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  1. Citibank does not have a large presence in the UK, but it is my bank, and I have had a problem with them refusing to cancel a continuous payment authority. I decided I didn't want to carry on paying £20 a month to an organisation, but they refused to cancel it, saying it was technically impossible. I lost £20 because of that, and to stop it happening again I cancelled my card. I've complained to the FOS who have now got to the stage of forwarding my complaint to Citibank. I'm claiming £21 including postage fees. Just £21. I just don't understand this. Banks have to pay the FOS £550 per complaint whether they win or lose the complaint. It would be cheaper to give me my £21 than pay £550 - and yet on principle they have refused to pay me the £21 They claim the direct debit agreement means that they have to pay any debits on the card that come through, but I sent the bank a printout from the FOS website showing the FOS has previously ruled this to be an inappropriate response. I hope the FOS continue with their approach when it comes to my case. Let me just clarify these are not direct debits. The bank didn't refer to the direct debit agreement but rather the agreement governing use of the card (probably their agreement with VISA). Citibank said these are actually not CPAs. But I understand that banks say this all the time when refusing to cancel CPAs. As a CPA is just an authority that the company can take any amount at any time in the future, it doesn't have to be announced to the bank as a recurring payment from day one - as long as they have your debit card number they can simply continue to debit the account. And yet the bank will say it is not a CPA. Whatever it is - it's not legal. Fingers crossed for the FOS to bank me - I'm not asking for the world, just £21.
  2. My son (age 19) is detained under S3 of the Mental Health Act in a hospital in Nottingham. He has been there since November 2015; visiting is a nightmare, as it is a good 200miles there and 200 miles back - taking me anything from 3 and a half to five hours, each way. It seems no sooner I arrive to see my son, it's time to start the journey home again - having only about 45 mins to an hour for visiting. Anyway, my son has his COA meeting on 12 October and I believe that his Consultant Psychiatrist, will be recommending my son be transferred to 'locked rehab' facilities, closer to home. (He is currently in a low-secure setting). My son is entitled to S117 aftercare. Prior to his detention, he had been provided with supported housing, via Children's Services - but apart from that, they did little/nothing to help to support him / despite my regular communication and requests for help? He has ADHD and ASD; which does make him very vulnerable - as he easily exploited and targeted by others etc. Anyway, I had contacted SS for help in 2012 (when my son, then age 15 diagnosed ASD); I had been experiencing a lot of difficulties with my sons behaviour actions etc - however SS have not been helpful and have never given my son a core assessment of his needs etc. I feel they have contributed to his seriously declined mental health difficulties and that he may not have got to point of being sectioned, given the right help and support? Now that he is sectioned, I would rather that he is now transferred and assessed accordingly by Adult Services, as Childrens Services (his social worker) has never recognised my sons plummeting mental health, despite my concerns and pleas for help in past. So I see little point in her/that continuing to be involved with him from here on? I have made Social Services /hospital staff/aware of this and SS assured me they had made a referral to adult services, for my son. However, this was several months ago now and have heard no more about this? As they claim to have made this referral, I have nothing I can personally chase up or work with, or even evidence of them having done this at all? What I would like to find out is this, my son's CPA meeting coming up - is it normal practice; that a Social Worker from your area, would be present/attend? Also, I would like to clarify, in terms of assessment by Social Services - what Assessment would they be conducting , would it be with regard to the Care Act 2014 or would it be under other acts? As a parent/carer/Hearst relative; do I have any right to request assessment on my son's behalf? I am so very concerned that my son has adequate support in place when he is discharged, returned to the community? Social Services has repeatedly failed him and it is vital this does not happen now, if he is to have any real prospect of success. Any help /advice or information in relation to my specific questions above or other information that may assist me in preparation of my sons, CPA meeting - would be gratefully received. For example: funding for transfer to a hospital closer to home? Is this likely to be p,agued by beurocratic nonsence and unnecessary delays etc I await any responses and useful info and thank everyone in advance for your time and input. Thanks again Nadia Phillips:|
  3. Hi all, decided to take control of finances and stop robbing Peter to pay Paul. called my bank to cancel a specific CPA and guess what - CPA not cancelled. Had a plethora of promises - money will be recalled - won't happen again blah blah blah. My confidence in them has plummetted. I have made a complaint to the bank - looking for some advice if there are 'alternative' groups/CEO's etc that should be receiving a to-the-point email. GavieBaby
  4. Hi All I am aware there are discussions re Continuous Payment Authority but what are the rules/definition. I cancelled a gym membership and the bank has paid it, they say its a CPA, I need to tell them why they must cancel, but what do I say, ? Mr
  5. Hi, Please can someone help I'm worried that my bank account will go way overdrawn tomorrow and leave me in an even worse mess than I already am. I am setting up a debt management plan at the moment and as everyone knows, it takes a bit of time. Before going into this, I emailed all my creditors and cancelled the CPA that was set up and I also wrote to my bank to cancel. Nobody has taken any money since and so I am guessing this was actioned properly. Myjar, emailed me on that day to confirm the CPA had been cancelled and when I log into my Myjar account, it says card details as **** **** **** no numbers at all. If anyone reading this has a Myjar account please can you log on and see if this is what it says on your "my details" page or whether it does show a few numbers? I'm just trying to work out if they have actually deleted the card details and that this is just a threat. I thought that if they had confirmed that they had cancelled the CPA, then they could not take any payment from that card as it was then illegal? Am I right? I feel quite sick at the thought of my bank being overdrawn tomorrow morning by over £200 so any help would be great. It does say on the text to ring them if I can't pay but I don't want to be ringing anyone, I'm trying to sort all this out the correct way and they're just being impatient.
