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  1. Okay they've already forwarded it to the county court so I'll wait for a reply but guessing this is leading nowhere. Sometimes trying is better than not trying at all ... I don't understand dx100uk emoji?
  2. Afternoon Everyone, I did email the courts twice regarding clarification regarding the letter received from the Court tribunal and to be honest I'm none the wiser from their response. see attached many thanks Webby Court Emails want clarification Sep 2021edited.pdf
  3. Quick Update I spent a couple of days last week trying to talk to the courts but kept getting the same message telling me to phone back later, So sent an email today asking to clarity in the their letter.
  4. Apologies for the late reply but extremely busy at work. Is this what being referred to as point 5 6.5 The court may order that an application, or part of an application, to which paragraph 6.2 does not apply be dealt with by a telephone hearing. The court may make such order – (a) of its own initiative; or (b) at the request of the parties. What am I missing? or does this mean I've had my one and only chance and blew it? cheers Webb
  5. To be honest I'm not sure what any of this means, none of it makes sense. General Form of Judgement dated 6th July states I have to pay by the 1st July the full amount plus costs, also there is nothing about contact details being sent two days beforehand. Notice of Hearing of Application, again nothing written about contact details being sent two days beforehand. Shoosmiths sends me a Financial Statement to be completed by the 3rd August, to date I have sent two letters asking for confirmation they have received it. Where do i go from here? thanks Webb
  6. Civil Enforcement have decided to discontinue with this case Many Thanks for all the help and advice Scan20210830205946edit.pdf
  7. Finally a reply back from HM Courts & Tribunal Service which is good news I think? Although I'm a bit confused as to what paragraph the judge is referring when they quote about two clear days! Cheers Webb HM Courts & Tribunal Service reply to set aside.pdf Notice of Hearing of Application edited.pdf
  8. Yes I can try this week providing I get an early finish, I believe they close at 4pm so I'll do my best
  9. Hi everyone so far I have had no reply from the courts after sending four emails and posted two letters, I’ve tried phoning but always held up on queue. Also filled out and sent a financial statement to Shoosmiths about two weeks ago and followed up with a letter, asking if they are in receipt of my paperwork… so far no response. I was actually coming back to CAG tonight to see who I should complain to regarding the courts. many thanks
  10. Been away for a couple of weeks and came home this letter from the courts Dated 6th July. Looking back on my previous posts it was safe to say I was in a panic because I didn't receive the call from the courts due to some technical problem. The last comment where it says "failed to notify the courts of an alternative phone number" I have attached a copy of an email sent 30hours prior to the hearing with an alternative number to my landline number. Also I have attached a screenshot of my partners phone of me trying to contact the courts on the day because some half hour had passed without hearing from the courts. Can I appeal this? docs3.pdf
  11. was i meant to be part of a telephone conference call between them the courts and myself?
  12. managed to speak to someone who said they did try to call me on my landline but nothing rang, I have a Blink camera situated near the phone which hasn't picked up the phone ringing. It has picked up me entering my house at 1431hrs which is evidence I was on my property awaiting this call. I've been told I need to phone the courts tomorrow.
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