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  1. Hi I have just checked my experian acc and it shows the following; LOWELL PORTFOLIO I LTD Who's this? Entry Number: C1 | Account Updated to: 25/08/2013 Name: MR xxxxxxxx Address: xxxxxxxx Date of Birth: 03/06/1965 Account Type: Communications Started: 23/04/2007 Current Balance: £453 Default Date 01/07/2008 Default balance £333 nothing about Advantis or tmobile
  2. I have not paid any money since 2007. The debt has been passed around a few times. It is on my credit file and Lowell have done a credit search on my experian.
  3. Hi All, I had a dispute with tmobile in november 2007. i received a letter from Lowell which i ignored and know have been told i will be contacted by Advantis. What can i do to get this monkey off my back?
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