  6. I took a payday loan from Capital Finance One Ltd in July 2011. The loan was £200 and the total repayment was agreed at £278. I did not wish to pay £15 for same day 'faster payment' so the loan finally credited my account 2 days after being issued. The loan was issued on 4th July 2011 and I initially agreed to repay on 29th July 2011 when my salary was paid. On 21st July 2011, I emailed CFO to ask to change the repayment date from 29th July to 4th August 2011. I explained that I had paid interest for a full month and repayment on 4th August 2011 would, therefore, still be within the agreed 'one month' time limit. CFO did not respond until 29th July 2011 when they emailed a 3 lined message to tell me that I had 'defaulted' on the agreement. I immediately replied with a full explanation that I had not defaulted. CFO emailed the same message on 3rd August 2011 and on 4th August 2011, when I fully expected CFO to debit £278 and close the agreement, CFO took £128 which they said was 'charges for 3 defaults'. Emails were traded back and forth. I disputed these charges and even pointed out that the notices they sent me to notify of my alleged 'defaults' were completely invalid and did not comply with the Consumer Credit Act stipulations. I ordered CFO not to take any further monies until we had resolved the dispute. I also gave written cancellation for any authorisation CFO may have had to 'CPA' my account. ie not to debit what they wanted - when they wanted - without the need to inform me or seek my approval. CFO then debited 3 x £25's from my bank without my approval or authorisation. I wrote to CFO to say that they had now taken £203 and had taken £75 unlawfully. I told them that the agreement was in my opinion 'settled and closed'. CFO wrote to me once more to state that I still owed them £200 (how they calculated this figure, I don't know...) and that they would report to credit agencies that I was 'in default'. In April 2014, I made a payday loan application for £200 from CFO Lending Limited. I didn't know that Capital Finance One Ltd had changed their name in 2012, but I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have a pretty good idea that they were one and the same company! However, I was skint and had repaid £203 for the £200 loan in 2011. My application was rejected immediately. I had 'ticked' the box which denied CFO Lending to keep for themselves or pass on my personal details. I had submitted details of my new Nationwide Building Society (set up in 2013) account as part of the loan application. I had to give my debit card details so that, if successful, the loan could be collected from a named account. When rejected, these details should have instantly been erased by CFO Lending. However, CFO Lending waited until 11th June 2014 and made 5 separate debits from my bank for a total of £495.65. It took me a day to put the pieces together with the help of my bank 'visa dispute' team. I could not believe that CFO Lending had used information (which had only been submitted as part of a failed loan application and should have been deleted) to take £495.65 from my bank account without any authorisation, approval or even notification. I spoke at length to Ms Susie McKenzie in CFO Collections who said she would get back to me quickly. I had to wait nearly a week before I received a formal response. CFO stated that all of the debited money was to repay the outstanding loan from July 2011. CFO Lending had already taken £203 from my account in 2011. The last email they sent in 2011 told me that I 'still owed £200' (which I disputed completely). CFO had taken a further £495.65 on 11th June 2014. Therefore, CFO claimed that my £200 payday loan cost £698.65 to repay! CFO Lending claimed that the bank details which I had submitted as part of a rejected loan application to them in April 2014 could be used by them to recover any monies relating to the agreement we had in July 2011. They claimed that the Continuous Payment Authority set out in the 2011 contract justified this. I spent hours in collecting every email and document relating to my dealings with CFO from 2011 onwards. My response included a copy of the vital email which I sent