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Found 7 results

  1. After a bit of advice. A friend of mine has recently split from her husband. She's moved out but he's being a [removed] and not allowing her back into the flat to get her possessions including clothes and jewellery. Does she have any recourse in law such as obtaining a court order to allow her to recover her possessions?
  2. Hello, First off, I didn't realise that forums like this existed and have already found some great discussions! I am a relative newbie to all of this, so thanks in advance for the help/tips. I have been storing some belongings for a friend for several months now in my home. They have remained in bags in my living room and there are around 6-7 blacksacks of goods there. Due to unfortunate circumstances our friendship has ended, however I still have the items in my house. I am attempting to get the chap to come and collect the items, however he is being suprisingly unwilling to claim them. We only ever had a verbal agreement that he can store the items in my home, as friends would. I am in email contact with this guy (has no fixed address) and have provided him with an inventory of all the items he has left. I have come across the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 which appears helpful for this type of situation. However, there are clear rules within this tort that relate to getting rid of the items as long as there is no dispute. Now that there is a dispute I am slightly lost as to what to do. The house will be put up for sale ASAP and I expect to be gone within the next few months ... I do not what to spend any money on moving his gear with me and I wish to cut all ties with him. FYI there are a few of his belongings which are worth a considerable amount of money. He has advised that he does not want his items disposed of (naturally). Last week he said that he would not collect any of the items unless he also recieves 3 items which we had a shared interest in. I replied to this and advised that I am willing to relinquish any interest I have in the shared items and he can take them aswell (these cost me around £300, however I am happy to give them to him to get him out). Now he's come back again and said he will not collect any of the items as there are some missing from the inventory. I am confident that this is not true, and perhaps a hope to keep the items in my home free of charge (as he has no fixed address). He was never a lodger in my home and we had no formal agreement for storage of these items. It was simply a favour I offered him at the time. Please can anyone help with some guidance/advice on how I can handle this situation as the Tort stipulates the rules for selling/disposing of items only where there is no dispute. Many thanks
  3. Ok... I was staying with friends near manchester, it then became a formal agreement (paid in part by benefit and part cash). They proved to be quite odd people so I went in search of work in London, found work, after about 5 weeks in London at friends places I decided to move here so I informed my landlord I had some money, and wished to return to collect my possessions and settle up the money I owed them for keeping my stuff in their home. They immediately put all my belongings into storage at another of their properties, opened my post (looking for an "address") sent me a (dishonest) bill and claimed further debts I know nothing about. In my post are cheques for the work I have done that I cannot now get. This put me into quite a bad financial position as I was unable to move into the bedsit I had planned as they have my post and all my tools etc. Ive been running about trying to make up this impossible sum. They are now threatening me with further legal action and interest. To make matters worse I am in the middle of custody battle/access battle for my daughter and they are withholding my legal documents and post. I have no doubt this is because they want the valuable mountaineering equipment and tools I left behind with them. They wont even let me inspect them, or have a friend look at my items. What do I do now?
  4. Hi all, Got a call from my mother today saying bailiffs left a letter through the door saying I owe them over £600 for two penalty charge notice(parking tickets from about a year ago). I live at my parents house and have been unemployed for the last 6 months and not claiming JSA. I have no money and no longer have the car. I phoned the bailiff to explain my situation and to see if he would send the debt back to the court but he wasn't having any of it. I know he can't take my parent's possessions but he said unless they can prove what they own he can take them. Please can you give my some advise. Thanks Liam
  5. I am/was a lodger in a house where the landlady also lives. I know that under the law, because I was only a lodger, I have no rights and the landlady can treat me as she pleases. But I just want to see if there is anything that I can do because I do feel I have been treated unfairly. I went away for a week. Whilst I was away, the landlady let someone else use my room. When I came back, that person was still using my room, so I had to use a much smaller room and bed for a week. I no longer had access to the fridge and all my toiletries had been removed from the bathroom. Also, there was no hot water for a shower. In view of the above issues, I felt that I was not getting the service I was paying for and so should have a discount. When I tried to discuss it with her, she got very angry and blew her top. She started shouting at me, refused to let me speak and said that I was not getting a discount. She didn't let me explain myself fully and just stated that she would not discuss it further. She behaved like a bully and due to her anger, I was actually scared and so left the building. As I was too uncomfortable to be in her presence, I have not been back. As I strongly believe that I should not have to pay full rent for a much reduced service, and she refused to discuss anything, I have not yet paid the rent (a week late). This week I got a message from her saying that if I didn't pay by a specific day/time, she would change the locks and retain my possessions until I pay what she feels I owe (She also has a few hundred pounds deposit, which I expect I will not see again). Prior to her deadline, I attended the address and discovered that she has indeed changed the locks. So, in my mind, I have been evicted. I appreciate that as a lodger, I have no tenancy rights but surely I should have rights to my own possessions?
  6. My daughter came to live with me and her mother is refusing to give her possessions back. Quite valuable (probably £1000) and sentimental value. We tried contact to no avail. We tried mediation informal via neighbour/friend to no avail. Got solicitor to send letter, to no avail. Have been advised that seeking a specific issue order in family court is likely a dud as it will not be enforced and she is likely to ignore it. But the small claims courts seem to be all about money owed, consumers, tenants, etc. Can I still file such a claim on-line using that system? My funds are limited but my daughter (who is 15) is desperate. Any advice will be much appreciated.
  7. Friends need advice on procedure: 1: Situation: Possession Order in place, warrant not yet demanded because property in negative equity, but lenders really vicious and may go for it anyway. Son has come of age in last few months, so didn't sign away his interest in the property when loan was made. He wants to register an "over-riding interest" to stop possession of HIS home. I know it can be done using case of Williams & Glynn Bank v Boland, but how? Land Registry doesn't want to register anything but a financial interest, but such an interest as this doesn't have to be registered with LR. So how does he get it into the case? Could wait until a warrant is sought, but would prefer to get in front of that. Any ideas? 2: Property was taken into possession, held onto for 18 months and then sold about £100,000 below below reasonable valuation - almost certainly a false sale but that is difficult to prove. How do mortgagors start a claim to have the missing 100 grand deducted from the claimed outstanding loan? 3. Landlords have a very large debt registered against them. They own a number of BTL properties but every one of them is in negative equity - some by up to twenty thousand - and they have no other assets. The creditors are trying to use the investigation of means procedure at court to get details of all the tenancy agreements. What puzzles the landlords is what the creditors are hoping to do with this info. a) Can they take possession and sell? even though it would be pretty silly of them. b) Can they take possession and evict a tenant with a long Assured Shorthold Tenancy? c) Can they take possession and continue taking rents from tenants? d) What sort of possession would that be? e) Would the first lenders allow that? f) Would they not rather insist on their mortgages being paid off? Especially as present rates are low and the major lender lender wants to close books anyway? g) Surely new possessor could not pay existing mortgages without mortgagors' agreement?
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