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  1. I don't have all the statements no, so I will send them the SAR & £10 today (postal order??). I'm guessing this will be all my statements? I will keep this post updated as and when I receive replies. Thankyou.
  2. Last October my partner had heart surgery, as a result, income into the house was significantly reduced. I contacted Vanquis immediately to explain, and that I had the basic payment protection option and would like to activate a 6 month break. I was told that this was not going to happen as it wasn't me having the surgery and that it didn't effect me. How when the partners wage is the only income - no tax credits, nothing else. as a result I ended up behind with payments. Been trying to sort freezing interest etc out, but keep hitting a brick wall. Now they'v
  3. I put a claim in with our local council for damage to my car caused, there was a large dip in the road, since hitting it the suspension has no dampening in it, and there is a bad knock. I emailed the council highways dept, who passed it to their insurers, Zurich in Newcastle. They asked for a road report from highways, and after 2 months, came back to me with claim refused - not accepting liability. They sent a road report, with reports that has been made from the public - on this there is a report for the dip in February 2016 (large dip in road, can this be repaired, and counci
  4. Done done about 300 miles in this time.
  5. Bought the car 7-1, maf fault happened on the 9th, ordered part and that arrived on the 29th, instantly you could hear/feel clutch slip. When checked the paperwork I saw it had 30 day Warrenty. The shop is Sheffield car shop.
  6. Bought a focus st225 from a dealer, when I got it home it came up esp fault, I had the code read and it said maf fault. Instead of peppering the garage, it wasn't local, I said £67 for the new part. The car felt a lot more responsive. Since the clutch has started slipping, the car was restricted with the faulty maf. I've called the garage, who have said tough **** pretty much. He said he drove it and it never slipped (bearing in mind it was restricted). Do I have any leg to stand on re clutch? Or is it a case of suck it up? A new clutch fitted is £845 minimum.
  7. Hi, a quick question on behalf of my parents. they get working tax, did and still do. However they was given overpayment in the past. They have been making repayments the last 5-6 months, they have a letter from IR, and payment slips to prove what the IR are happy with. But they've recently been getting these letters and calls off this group of jokers - Advantis. My advice was, leave them to it, with their threats of doorstep callers, and court action, as they have a recent enough letter from IR. But they don't want the worry. My mum called IR, who sai
  8. Im not, no. Im trying to get my credit file sorted. Albeit slowly. But if I can sort out the smaller ones, this is almost statute barred. Its one less to worry about. Thankyou for your help.
  9. Im making no request, other than info from the guys here.
  10. Thankyou Ims. Thats what I was hoping. So after that, they can no longer add more defaults to my credit file? I understand the latest default remains for 6yrs in its own right, they dont just dissappear because the debt is SB.
  11. In 2010, I CCA'd Natwest over a loan, which was refused because they needed my signature and account number.... which I refused. (dont know the account number as the account was closed YEARs ago) Im just wondering, as I CCA'd them when they last tried chasing us, is this classed as acknowledgement to the debt? We last made a payment in 2007, so would be coming up to statute barred if not. I dont know the exact date, because Natwest never produced an agreement. Thankyou.
  12. Ahhhh, I should read things properly. They may!!! So do I wait for Hamptons threats, before writing to them again?
  13. Ive already done the CCA lines, it was catalogues, which wouldnt of been enforceable but they told me to change the 3 amounts into loans, which are.
  14. Hi, I have 3 enforceable debts, who sit currently with Red! They was Lowells, who passed it to Red. I have been paying the debts at £5 per month (each one) for over a year, a few months ago I recieved a letter saying my year agreement was up and I needed to rearrange payment. I ignored it, because, I am and have been paying, and thought stuff em tbh. Then it came to Red, it had been forwarded, they had it and are going to pass it to Hamptons legal who will apply for a CCJ. Am I right, these are all the same company? As each month as my payments go out my bank thru SO, each
  15. I rang them today and asked them for proof of this Steve J selling us the PPI, the lady on the phone said there is no proof but we can send you the guidelines we read to you.... WTF is that going to prove. It might not be the same guidelines they used 5 yrs ago too! I did say its going to be passed to the FOS but I just wanted to know if there was a step to take between contacting First Response directly and going thru the FOS.
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