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  1. After looking at these links I am no way confident of removing the CPA from the cheque centre on my account. I have no doubt I will go into the branch next week and the bank employees will know nothing about it or be very reluctant to look into it
  2. Thanks I will put a letter of complaint in next week to my local HSBC branch. Has anyone got a template on cancelling a CPA on a payday loan?
  3. Hi, I have just called HSBC asking for advice on removing a CPA from a payday lender. They informed me to contact the cheque centre first and inform them I wish to cancel the CPA with them and then to call them back when the Visa dispute department is open?I do not want to get in touch with the cheque centre until the loan has defaulted as I fully expect it will make it a lot more difficult. Can anyone advise on how to cancel a CPA with a payday lender with HSBC?Once it is cancelled I hope to come to a repayment agreement with the Cheque Centre then. Thanks
  4. Can anyone tell me have they got the bank details for the Cheque Centre?I want to start paying back a payday loan I currently have with them.I am trying to get a repayment plan in place but I am getting numerous calls daily from them after defaulting. What is the best way to deal with them?they have me worried sick and I am feeling very low because of this daily harassment.
  5. Thanks for the advice. Surely if I cancel a DD with them and they take my money it is theft on their part?
  6. I cancelled a direct debit with Quick quid on a loan due with them.I simply cannot afford to pay it back but will do so once an affordable repayment plan is in place. My worry is can they still access my bank account any withdraw funds even though the direct debit is now cancelled and they don't have my debit card number?? Any advice please would be very helpful.
  7. Hi, I have a loan of approx £1300 next week due to repaid to quickquid. I just cannot afford to continue to repay interest on the loan so I am going to stop now. I am so worried that they will contact my workplace and demand money, I am going to email them with a very acceptable repayment plan which I hope they will agree to. Has anyone have experience dealing with this company? I fear the worse being honest. I will get my wages to be paid into another account so I should be okay but I just want to get an agreement with them and get on with my life.
  8. Hi, Currently I am in the situation of having a loan of £1000 with the Cheque Centre, as I cannot afford to pay this off they debit my account for £1275 per month interest and I go back to them each time for a loan of a £1000. This has been going on for a while now. The situation has me depressed and there is no way out of this situation I can see. I plan to bite the bullet this month before they take the money of me and cancel my card and email them to see if they will agree to a repayment proposal. I am not too confident however as I have read horror stores concerning this company issuing
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