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  1. thanks DX, I kind of guessed they we're trying to swing the lead
  2. Received this letter today, what should I do? img-210220180228 edited.pdf
  3. thanks for getting back, I have written to the CAA and received this reply:- Thank you for your complaint received on 9 February 2021. It appears to us that your complaint falls within the scope of Regulation EC261/2004. In the first instance, you should write to your airline so that they have an opportunity to respond to your complaint. However, as your flight involves EC Regulation 261/2004 and you departed from another European Union (EU) country or from a country outside the EU to an airport in another European country, I am afraid that we are not in a position to assis
  4. We received an email on the 2nd November 2020 from Ryanair Airlines explaining our return flight back to England on the 8th of November 2020 was cancelled due to ongoing changes to travel restrictions. We checked the airline website for alternative flights but there was nothing until the 19th November 2020, having checked for alternative flights from Thessaloniki Airport to other European countries but these places had high Covid 19 rates, so this would have meant we would have to isolate for 14 days upon arrival to England. We tried to phone Ryanair but without success and their w
  5. do I sit tight and wait for their next move or fill out the Financial Means form?
  6. this is part of the pack Shoosmith sent the entire contents are 54 pages and when merged into pdf it come to 33mb even with the images at 200dpi. The parts I have not posted are the statements from June 2017 to Sep 2020 and a financial means form. docs return .pdf
  7. Claim Status A claim was issued against you on 06/02/2020 Your defence was submitted on 11/03/2020 at 23:23:45 Your defence was received on 12/03/2020 at 08:05:42
  8. need some help addressing this letter that came yesterday. Thanks to you guys we fought off the charging order they wanted to apply for, but prior to them seeking that they also excepted a repayment of £2 a month which is being kept up. The £2 is a bit cheeky but at the time of agreeing that payment I was furlough so that's why is a paltry amount, they have sent me a pack of statements and an unsigned contract which does not have a digital or penned signature on it. They have nicely pointed out that I have agreed to the amount outstanding and al
  9. Okay will go through the statements today and her financial position is to make an offer of a monthly repayment in addition to paying the normal monthly payments.
  10. She started paying by DD but through ill health and not being able to work cancelled the DD
  11. the four bills mentioned are combined water and sewage. totally agree with you why did they let her go on for so long? The defence I took the template from this site but amended that the POC did not have an account number nor was there any supporting paper work referring to the debt. That we have requested this information in order to prepare our defence.
  12. yes there are digital receipts for an amount but not enough to cover the total being claimed yes the CPR31:14 was sent 29/10/2020 yes the SAR was sent 19/10/2020 No to letter of claim thank you
  13. UncleBulgaria - Yes we agree there is a debt but we disagree with the amount. dx100uk - This is not a Lowells its Bristol Waters own legal dept thanks everyone
  14. Afternoon, received "notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track" which needs completing by 10th December 2020. I need advice on whether take this down small claims or Mediation. I have asked the company to send me a breakdown of the account to ascertain the validity of the amount they are claiming, they have only sent copies of the bills and no payment breakdowns. I included this in my defence but still nothing, I have digital receipts that contradict the amount they are claiming and wrote to them stating that I need an account summary as
  15. Just a quick note to end this thread on a good feel that I have now been furloughed which is great as the financial burden on doing voluntary work for the Childrens school meals has now eased, thanks for the great advice Slick and Honeybee
  16. Reply back from employer #2...which has confused me even more! The critical date for any furlough analysis was for employees on the payroll as at 28 February 2020. Your agreement with Acme Company is a casual worker agreement and therefore different to a zero hours contract. That said, the same methodology has been applied based on weekly hours worked over the last 12 months, or since start date if more recent. I’m afraid due the review period being historic, it was decided not to offer you furlough due to the little hours worked. I replied:- thank you for
  17. Cheers Slick132, after Employer #2 refused to help I've started down this route with employer #1 as I've been there for over three years so all is not lost. You kind of answered the question as I thought they were obligated to furlough to help ease the strain on the DWP ...but that's just me thinking outside the box I emailed employer #1 on the 24/03/2020 to ask for furlough, my P45 has me leaving the company on the 24/03/2020 so I was still employed and not ask for re-employment.
  18. Cheers Slick132, Im guessing the 4th heading refers to this:- To fall within the Scheme, employees must have employed on or before 28 February 2020 on the relevant employer’s PAYE payroll. Unfortunately, Kirsty’s new employer does not therefore have the option of paying her and seeking reimbursement via the Scheme as she is due to commence employment after 28 February. So in my case I was still employed with employer#1 up to the 6th March therefore would have qualified to be furloughed? So where do I stand now because not long after asking employer #1 to be fu
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