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  1. Hi all, Familiar theme here, my partner and I have disputed an overpayment of £3500 from 2010, we have refused to pay despite being hounded first of all by Advantis, who passed it back to the HMRC and now Rossendales who have sent a final demand before they return it back to HMRC. My worry is that I have heard that HMRC can take the money out of my wages, Is this true? and if so is it something that can happen quite often? Thanks in advance
  2. Unfortunately as all this happened back in 2010 I do not have copies of the letters we sent them, (they claim never to have received them) I am now going to request an SAR from the HMRC and tell Advantis to swivel Thanks for the advice
  3. Hi, Not sure if this thread is on the right forum lol, I will keep it brief: My partner and I moved back to the uk from Spain 2010, my partner a year before me, she started claiming child tax credits and has always been honest about our circumstances, when I returned she informed HMRC about the change both verbally and by mail, in 2012 they informed us we had been overpaid and we obviously disputed this, we appealed twice and were informed we had lost (surprise) and we had to pay, I refuse out of principle because we have always declared our earnings etc, we have now had a letter off advantis demanding payment. I just need some advice on what to do next..
  4. After a long drawn out battle with HMRC claiming we were over payed by 3.5k, we discovered that we have lost our appeal and would have to pay in full or the "debt" would be handed over, we have just had a letter from Advantis who are demanding the money. I refuse on principle to pay the money as we done nothing wrong and declared everything we earned however it seems HMRC are both Judge and Jury and we really do not know where to go from here, any advice would be most welcome. Thanks in advance
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