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  1. After years of hearing absolutely nothing from the previous debt collection agency (DLC) all of a sudden I have received a letter from Cabot Financial saying that my account is back with them (??), this an unsecured personal loan which was taken out back in 2002 and the last payment was back in 2004/05 and Cabot quote 'With Cabot, you'll never have to pay more then you can afford. We help set up over 53,000 plans every month, we're confident we can help you too.' Now they won't get a penny from me but can anybody on the site advise me the best way to deal with Cabot before they send this their solicitors please?, I know the debt is Statute Barred and there has never been any court action of any kind so some help and advice will be greatly appreciated. I know that DLC/Cabot are the same company, just trading under different disguise. Many Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello everybody, Back in 2014 I took out a loan with Quickquid for £150 which was defaulted in June 2015, after this debt was passed around various DCA's (despite Quickquid denying otherwise) all went quiet and I never heard anything else a month or so ago I started to receive e-mails out of the blue from their collections department advising me that my account was 60 days overdue (it's way more then 60 days) and that a Default Notice will be sent to my address (they already did this back in June 2015). today I received a e-mail from Credit Karma that a new address has been registered on my credit file by......Quickquid, on checking my credit file with Credit Karma an address in Ross-on-Wye has been registered by Quickquid since the 1st April 2020, I have no knowledge or have anything to do with this address and neither have I every visited the town in question and I have been at my present address since 1990. I have sent Quickquid a e-mail asking why they have registered a incorrect address on my credit file all of a sudden and I have also raised a dispute with Transunion. Should the next step be informing the ICO that Quickquid has registered incorrect information on my credit file?. Any help/advise will be much appreciated, Stay Safe everybody.
  3. Another update, after firing off a e-mail outlining the issues I had with Brighthouse to Moriarty Law I received a letter from them today advising me: 'We write with the reference to the above detailed account (JC International). Please be advised we are no longer instructed in connection with this matter and the account has been returned to our client (presumably JC or BPO Collections?). Please contact our client directly if you have any queries.' Now will it be safe to say that this may be the end of the matter or standby for JC's next move?. Also will it be worth sending a complaint to BPO after my account ended up with Moriarty Law even though it was on hold with BPO as they was awaiting direction from JC?.
  4. After hearing absolutely nothing from Brighthouse, I received a letter from BPO Collections on the 15th August advising me that they had been appointed by Jefferson Capital to collect the outstanding balance of £886, I e-mailed them back the following: ' To which they replied: ' all is quiet and there has been no further contact from BPO Collections, today when I received, out of the blue a PAP/LOC from Moriarty Law asking me to fill out the enclosed forms and informing me that the debt will rise to over £1000 but they state that their client Jefferson Capital is still prepared to settle this amicably without court action. Needless to say I am very unhappy with BPO Collections even though they stated that they will hold the account until they receive a response and will contact me again - I have heard nothing further from them. Any help/advise will be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello Folks, Well I hope you can advise me as today I received a letter from Mortimer Clarke Solicitors regarding a very old Black Horse loan from approx 2000 to 2001 (infact this loan was originally taken out through Chartered Trust) for the amount of £1886.59 and that this debt was previously assigned to MEIII (was actually Direct Legal and Collections), now no payment has been made on this loan for well over 10 years and has already been through various DCA's prior to DLC going through the courts (a CCJ was granted back in 2006). Over 2 - 3 years ago I remember receiving a letter from DLC (I think I may of posted about this but can't remember) which had the old claim number in bold letters, I also remember ringing the County Court who informed me as the Judgement is well over 6 years old and has lapsed then the DCA could not enforce the original judgement as the court would not allow this. What I would like to know is the best way to approach Mortimer Clarke regarding this debt as it is deffenately Statute Barred and has already been subject to a CCJ 13 years ago?. Also there is a interesting paragraph at the top of their letter which states: ' We write regarding the above matter, Our client previously instructed us to place your account on hold due to a complaint (?). We have now received confirmation that the matter has been resolved (this totally lost me as I never made a complaint and how can a complaint be resolved as it has never been raised??). At the bottom the usual twaddle asking me to contact them within 21 days and also a income and expenditure form stapled to the letter obviously thinking that I will make a payment on a debt from years ago which is Statute Barred. Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.