to CFO on 24th August 2011 in which I ordered them to 'stop taking any further money from my account until the dispute is resolved satisfactorily. Any authority which Capital Finance One may have had is cancelled with immediate effect. You (CFO) have taken much more money than we agreed. Do not debit any more money from my bank'. I also set out why their defaults were invalid and why these huge charges could not be applied as they were never discussed or explained at the outset. I have a very strong and complete argument as to why CFO's actions are unlawful and why they must return all monies taken AFTER I cancelled the CPA and ordered that they make no more transactions on my account. CFO has failed to respond to this letter or any of the 6 I have sent them since. I sent a 'Final Demand' and they have not met the requirements within. Nationwide Building Society is investigating these transactions as 'fraudulent'. I have been able to make a formal complaint to 'Action Fraud'. Nationwide has advised me that THEY will report to the Police as this is their responsibility. I must now make a claim for the money using the CCMCC (county court money claims centre). I am determined to make the most of this opportunity to show the public just how payday lenders work. My case is very strong and legally sound. However, I am afraid that I will slip up in its execution by making an administrative or process error. Thus enabling CFO Lending's solicitors to have the claim 'dismissed' on a technical point. I have been 100% honest and open in my account of this matter. I have had to use a payday loan company because my credit history is not great. I did know that they have a reputation for difficulties. I repaid £203 for the £200 loan in 2011. I know that I should have patiently resolved the dispute then and paid off the remaining £75. CFO Lending still doesn't have the right to treat any customer like this. This 'CPA' justification is wrong and is completely unfair and dangerous. I want to make payday lenders change their working practices with this claim. I am not pretending to be Florence Nightingale. I have credit problems but I should not have to repay £700 for a loan of £200 - this is wrong. So, if anyone out there could please offer practical or legal advice which will help me make my claim more effective, then please get in touch. If you need any further information, let me know.
  7. I currently have a Wonga loan that I am having financial difficulties in paying back. So I contacted Halifax and Santander to inform them to cancel the CPA that was attached to my accounts. Halifax haven't got back to me yet, but Santander have. Here is the relevant text as below: I note from your letter dated 29 October 2013 that you have instructed Santander to stop any payments to Wonga from leaving your account. I would like to explain that in order for Santander to place a stop of a debit card payment we require a minimum of 24 hours notice, the exact amount of the payment, the date the payment is due to debit the account and the merchant's name. If any of these details change we cannot guarantee to stop the payment as we are unable to 'block' a debit from an individual merchant, we can only try and block a payment for a specific amount. I can confirm that Santander are currently looking at ways to improve their service as recurring debit card transactions are becoming a problem for many customer's. In the meantime, we do recomment that customer's attempt to cancel any subscriptioon they have entered into with a merchant while also contacting us to try and block the payments. I would therefore request that you contact your customer services department with the information required to stop any further dated card payments to Wonga. I hope I have explained the reason for my decision and that is offers a fair resolution to the issue you have raised. (Who are they trying to kid!) I couldn't have made more clearer that I wished to cancel the CPA when I wrote to them. Shall I send another letter back quoting the regulations of the Payments Services Regulations 2009 in more detail? Also, I'm definitly asking for compensation for dealing with the matter on this one as well.
