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  1. Hello All, I have a debt with Anglian Water for £175.51 which has been handed to a debt collection company called Advantis who sent me a letter about it, [ATTACH=CONFIG]46977[/ATTACH] I initially just screwed the letter up and was about to bin it, when I stopped and thought I'd better deal with it and try to arrange a payment, so I e-mailed them. After a few days, I got a response back saying that they reject my offer of £15 per month, and I should fill in a statement of means including all of my expenses, which I've done. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46978[/ATTACH] I sent them an e-mail back with the statement of means attached, saying that, no, all I can afford to pay them per month is the £15 I offered. What are my rights here? will they come to my home and try to force entry to take my goods? will they take me to court, and if so, what will happen then? Many thanks. Regards Edit: Images appear to be thumbnails, here's a link to both: dropbox[dot]com/sh/zhesvsae49n5fcp/j13bNxRSYv
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