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  1. I will follow it through, I am not very good at wording though, I have had enough of this awful company,both their mobile and media, the phone is in my wife's account and she said she didn't sign a contract she did it all on the phone so if this is true what would the process be then? Thank you by the way for all your help,what a wonderful forum this is,it is a shame though that so many people have to go through the same or other problems like this.
  2. A quick update on the situation,I just had a call back from the CEO office and some young lady proceeded to explain to me that I cant claim for loss of business as it is residential and not a business mobile,the offer of a new phone mainly the Samsung galaxy s3 mini was made as a gesture and they thought that reasonable,she also explained that with the £60 offer to my loss of service was another gesture, I explained to them the reason I had the HTC ONE X in the beginning was that I had been talked into it by one of their staff and to have a downgraded phone as an replacement and still pay the
  3. Yep you are right, I will let you know the outcome of this saga, thank you all for your help and will post back with any updates. R
  4. Hello again I would like to give them one more email before I take this action, I used to email Niel Berklett I think he has moved on, so can you recommend an alternative email to send them please, I have used the letter and made minor changes for both email and Letter, I would like to have a electronic correspondence as evidence as evidence also to show I have tried to resolve the matter without resorting to court, could you let me know if it is okay and what do you think on this process? Many Thanks for your help on this matter Rom Virgin Media reference -
  5. Thank you do much Bankfodder and Brigadier2jcs, two questions though 1.what address do i send the letter to ? 2. shall I contact the ceo and let them know my intentions so I have a record of the email sent? Many,many thanks for you help on this matter,really appreciate this.
  6. I must add that the lady I spoke to give me a credit for £60 to compensate for the loss of service, is there a draft letter somewhere that i can use for this situation I am in or would anybody have an idea on how to proceed with this ?
  7. Hello BankFodder Thank you for the reply, yes I have been dragged around by the nose,but I will not back down on this,I have never done this before so how would one sue Virgin in a county court,any help I would very much appreciate, I give them plenty of chances. Regards Rom
  8. Hello I wonder id someone could help me with a situation I have been put in by Virgin Mobile, I have an HTC ONE X 24month contract with Virgin Mobile at £42pm unlimited. I am 10months into the contract at the moment and the HTC ONE X has been playing up for the past couple of months, it then started to reboot itself all the time, so I contacted Virgin and sent it in to be fixed, they then sent me a second hand HTC ONE X that had the same problems, I was vey annoyed at this and contacted Virgin again and said this was unacceptable as the replacement phone had the same issues as th
  9. Hi Quick update, I have just received a reply and they wish me to sign a statement to confirm that the recording would not be used for any other purpose than personal use???? another reason why they don't read what I send them, I told them I will be using this for personal records but also for future evidence if need be. Go figure : ) Rom
  10. Sorry read your post again, thank you for the information, will let you know the outcome. Romany
  11. Hi Nolegion Thank you, I have told them I will be taking a Digital Recorder to record the meeting, but am i allowed by law if I have given them warning beforehand. Thanks Rom
  12. Hi All I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction, I have now got to the point of having a meeting with NHS complaints staff at a local hospital what I would like to know is if I am within the law to record the meeting for personal records but also for future evidence if need be. Thanks Rom
  13. By the way, a lot of the money in the balance is charges
  14. Hi All Had this letter today , if someone could help with my template letter I would be so ever grateful. http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/romany1968/default-Kays.jpg Thank You All !!! Chris
  15. Hi Has anybody had time to have a look at my letter sample? Thanks, and lovely weather to you all Chris
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