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Found 10 results

  1. I wonder if someone could kindly advise what to do regarding and outstanding debt my brother has with Thames Water. The gist of it is that he has fallen behind on his payments with Thames Water and now owes about £500. He advised me that he keeps getting letters from Robinson Way threatening legal action / doorstep collection if amount is not paid. Well he got home from work this morning and there was a card left for him to call someone at power2contact within 24 hours to avoid any further action. He is worried sick on what to do next and does not want the debt to increase and to be cut-off. He was also considering getting a high interest loan to pay it but I managed to talk him out of it on the understanding that I would seek some advice first what to do. Any urgent comments would be very much appreciated.
  2. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help. I had a letter on the 28th from RBS saying that they have tried to contact me to ask me to pay money into my "account or accounts".It also threatens to impose a Default or Termination notice. On top of that they say they have passed my details on the Power2Contact and have cancelled cards and chequebooks. Nowhere on this letter does it say what they think I owe nor to which account it relates and I have checked my online banking to see that I am within the agreed overdraft limits on my overdraft, my loan is paid up to date and my credit card is in balance. They want me to call them on an 0845 number between Monday-Saturday 8-9pm. unfortunately I work from 8-11 everyday but sunday and have no time to contact them, nor do I wish to call them on a premium rate number. I sent them a letter yesterday to ask what monies they think i owe and to which account it relates, i have also told them that I cannot call them on the hours they state. Has anyone else had a similar issue? I'm not sure why RBS can't send me a letter telling me what monies they think I owe? Thanks
  3. I had a visitation this morning from someone from Power2Contact/Annoy/Harrass. I was in the bathroom at the time so didn't answer the door. Found out who it was as they shoved an envelope through my letterbox with a card inside which simply read: We called today to make contact with you regarding your account, Ref: xxxxxxxxx, the debt collector's name and a telephone number. That's it. No information about who the alleged debt belongs to or anything else. Many years ago, circa 2004/5 I did have two small credit cards, one with Barclays and one with Cap1. I lost my job so tried to claim on the PPI I'd been paying for. ..to be told, sorry, you're in temporary employment we're not paying up! Quick enough in taking my PPI payments though so my attitude was don't pay up. ..sing for it. I know these alleged debts are well and truly statute barred so more than likely the debt collector trying his luck to boost his commission before Christmas. Until today, I'd never heard of Power2Contact but have read a couple of threads about them. As far as I'm concerned they can get lost. I'm not the type to be bullied, harrassed or intimidated by these or any other parasites, so, if they do turn up again, they will be told in no uncertain terms to remove themselves from my property or I will throw them off then report them to the police for Trespass and the OFT for harrassment. Ironically, I keep getting junk mail from Cap1 (addressed to me) offering me a credit card Suffice to say, these "offers" go straight in the shredder Anyway, not worried about P2C but thought I'd share today's visitation.
  4. Hi guys can someone please help me with this..... Just so you know I try to post each of my queries on different debts seperately to avoid confusion. I have an outstanding debt with Capitalone which they have now defaulted. This has been passed to Cougar financial and I have recieved a letter from Power2Contact today on behalf of Capital one telling me if I do not contact them within 72 hours they will contact me at my property. Luckily for the moment they dont know my new address as I have just moved 3 weeks ago but I will be informing Capitalone when I know where I stand with this. Im panicking now incase they try and take my belongings/enter my home etc... .can someone please explain what rights and or legal standing they have please??!!! My intention has always been to repay but it doesnt sound like I have time no to send a letter and for them to respond before this 72 hour deadline. I m not ringing them but want to know what my next steps should be and if I should be worried......
  5. Hi. I have a mobile phone account that I have been unable to pay. I have no real reason to dispute the account and will probably make an offer of payment shortly. However, a had a letter from power2contact saying they will visit me at my home. I sent the template letter from cag to stop them knocking on my door and they responded with this... 'You are not correct in your assertion that, under OFT rules, we can only call at your home if you agree to make an appointment. In law, a creditor is in a different position to a postman or a member of the public asking directions. When you opened this account, you impliedly agreed that the creditor could communicate with you to discuss repayment. You do not have the contractual right to revoke that agreement until the loan has been repaid. We will not disregard any reasonable requests you make as to the timing or method by which we have those discussions. Unless we hear further from you with such a request, a doorstep visit may still be a viable option for us to discuss the repayment of your account.' I am not really worried about this. It's just that I don't want them at my door. I have sent the template letter before regarding other debts and they have just accepted it.
  6. Hi, Apologies if the answer to my question is elsewhere on this site - I have looked and, while there are indications that P2C have broken the rules, I want to be certain before I take things further. I arrived home after a few weeks away to find two cards had been put through my door from P2C. Neither card was in an envelope and both have my full name handwritten on them. One of the cards contains the following (the bits I've highlighted in boldblue were handwritten): We called today to make contact with you regarding your _Natwest account, Ref: xxxx Debt Officer. This is followed by a request to call a mobile number "within the next 24 hours to avoid any further action". Just wondering whether the fact the card contains my name, along with indication I am in debt with Natwest is breaking DPA/OFT (or any other) rules? I've been in touch with Natwest and they've confirmed that they sent P2C around as I haven't responded to letters they've sent about one of my accounts (I have an authorised overdraft on this account, but haven't made a credit to it for a while so they've classed it as being dormant). While I'm in a position to credit my account and make this all go away, the heavy-handedness of Natwest has really riled me - I've complained to Natwest but they've basically told me to go away as it was my fault for not crediting my account. Any advice on whether I've got grounds to lodge a complaint with OFT greatly received. I'd also happily take my gripe with Natwest further if there are grounds for doing so. Thanks.