  6. No, I have lived at my address for nearly 30 years and have been receiving begging/discount letters from them so they have my correct address, interestingly the account has been removed from my Equifax credit report over the past couple of days. Though I did take a screenshot which I have attached,shows the account marked as settled and no default date,interestingly since I took the screenshot a couple of days agoo this account has vanished from Equifax. This screenshot shows the discount and after checking my on-line account with BW they have wrote off half of the debt without informing me. Also showing as a closed account on Clearscore with zero balance, please delete both attachments if they are unacceptable etc?.
  7. I have checked my credit report and there is no court information registered, as for the entry it is showing as assigned to PRAC/BW Legal but showing as settled, loan taken out iin 2012 but to my knowledge I was not defaulted by PDUK.
  8. Yes it's through their online portal, what is the best course of action with this letter?, as I have not received a letter before action or a claim form, they also have my correct address as I have received letters asking for payments/discounts in the past.
  9. First of all I have just looked on my on-line account and set up a repayment plan(which maybe a mistake on my part) and received a auto generated letter confirming the plan, however I have noticed that there is a paragraph which states 'We note that you admit the amount claimed and as discussed we have contacted the court and informed them of this and requested that they enter Judgment on admission based on the amount you are able to afford to repay.' However, I have not received a Pre Action Protocol letter before action and neither have I received a Claim Form in the post from the courts, also BW Legal have never discussed anything with me as I have not telephoned them, this auto generated letter was dated today 02/03 and was received within minutes. I have checked my credit file and interestingly this account is showing as settled even though it is showing as PRAC/BW Legal being the owner of the debt which was assigned to them back on the 09/12/2016. The original loan with PDUK was taken out on the 16th December, 2012 for £149.00, never received a default notice or notice of assignment and no payments was made to PDUK, given the date will it be safe to say that the debt is Statute Barred or does setting up a repayment plan reset the Statute Barred clock if that is the case?. Many Thanks.
  10. I used to have a Administration Order but that was paid up and satisfied and no longer shows on my credit reports, in fact I had forgotten about that post from 2012.
  11. Hello Bazooka, the last correspondence I have from BT was from April 2016 asking me for payment, they never acknowledged the dispute on both accounts, though I have e-mails etc confirming my contact with them.
  12. Thanks Andy, do you think it will be worth sending them an e-mail requesting the name and address of the official receiver that they intend to contact and where they got the information that apparently I am insolvent/Bankrupt etc...etc as I have not received any official paperwork of any kind from any Insolvency Practioner or Official Receiver and I would love to see this.
  13. Hello Andy, yes I have two BT Mobile debts and both are disputed with BT
  14. Hello again, I have just received two letters out of the blue from Lowell informing me that two debts from BT Mobile which had been sold to them, both dates of the sale being 22/02/2018 and the letters dated 13th March. I am worried regarding a paragraph of both letters which states 'We are aware that this account forms part of your insolvency(?). This letter is not a request for payment. Please pass this letter and attached Notice to your Insolvency Practioner/Official Receiver. Lowell Financial will also contact your Insolvency Practioner/Official Receiver to inform them of the changes(?) If your circumstances have changed, and you are no longer insolvent, please call us on 0333 556 5990 to discuss payment of this account'. Now I have never been made insolvent or bankrupt and I have checked Experian,Equifax and Call Credit and also the Insolvency Service register and there is zero information about me supposedly being bankrupt or insolvent according to Lowells. Is this a tactic by Lowells to scare me and to get me to call them?, which is the best course of action I can take regarding the letters I have received from them?. Many Thanks
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