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  1. Again, I appreciate your assistance on this matter very much. It's about 2 years old now. I will do as you have advised and go from there. I will also keep this thread updated. Thank you,
  2. Hey again, Wow, you are being very helpful today! Ok, here's what went down. I was living in shared accommodation. We were each responsible for paying a bill. I had virgin, another person had the gas etc etc. the Virgin was obviously in my name and I paid it each month and I think it was either a year or two year contract. So there came a point where the house became so unclean that mice had begun to inhabit the kitchen and my bedroom at night and as the landlord was unwilling to do anything about it and the other people wouldnt pitch in with cleaning chores I just packed up and left one day. Because I moved in with my parents to get myself back up and running I kind of knew that the Virgin was still owing and that I probably needed to contact them to let them know what happened but y'know, life kinda just got in the way, as it does, and I forgot about it. Until last month. So here I am with this £107 owing which like I said I have no issues with paying as it's a debt I owe but I really would rather not give it to Advantis. Can you convince me otherwise and that it's OK to pay these guys or suggest any action I can take to protect myself and ensure its also removed off my credit file. Does this help you further? I hope so.
  3. Hey Stigman, To be precise it reads: Issued by: Advantis Credit Ltd On Behalf of: Virgin Media It also has an Advantis reference and a Client reference.
  4. Hi Guys, So I'll make it simple if I can. - Advantis sent a letter to me about a month ago requesting payment of £107 for an outstanding bill with Virgin Media that I had a couple of years ago. I ignored it. I thought I'd see what happens. - When they thought it was appropriate to call me at work in the middle of the day stating who they were to a colleague I thought enough is enough (like Barbra did). They told me via this phone call that they would send another letter. They did, this time with the threat: NOTICE OF INTENT TO COMMENCE DEBT COLLECTION ACTION. Scurry stuff I think you'll agree. - I thought I'd give Virgin Media a call to confirm this amount. The gentleman I spoke to was extremely helpful and indeed confirmed the amount I owe. - I asked Virgin Media if I could pay them. They said no because they had sold it on to Advantis who I now have to pay. Groan. - I have no issue with paying this money. The issue I do have is with this company, Advantis who I picture as working from a trailer parked at the side of a road somewhere. After reading all of your posts and threads on them I really do not want to have to hand over any money to them because I don't trust them to be quite honest. Also the outstanding amount of £107 is still listed with Virgin Media on my credit report. I am concerned that if I did pay Advantis then it would still show on my credit report as defaulted. Like, I just get the feeling nothing would happen. I've worked in a cold calling sales company before and I know exactly what happens in all of these types of companies. So that's where I am at the moment. Can you guys suggest anything or do you think I should just pay Advantis and be done with it? If so, after paying Advantis should I contact Virgin Media to get the credit file default removed or changed to settled or will this automatically happen. Any advice would by much appreciated. Or if you have had the same experience then I'd be glad to hear about it. Thanks guys
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