how they can help. The only slight problem there is that the contact details on the HM Courts & Tribunals Service website, unless you're using a textphone, are on a court-by-court basis and I have no idea which cou
  3. Hi All, I'm new here so fingers-crossed that this is in the correct forum. Until around 3 weeks ago I had a former friend lodging at my home. He was only here, on & off, for around 6 weeks, I had to throw him out because he caused substantial damage to my home and neither arranged to have the damage made good, paid for it to be done or even apologised (& I'm talking about what will in total be over 1,000). I've since received a number of items of post addressed to him. Today when I got home another one had been delievered except I didn't notice it was for him until aft
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