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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, I moved into a rented house June 2018. Recently I received my first water bill, and it shows me that my average use was around 600 litres of water a day. So the amount to pay is £186 (for 2 months - June and July!!)!! That is a complete nonsense - only two people live in the house, and we don't use water more, then anyone else - we never leave the taps open when not necessary, never take shower more than literally 3-4 minutes. But here comes this bill... Thames Water acknowledges that the amount of water consumption is really unusual . They sug
  2. Thames Water has a fund in place which can help to pay your water bills if you satisfy their hardship criteria. If you have used this fund before or if you decide to use it now, we would be interested to hear about your experiences of it. You can post in the Utilities forum:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?121-Utilities-Gas-Electricity-Water Other water providers may well provide similar schemes. Check on their websites and let us know.
  3. Hi, hoping for some advice. Last month, whilst checking my Elearscore/ Equifax credit file, Thames Water have added and defaulted an account onto my credit file. It's added on my previous address. I never had an account with Thames Water. I've not lived at the address for over 8 years. They've added the account in 2016 but backdated it to 2014. Default amount is over £1000+. From my formal complaint, they first said they got my details from me. They then said they got my details from a letter they opened which was from a solicitor which was addressed to me and dated ar
  4. Frederickson have been inundating me with calls and letters re an alleged debt to TW. I need to check my records on this. However, I pay a large monthly sum to TW anyway. So every month £50 is sent by transfer, irrespective of water consumption. I do this so that I have a record of always sending them £s and that, hopefully, I do not have arrears. I have not had a bill from TW in ages. Can I just write to Freds and tell them that as I pay monthly they can not threaten me with debt collection and court???
  5. Hi Just posting this in case something more happens. I am a tenant in a privately rented house which we have lived in now for two and half years. We pay all the utility bills, water, gas, electric ourselves. I receive my water bill by email from Thames Water, and it comes regularly every 6 months in April and October, and I always pay on time. Imagine my surprise to receive an email from Thames Water this morning, informing me that my account is closed, and enclosing the final bill! Strange really as we are still living at the same location and have not notified
  6. Amazing. Just called ThamesWater - you know, one of those companies which doesn't seem to pay much tax and whose CEO only got £274,000 bonus because he didn't do very well. I wanted to inform them about a new address and to open a new account. I asked them what the fixed charges were for and the woman told me that it was for maintaining the meter and for taking meter readings. I said great, so you'll be round to read the meter, then. She said, No - we don't do that on moving in. You'll have to do it yourself. When I started to point out that this didn't seem to make sense when she had
  7. I have noticed on the bill Thames Water have a charge for waste water to be treated. Was this always the case but not itemised? As I have never seen this on a bill before. Seems like an extra revenue source has been created to squeeze consumers pockets further. Thanks.
  8. having just checked my online banking this morning, i find Thames water has taken the first direct debit early. Three weeks ago i requested my water bill gets paid by monthly direct debit rather than the 6 month bill. As it would be to late to instigate the direct debit for the 1st February, It was agreed payments would start on the 1st march What is annoying me was that it was agreed payments would start on the 1st of each month. No notification this first payment would be taken out on the 11 February. i may have had limited funds in my current account which may have affected other dir
  9. Hi I have been told that I am liable for any monies owing by my Dad to Thames Water. Insurance policies did not even cover funeral costs so where do I go from here? As I informed them of his death, they have taken my details and sent me the bill in my name. Any help please on where I stand legally would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou Debgirl
  10. Hi, Does anyone know what the score is with being overcharged for water rates. I've been with Veolia for the past 12 years have lived at a smaller property for the last 11 years with myself and 2 kids was paying a non metered standard charge - new property since July last year with 1 extra person living with me and I am paying far less and on a water meter. I have just emailed Veolia with my complaint basically stating that I was paying far too much before moving last year, smaller property with only 3 occupants. It would be most grateful if someone knows about claiming back monies
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