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  1. Hi no but they see any information of my salary via RTI integration but I guess this is no a valid argument at all so yes.. got a lot of sand in my hair. I have to do an income and expenditure form for them to work out how much I can pay etc. This is positive etc although I am worried that they might force me to pay every scrap of my spare money back each month. Let's see what Thursday offers when I speak to them again via phone.
  2. Thank you. I will look into this today. Really do have this horrible feeling in my chest that I cant let go. Really need to chill out.
  3. Thank you. Really do hope that it is . Appreciate all the help from this site you are all amazing . Scott
  4. Hi, this is from claiming child benefit . I earned over the threshold and now and being penalised for it. I got nothing.. it's my fault for assuming that the change in tax code were because they were adjusting to back pay. Is there an online calculator that will give me some idea of figure etc ? Thanks
  5. Hi I spoke to their debt management team and they advised me to contact the field agency who paid me the first visit. He was surprisingly ok and I said that my activation code for self assessment had not arrived yet and there was nothing they could be done until came. Agreed I needed to do my SA returns for 2014, 2015 and 2016, see where that leaves me and hopefully arrange a replacement plan with debt management. They can see I am trying to sort this and have no problems with setting up a payment plan. Fingers crossed
  6. because I am a prat who clearly buried his head in the sand and assumed that my tax code adjustment was sorting this out (truth). is there anything that I can do ?
  7. Hi, Thanks - they are adding them on and the letter I received yesterday confirmed that they had added £75 charge on now and they will add another £225 on if it goes to the next stage of recovery plus 7.5% interest. Apparently HMRC have special collection powers and can just break into my house via force (as a last resort) but they dont need to go to court first to start collecting my goods etc. This rubbish?
  8. Hey, child benefit charges for 2014, 2015 and 2016 plus interest plus charges. I was never been asked to do a self assessment until last year where all this started. During the last 12 months my tax code has have changed 4 times so I assumed this was all being taken care off. The information from my personal HMRC tax account online shows different tax codes to whats on my payslips too. I have even spoken to HMRC who tell that I need to firstly register for self assessment to get my UTR then wait for my activation code which proves this is all new to me. Being h
  9. Hi all, I need some advise on how to deal with HRMC and stop them from coming to my house, applying crazy charges, taking my goods and making me bankrupt (which will cause me to lose my new job) all down to a problem with self assessment tax , charges and interest from claiming child benefit. Really don't know what to do but I know that they can reclaim tax by adjusting the tax code which I assumed had already happened as my online tax code seemed to change ever few months . A collection office turned up at my door last week, demanded £75 for his visit and i
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