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Found 7 results

  1. please help. I need to know if for any reason I can get rid of this debt. I owe a working capitol loan - the debt has been passed to akinika. they rang they asked who I was I said they have wrong number. now im worried - as the same company I owe money and are paying them off - will they link this will they come to my house? will I be able to remove this debt following the process set out to send the letter - ?
  2. i wonder can anyone help me? i had notice of court action from lowells debt agency for an alleged debt of capitol one dating to 2012. this happened around mid september ..i subsequently complied with the court procedure but have asked for proof of debt plus a cca. . i seem to have received . . a statement of the account.. from capitol one... but nothing else.. here is what they say has been enclosed... it says "statement and notice of assigment received from client. agreement and default notice been requested... ..with respect to Deed of assignment . this is an agreement between our client and the original creditor containing confidential information. .. and you are not entitled to the information contained in it".... As stated, i requested a cca ... and now. . the court want me to mediate with these people.. but as i say ... i wrote stating .. only on the requested documents being produced... what should i do?
  3. Hello, I had a letter from Capitol one recently "statement of ACTIVITY" Stating the following; Opening Balance £942.75 PPi 8% Interest paid in £142.48 PPi interest refund pain in£242.71 PPi refund pain in £343.05 Closing balance £243.00 I know theres been an awful lot of stuff going on with PPi, I had no idea this account had ppi on it, but was just wondering if someone could have a look at this and see if all looks in order! Have they just done the right honourable thing?! Many thanks caggers!
  4. Hello, I'm just about to start going through the process of claiming back my PPI from capitol one. The excellent advice on this forum has given me the confidence to give it a go. I have had my capitol one credit card since September 1999 and am still paying PPI on it to this day, I read on this forum somewhere that capitol one were not regulated in 1999 so any claims for PPI are not valid for applications so far back. I'm unable to find the post again but the person involved forwarded it to the foc who said it was a grey area. Do we know if this is true? And is it still worth applying? I obviously can't recall much about the application process but I'm part pretty sure I applied on the internet and then they forwarded me the letters to sign etc. With regards to the PPI I certainly don't recall ever been spoken to about it and didn't at the time realise it was optional hence why I'm still paying it now although I will ask them to cancel it in my letter to them.. My concern is they will provide me with a form possibly with a tick in it, how do I go about disputing this? I have reads also they only keep documents for 6 years, will my claim be valid for the full 14years? Thank you in advance any help would be appreciated. Regards Stuart
  5. Hello! I sent capitol one an SAR request, I put a cross through my signature - was that the right thing to do? They have replied saying that cannot process the request unless i send them a copy of a current driving lic or passport showing my signature- thought i better check before I went ahead and did this! Thank you
  6. Hi I have just started a claim for missold ppi with Cap One. The ppi was on a credit card taken out in 1999 and they are still taking out premiums monthly. Action so far is a request for the original agreement for which they sent the original application form where it clearly states i am retired. Following this i sent a formal complaint on the form provided on the FO site and have just received a response from Cap One stating that due to high volume of complaints it will take 10 weeks to investigate my claim and respond. Initial thoughts are that 10 weeks seems a long time and should i reply with a letter stating what i think the time frame should be prior to further action (LBA etc.). Also i don't have a clue how to work out what i am owed from them so could anyone provide and idiots guide on how to work it out? I also have another credit card with them and i am awaiting the original agreement copy for that before tackling them with that. Many thanks for any help or advice given in advance
  7. Wondered if I could get some brief guidance. I was recently contacted by a DCA regarding an old credit card debt which, to be frank, I'd deliberately forgotten about during a lengthy period of unemployment. The debt is small – a few hundred pounds – and if to pay in full is the best solution, I'm able and willing to do so. However, since they offered it, I wrote back asking for reduced settlement along with written guarantee that the payment would be final and the debt marked as cleared. They said no, will be marked as partial. I've no documentation about the debt and don't know wether there's PPI wrapped up in it which might be avoidable. I'm also aware from advice on this site that DCAs are prone to fleece where given the opportunity. What's the best course of action at this point? Many thanks
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