  7. Flat mate had a letter from powerless 2 contact stating they would be making a visit about an account. He wrote the std letter withdrawing his consent for them to visit but they have ignored it and visited on wednesday just gone. However I went to the door and stated that I wasnt the person he was asking for. The p2c rep stated I must have been him as I came to the door. He didn't ask amy security questions or supply any identification and proceeded to discuss the account, arrears and tried to get me to speak to the oc on the p2c reps phone and take a payment. I told him I wouldnt be doing anything or even discussing the account and so he left in a huff. My flat mate is livid and has wrote a complaint to p2c and the ICO. However he is not happy with just doing that as p2c will just ignore the complaint and the ico are toothless. So he has issued a LBA for breach of data protection and intends to commence proceedings in 14 days from last wednesday. He want to complain to the OFT but I cant find the email address so does anybody have the postal or email address to complain to the OFT?.
  8. Hi please could someone give me some advice on power 2 contact / credit solutions i suspect they are the same company. Last year got into financial hardship i work part time my partners self empoloyed buisness doesnt make much money and i have 2 young kids to support, i bascially owe barclays £460 from a overdraft i got in touch with barclays and filled 2 income expenditure forms in for them and offerd them 10 pound per month repayment to be reviewed every six months and if i could pay more i would they didnt reply so now its been passed to credit soloutions who sent me a letter from power 2 contact saying they were coming to my house to recover full amount i was furious as it was so agressive this is the 1st letter ive had of them and that day i had a family bearvement so i sent them a angry email saying i know my rights i dont want anyone at my door and if they come i shall call police they have wrote back saying they offer a door step collection service as a option to our customers in guidelines to office of fair trading they would give me adequate notice of the visit they go on to say they want the full balance immidiatly where its not possible a short payment plan can be arranged however this is simlpy to allow the customer time to gather the full balance. they want financial statements of me detailing all income and outgoings they want to know what benefits i get and they want supporting documentation from benefit agencies they also want copies of wage slips i have to forward all of that straight away. Is that right do i have to send them details of my tax credits etc i dont even know where half my paperwork is! and there is a childcare element on my tax creds which doesnt go into my pocket it goes to pay childcare fees but they could say my income is more with that. Any advice on a reply to them?? thanks so much x
  9. Hi all I have been sending e-mails to CSL to make them aware that I have a Administration Order with the county court I have had no response from them, then late last week I received a letter from power2contact stating that I have ignored requests by CSL to contact them. I have now sent a formal complaint to CSL everyday (which they have ignored as I have had no response from them) and also a formal complaint to power2contact (so far they have ignored this as well). I would like to know where I stand with this matter as both CSL and power2contact are ignoring me after power2contact sent me a letter of intention saying they will be sending a agent out to me AFTER I HAVE BEEN IGNORING CSL??
  10. I hope I get some help with this. A while ago I received a demand out of the blue form a company called CSL (Credit solutions Ltd) for immediate payment of several £X000 for a student loan taken out before 1998. Naively, I phoned them up and was bullied into making an immediate payment for £x and into making additional monthly payments of £x (Then confirmed in a letter from CSL). A short while later they tried to take £(X+more than agreed) out of my account by direct debit. My partner (who happens to have successfully claimed back several thousand pounds from Barclays Bank for bank charges ) immediately saw the irregularity of this. She advised that this debt is statute barred because no contact has been made since the year 2000. I was also advised that the payment I had made did not affect the statute barred status and I was not obliged to continue payments as they had no legal right to continue pressing for payment. The 'statute barred' letter has been sent to both SLC and CSL by recorded delivery. I have since received a 'postcard' from Mr White confirming that he will be visiting our address on an unspecified Wednesday and also several recorded telephone messages asking me to call them. I have then contacted them by telephone to reiterate the fact that the debt is statute barred and therefore I will not be making further payment, only to be told that it is not statute barred because it is a Government backed scheme and therefore the rules are different! I was also told that I had to prove it was statute barred. I made it quite clear I did not agree and told them that I expect no further correspondence except via letter to confirm that they would take no further action. Today I have received a demand for full payment within 72 hours, failure to do so will result in the immediate delivery of papers to the SLC to start legal proceedings. The alleged loan is pre 1998 and since the year 2000 I have had no contact from the SLC, nor have I communicated with them. I have been on the electoral register in the UK for the past decade and during my last correspondence with the SLC I gave them an address for correspondence. No correspondence has been received. The way these ******* have behaved has really got my back up. They have been aggressive, abusive, threatening and devious and yet when I politely called one of them a bonehead he couldn't cope and hung up!!! I will greatly appreciate any help or advice you can offer me regarding this. Thanks. WILLIAM HUGH PIERCE WILL PIERCE
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