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  1. Had a manageress call me and say that they had listened to the tape and that his manager was having a few words with him, and apologised for his conduct. Yeah right, a few words, like how many sugars in his coffee and would he like extra shifts. I may have been born at night but it was not last night.
  2. I know they wont pay much attention to this, but it the Advantis rep going
  3. On Friday I received a threatening letter from Advantis regarding an unpaid water bill. 1. The bill was for the flat I left over 18 months ago. 2. The flat has been empty since then. 3. I was up to date when I moved (was moved, sheltered housing) and Thames water were informed. 4. My current water charges are paid for in the rent and so I don't have an account with Thames or any other company. I contacted Thames water and explained this and told them I had no intention of paying this and why. They told me to get the housing association to contact them with details of the payments. This I have done. I thought I would have a bit of fun with Advantis so I called them on a number they dont want you to know and flatly refused to answer their damn fool security questions. This got them going and when I told them I was not going to pay them and would see them in court they really lost the plot. The language was about right for a navvy. You can guess what it was like when I told them to prove that I owed them anything. (rubs hands and gives an evil chuckle) Great just what I wanted so I called them back and started their complaints procedure. I also filed complaints with the FSA, Trading standards and the financial ombudsman. I will let you know what happens if anyone is interested.
  4. I had a loan from Bank Of Scotland for some £3,000. When I lost my job due to continual time off following a heart attack, I expected the PPI to cover the payments. Yeah right. 7 years later and the debt had risen to £9.500 due to costs. I had not answered any of the letters from First Credit who had the loan, and following advice from this forum sent them the statute barred letter. I do not believe it but I got a reply agreeing the debt was statute barred and I would not hear from them again on this matter. Thanks CAG.
  5. Not a lot of help but when I get this I use the letters as cat litter tray liners (the cat loves it) and ignore them.
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