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Found 16 results

  1. I was recently made redundant as the company is in financial difficulty. The director is completely dodgy having rolled the company a few times to get rid of debt and not pay his creditors. I have been offered the correct redundancy payment of 3 months as worked there for 2 years, they also promised me a payment of 3 weeks gross pay. I have received a letter stating these payments will be made as my monthly salary with the final payment having the extra included. I have been advised by the ops manager that the director is planning to roll the company again soon. I now have
  2. daley1

    HMRC Worry

    Hello My father is currently in a Nursing Home on a permanent basis after a couple of years of bad health. Prior to that he was a Self Employed Accountant. However we have been getting mail from HMRC asking for him to file his tax return, and penalty notices amongst other things. We believe that nothing has been posted for at least 3-4 years? I am awaiting POA to come through but until then I really am at a loss what to do as they wont entertain talking to me. He also has a DC chasing him for £2050 which is also for HMRC. Any help greatfully appreciated.
  3. I joined xercise4less 25/9/14 - 1st payment £9.99 for 12 month contract. I visited appox 6 times over 2 years. Last payment made 25/05/16 and membership & direct debit cancelled on 26/5/16. I was on a 30 day rolling contract. Membership cancelled due to ill health HHT I was advised no strenuous activity. Overall I was happy with the gym provisions but occasionally I was put off by a male cleaner in the women's only area, though I just managed this. 1st letter from Harlands - 3/6/16 unable to collect June instalment due to DD being cancelled; will charge £
  4. Sorry of this is not the right place. My dad sent a large amount to me this morning via faster transfer. Was sent from his HSBC advance to my Co-op account. We set up the details the other day and sent £50 to test it was right and the payment this morning was via the automated phone system using the details which were already set up so they are 100% correct. Its 9 hours since and no sign of anything my end, he is not home and comes from the 3 day transfer age so doesn't seem concerned but I am pretty worried as I know its almost instant now. This must surely of been flagged up for furthe
  5. Possible discipline over Security worry !. Wondering if anyone can see the situation from a different perspective. I moved to a different office from another public office to start a different job. Whilst training last Week, my trainer helped me and sat with me whilst I completed a form that could be emailed to another outside organisation. The organisation had a legal entitlement to receive this information. I did doubt this with my trainer but she just said send the email, so I reluctantly sent it. Shortly after, I discovered that I had ticked the wrong box on the fo
  6. Ok on 20/1/15 i was stationary at zebra with people crossing, got rear ended by builders van cause he's looking at building work other side of road. he's a self employed builder carpenter. He offered to pay for repairs but seeing damage I knew car was a write off - so I insisted through insurance, so we exchanged details, he apologised admitted liability, I did a quick DVLA / MID check, there and then and van insured , mot and taxed. I even took license number from him, you'd think I done it by book.... Now it turns out license , van registered and insurance at his mums address,
  7. Hiya, So worried about a secured loan I have had with Welcome Finance since 2005 for 17k. To cut a long story short this loan was paid on time every month right up until about 2012 when I became very ill and also my salary dropped by 10k per annum due to no longer receiving a bonus at work. slowly since then I have got into arrears etc and bearing in mind these details my current balance is around 19k. They are such rip offs. in between all this I have suffered severe depression which they have only made worse through phone calls etc. They will not stop the
  8. I am a widow on a small state/serps pension with some pensions savings credit. I was getting £1.80 in pensions guarantee credit which gave me full council tax benefit. Due to the state pension increase I no longer qualify for the guarantee credit. Basically, I now have to pay £70 a month towards my council tax where before it was all paid. The council sent me a revised bill and set out the money due each month. Job done. The following month they asked me to confirm in writing I had no private pensions and wanted to see two month's bank statements. I took them to the coucil office. Job
  9. So I had an email from Experian earlier tonight (I have their Credit Expert thingie), and I have just found out that I have a CCJ against me from the start of December, which must have been issued to my old address... So, let me explain. I have a total of around £27k of debts, £25k from old credit cards (Egg/Barclaycard and Co-operative Bank), 1K taxman and 1K lloyds "overdraft" (Who i continue to bank with as a current account only). The cards are all from around 3-4 years ago. All in my name, all caused by My Ex. - However I do realise i am liable for these debts. Anyhow, When
  10. alcatraz1

    Sick with worry

    HI! New to this but desperately need some advice.I made a single persons child tax credit claim in december 2011 and have been receiving them ever since. I received a letter from compliance telling me thatthe details for money earned didnt match to their information.Frantically looking for pay slips I agreed it didnt. I had put in my salary not the final pay at end of year. I then checked and have done the same thing for the previous year. I called them and they said they would amend and send out amended amount presumably with me owing them. I am in a state of panic will I have to just pay ba
  11. Hi Guys Been a while since I have been on here and I currently have an outstanding loan with CFO which is capital 750 and interest around 270, so totals 1020. I have already been in a loop of paying off and taking it back out again, or rolling over interest - stupidly, I know. I have been scouring the net and indeed this forum for any hint of people getting success with a repayment plan for CFO - is this even possible?? I can afford to split the entire balance into 4 months, I can't afford to make it any shorter term than that. I am considering cancelling the CPA and advis
  12. Hi, I have a loan of approx £1300 next week due to repaid to quickquid. I just cannot afford to continue to repay interest on the loan so I am going to stop now. I am so worried that they will contact my workplace and demand money, I am going to email them with a very acceptable repayment plan which I hope they will agree to. Has anyone have experience dealing with this company? I fear the worse being honest. I will get my wages to be paid into another account so I should be okay but I just want to get an agreement with them and get on with my life.
  13. an issue with Eon Electricity. I moved into my rented flat at the end of August. I wrote to Eon asking them to set up a direct debit - no answer. I kept requesting this but nothing. Eventually they told me they were in dispute with the previous tenant and could not help me until this was sorted. I again requested a direct debit be set up - No joy. They sent me a letter then saying I had to pay over £200 straight away!!!! I contacted them and said I couldnt afford this and that I felt this was very unfair as I had requested many times that they set up
  14. Hi everyone, i have received a letter from ruthbridge yesterday asking me to contact them, so i contacted them not thinking much of it, it turns out they are asking for payment for a 6,000 loan from when i was young and stupid! which i made my last payment may 2007 but i have not made a payment since as i was not in a good place to at this point and nobody has contacted me until yesterday. apart from this i have no debts and was agreed a good morgage back in march of this year which i thought was the start of a whole new life. please can someone advise me of the b
  15. Hi I hope someone could offer a bit of help. I had an old back credit card debt that is about 12 months from being statue barred. Its for just under 2k. Many years ago I send a CCA request to the OC bank and never received a CCA so placed the account in dispute. This account got passed around several DCA working on the OC behalf, each one I seen off telling them that the account was in dispute. One DCA even confirmed that the original credit agreement never existed. No here is where my trouble starts the account was sold about 3 months ago to 1st Credit, I never responded to any of t
  16. I have a loan with QuickQuid for £625 which is due to come out of my account on 1.6.12. I have rolled it over once but really just want to pay it off now, which I can't do without a payment plan. I went on live chat with them last night and they only offered me a 3 month payment plan which I can't afford. My worry is - if they try and take the money on 1.6.12 there won't be enough in my account - will they just take what i have got in there?? I've read on here that the best thing to do to get a longer repayment plan is to default and then set one up with them. Help please!
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