  8. I cancelled the CPA that Payday Express had with me, as I'm entering into negotiations regarding repaying my debts on my terms. This was done in the Chester branch of Lloyds Bank over the phone on the 9th November, the payment was due on the 28th - I also notified PDX to advise of this. Roll on this morning, where we had some benefits paid in, but almost immediately, £102.01 was taken by them!! I got on the phone to Lloyds Debit Card Disputes, who, while acknowledging that I had cancelled the CPA in due time, they wouldn't be able to refund the money immediately as they have to wait for it to clear; even the manager I requested to speak to reiterated this. In my anger, I sent the following email to Antonio Osoria, CEO of Lloyds Bank: "Mr Osorio, I am writing this e-mail to express my disgust at the way I have been treated in regards to your organisation failing to adhere to the Payment Services Regulations 2009, specifically regulation 61 that states: "61. Subject to regulations 59 and 60, where an executed payment transaction was not authorised in accordance with regulation 55, the payment service provider must immediately— (a)refund the amount of the unauthorised payment transaction to the payer; and (b)where applicable, restore the debited payment account to the state it would have been in had the unauthorised payment transaction not taken place." I cancelled a number of continuous payment authorities on the 9th November over the telephone from the Chester branch of Lloyds TSB, and I was assured that no attempted transactions would be honoured. Today I received a payment of xxx in child benefit, which was immediately debited with a sum of £102.01 from a company via one of the CPAs that I had cancelled nearly a month prior. Upon discussing this with your debit card disputes department, I was frankly disgusted to find that, despite the above regulations, your company will not refund the funds as required under the aforementioned legislation until "the payment has cleared". I wish to know, exactly why your organisation feels that it can ignore UK law when it is my right to have the funds returned immediately, as I require that money in order to buy food for my family. If I do not have a resolution on this matter by close of business today, I will seek to take this matter with the relevant bodies, including but not limited to, the Financial Conduct Authority and the Financial Ombudsman, I will also seek recompense for the time I was kept on hold by your call centre staff. You may contact me on xxxxxxxxxx or via e-mail reply. I await your reply, Jimmy Jangle" Can anyone advise anything else? Any similar (and successful) experiences with Lloyds? (Just to be clearer, I've moved virtually all my banking across to Natwest, just didn't catch this benefit payment in time, and was hoping to get in before PDX did, on the off chance they wouldn't take heed of my cancellation) Thanks all
  9. Hi, I have just called HSBC asking for advice on removing a CPA from a payday lender. They informed me to contact the cheque centre first and inform them I wish to cancel the CPA with them and then to call them back when the Visa dispute department is open?I do not want to get in touch with the cheque centre until the loan has defaulted as I fully expect it will make it a lot more difficult. Can anyone advise on how to cancel a CPA with a payday lender with HSBC?Once it is cancelled I hope to come to a repayment agreement with the Cheque Centre then. Thanks
  10. Hi all, I cancelled a cpa i had with minicredit with my bank but today they rinsed my account. I phoned my bank and asked for a charge back they refused saying it was not a cpa payment it was a one off payment taken 3 times and because they changed the amount and the date when they took it , it could not be stopped. Ive put a visa dispute in and a complaint is there anything else i can do at this time. thanks mame.
  11. I have just rang the bank to cancel 3 CPAs. The lady on the phone took the details but kept jumping between 2 phrases. Firstly she said that if they did take the money then i would be refunded, and then she said all we can do is monitor the situation, then back to the 1st statement and so on. I have come away from the phonecall slightly confused. Are the CPAs cancelled or is the bank just monitoring them. Not quite sure how it works. Any advice would be appreciated
  12. A friend has got into problems with Toothfairy Finance. They are unable to meet their repayment in a few days time. I sent an email to Toothfairy via their contact form on their website on my friends behalf. The email was to request a suitable repayment plan and to inform them that my friend was revoking any right previously given to use a CPA on their debit card. My friend has also cancelled this CPA with her bank this morning. However, my friend has just received an email from Toothfairy asking for evidence of her income such as a pay slip. They also acknowledged that she had requested they cancel the CPA. Toothfairy have said they will not use the CPA for a reasonable amount of time. However, they then state that should a payment not be received or a plan set up to pay off the loan that they will reinstate the CPA without further notice, and attempt to take repayments. ( she did not request they cancel the CPA, she instructed them not to use it, and that she revoked any previous permission for them to use it). Are they allowed to reinstate a CPA once she has notified them she has revoked their right to do so, and she has cancelled it with the bank?
