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  1. That reply was from student finance basically saying I must deal with Advantis now as it has been passed onto them. They claim to have sent me letters but must have been to my previous address so I never received them
  2. Yes I've sent that letter, but then received this email ( in reply to my original email)so wasn't sure whether to continue waiting for the reply to my letter. So basically under no circumstances contact Advantis and only work with student finance? I will wait for them to reply then. Thank you
  3. So I finally received a reply from student finance.....over a month after contacting them..... Thank you for your recent email dated 30/07/2016. In the Collections Department we do not assess student's eligibility for funding and as such, we would advise that you contact Student Finance directly on 03001000607. We had issued letters to yourself on 18/02/2016 and 18/03/2016 as well as sending a letter to your two appointed contacts on 07/04/2016. As no response was received, your account was passed to Advantis and your account is no longer being dealt with by Collections Department. Please contact them directly on the below details:- Advantis Minton Hollins Building Shelton Old Road Stoke on Trent Stafforshire ST4 7RY Telephone 08445565440 Email admin@advantiscredit.com So no clarification on what I owe or why. Just that they have forwarded my debt onto advantis?? Should I now contact advantis or call student finance?? It's so confusing.
  4. Thank you for the advice but the text appears to just be sent from " advantis" no number? My provider has asked for the phone number.
  5. I'm not currently at home but I believe it was the student loans company but may have been student finance England. I'll double check when I'm home. Advantis have started to text me now every couple of weeks or so. Saying it is urgent that I call and it is a personal business matter.
  6. Thank you. Would I just write what I have here. About the evidence sent and requested? I've never been in this sort of situation before and as it's been over 4 years i have no idea of amounts and dates.
  7. Hello. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I am new. During the years 2010-2012 i attend university. I received loans and grants for this period. During 2011 ( the final year) me and my partner separated and obviously this affected the household income meaning I reapplied to student finance. They requested evidence which I supplied. They continued to request evidence over months, actually years after I had left uni. I supplied all the evidence I could and they then started to request evidence of my ex's earnings during the time we were together and proof of when we split (God knows how you prove you no longer live with somebody? I sent the lease but they didn't accept). Eventually I gave them my exs new details and sent everything he had given me. They continued to request more P60s or wage slips (through me) and my ex understandably had had enough of this year's after we split. They never contacted him directly. last month my mum received a letter from them asking if I live there ( I haven't for 8 years) and I told her to give them my address....as I assumed it was just student finance about my loans etc. Now Advantis are contacting me requesting £6000 for all grants received as I didn't provide evidence that I was entitled to them ( which I 100% was, I never lied and provided everything I was able to). I emailed student finance asking them to clarify this debt as I wasn't comfortable contacting a third party when I hadn't heard from them in over 4 years. No reply. I don't really know what to do, the debt is 4 years old so I can't remember any amounts. They could ask for any amount from me and I would know no different. My question is, should I contact advantis as they've requested? Thank you in advance.
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