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  1. No it's my fault read it all word by word and apparently reason I was over paid is because when I started getting £20 child maintance from my sons dad I didn't inform them in time so it was my fault. Cant believe I forgot all this ive just started working at my youngest sons school only hour and a half a day but could offer them £5 a week if they say no well I will say it's better than nothing you have took all these years to contact me did they contact Akinika because they knew it was passed the 6 year mark to go to court or is this incorrect. Thank you guys
  2. Just having another read through and it says 7.03.2014 call from customer Claims she doesn't owe it then says CASE CLEANSED??what does that mean :-/ anyone ?? Thank you
  3. Hello today received my big envolope from DWP with dates etc from the over payment of income suppor from 2000-2002,so now have to pay it back even though it was there fault do you think they will accept £5 a week??
  4. Ah ok thank you all again what would I do with out you all
  5. Hello just an update ive received a letter from Akinika debt recovery it's been a while :-/ saying as ive not come to a satisfactory arrangement for the discharge of the debt I owe DWP you have left me no alternative but to arrange doorstep collector to my home to discuss your financial circumstances and agree terms of payment we urge you call us on blah blah blah to resolve this matter!!! Do I ignore as waiting to hear from DWP still :-/ or should I panic. thank you
  6. Hi I sent my 40 day deadline asking for proof of my debt to DWP and received a letter back saying they have till the 5th October which is sunday and ive still have no proof of paper work sayig I owe this,what happens after the 40 day deadline?thanks for replying all
  7. Hi update I received a letter from DWP today in response to the 40 day dead line in proof I asked for, they are treating my letter as date protection request and will endeavour to trace the paperwork showing full details of the outstanding over payment we are looking to recover, I will send you a copy of everything with hold,as a date protection officer I am given 40days to clear your request from the date of your letter received in the office, the final day I have to respond your query by 5th October. If a problem arises and I am unable to meet the 40 day deadline I shall contact you promptly,explaining the reason for the delay, in the meantime if you would like to discuss anything further please don't hesitate to contact me on the above number. Ok so all pretty fair as far as I can see can I have your views on this do you think all ok? Thank you in advance to you guys
  8. Hi Andy Thank you for your response Really do appreciate all these replies . X
  9. Thank you, I did also explain to Dwp i haven't said I wouldn't pay the debt if proven I owe this I only want the proof I do then I will pay it back in instalments, 13 years I can't remember last week what I did lol Thank you again for you help much appreciated
  10. Hi all I sent that letter to dwp nothing as yet but now Akinika solicitors wright hassall solicitors have now sent me a letter saying they have been instructed by above named client to get recovery in 14 days payment of £1384.00 said if I'm struggling to contact step change or national debt line.. ..then says failure to make a payment in full or contact us to discuss payment will result in us recommending our client pass the matter over to litigation department this may mean they will look to obtain a county court judgement and enables enforcement action to commence such as obtaining an attachment of earning (I don't work I'm a home maker) and placing a charge on your property (I'm council)or applying for a warrant of execution including bailiffs!! !'ive still not had proof it's my debt can they send a bailiff into my home??? not that I have anything worth taking to be honest lol but I'm not convinced I owe this 13 years ago how can they suddenly say I do and further more it's dwp who was chasing me now I've some tom dick and harry after money from me.. I'm at my wits end with it not paying anyone money I may not owe further more not debt recovery or solicitors.. what do i do I've already told Akinika I don't owe this and not paying by email. .also told them I've contact dwp regarding proof 13 years if someone owed me £1384 I wouldn't wait 13 years.. Thank you
  11. Hi all sorry it's been awhile I've just received a letter from Akinika again saying the debt was 12th September to 7th January 2002 for income support that's it now I'll be honest I can't even remember last year let alone 13 years ago.. any ideas I did send that letter to dwp asking for proof etc but got this from Akinika instead. .I'm even more confused now hope you can help. Thank you all x p.s it doesn't say why I owe it and how etc just says dates and amount and who I owe it to. ..surely if I owed them they would have said back then not leave it 13 years
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