  13. I wanted to know whether when you use the swicth facility this new thing for switching accounts, it says it transfers over all your direct debits etc and lets debtors know you are switching. I was wondering if this still counts for CPA? essentially what I want to know is if I use the switch facility will PDL companies be able to have access to that account somehow and get my funds? secondly, I am negotiating some payment plans. From experience of people who have entered plans with these types of companies, what mnethod of payment do you use? I don't have a credit card and I'm too worried about giving them my bank card details? Lastly, these switch accounts like first direct and halifax do they accept people with not so good credit? I.e is it even worth trying for these or just get a basic account from somewhere else? Thanks
  14. This is the first time I've come across this. I cancelled/withdrawn authorisation for CPA with peachy (I also informed bank so I think I'm safe) and I thought it was sorted. About a month later I got an email saying they had failed to collect the payment from my card and they would keep trying. I sent them a reply back stating that I had withdrawn authorisation for CPA and any payments would be returned by my bank etc. They then sent me this in the reply: Please note that a continuous-payment authority is not covered by any bank guarantee and can only be cancelled by the business that holds the authority (and we did so for 30 days which we are bound to do by law and no longer).Is this true? When you cancel CPA with a lender are you in fact only suspending it for 30 days? What about if you tell the bank not to allow these payments, is that for 30 days or permanantly? Thanks, Albert
  15. Hi all, In August 2011 I cancelled a CPA from a payday lender. I did this in writing to Lloyds (I still have a copy of the letter). No payment was taken in August 11, but in Sept 11 Lloyds let the company take £1140 from my account in 7 transactions. I made a complaint over the phone at the end of Sept 11. They refused to so a chargeback or solve the problem at all. Instead they demanded proof I had paid the payday lender in full. I didnt have this at the time and didnt no what to do. So I did nothing. Recently I submitted a claim for this money under the fact they had failed to keep to the CPA. They have declined any liability and stated because I continued to to use the account there is nothing they can do. In July 2012 they defaulted my account because I refused to pay £300 in charges when they failed to cancel several direct debits. I also made a claim for this. In the letter they sent they ackowledged that i tried to cancel the direct debits over the phone.Surely this makes them liable for the default that was registered and the charges. I recieved a letter stating that they will not removed the default and they are offering me £220. £100 off the outstanding balance. £100 compensation. £20 to cover my postal costs and the failed SAR that I requested. They have agreed to fullfil the SAR request asap. My problem is I feel they are liable for the full amount as the failure to cancel was their fault. Can someone advice me on what letter to send next. Also am I legally allowed to cash the cheque for £220 and still take this further? Regards Lx
  16. Hi , went in my branch today to cancel 4 continued payment authorities. They said i could not do it in branch , but i asked them to phone their head office, then i spoke to to a gent on the phone who said they can only request to stop one which was pduk as that was the only cpa on my account although wonga , cash.co.uk and mr lender are listed on my statements. what are my options to stop them taking money from my account i have 7 days.
  17. Ok, this is a long one, so bear with me, but any advice would be much appreciated. I called Nationwide 3 weeks ago to cancel the Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) on my debit card to which they declined, which as far as I'm aware is against the law? I unfortunately have had to start signing on again, this money goes in on a Monday. Last Wednesday (29/05) I emailed CFO Lending, informing them that I removed the CPA with them. I awoke Monday morning, to find that they had taken £160, and taken me over my overdraft limit. I am now in the process of claiming the money back,and already have some of it. But due to Nationwide's incompetence, I have been unable to eat, pay rent, and I have incurred charges on my account. Do I have any grounds for compensation? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks
  18. Hi I'm in the process of entering into an IVA (proposals in post to creditors) so I have stopped paying my creditors including a few payday loan companies that I have. I wrote to my bank last week and told them to cancel all continuous payment authorities to these companies and cancelled my debit card. Yesterday MonkeyDosh took 187.50 out my account on my old cancelled card. I rang the bank and informed them that I had cancelled the CPA and blocked my card yet they still took the money, so Barclays cancelled the card payment and credited it back to my account and informed me to take it out before they tried to take it again, which I done. I've taken a look at my accout today and it is 187.50 over drawn (I dont have any overdraft facilities) so I rang the bank and informed them. They said they could put a request in for this to be cancelled and returned, but there is no guarantees that it will happen and I wont hear nothing for 48 hours. Are the bank even allowed to do that? Even though they admitted yesterday that they knew I had cancelled the CPA with them in writing and credited it back to my account. Plus, how did MonkeyDosh manage to take the payment from my card when my account had no money in? Thanks for any replies in advance M
  19. Hello everyone, first I feel I should thank you all for the heaps of helpful information across this board however I've had some difficulty understanding everything I should do and in what order. As such I've made this thread asking for a bit more help just so I can make sure I get things right and don't screw it all up. I will start with the story so far. After loosing my job and due to having no money until my benefits kicked in I took out a loan of £230 from Wonga on 2nd of November, it was due on the 21st of December, I was on JSA for about a month then lost it due to a stupid fault of my own, I wrote to them explaining this and asked to set up a repayment plan hoping I would be able to get a new job in the month of time they gave me of frozen interest in order to be able to pay them back. The amount I owe them now is £390. I failed in getting a job in time and emailed them explaining, twice, each time they replied saying to phone however I did not do this as I couldn't due to having no money to pay for the phone bill. I missed each time they called me due to them calling randomly at stupid times to my mobile. Nothing then happened until now. I've managed to get my JSA reinstated and I'm expecting my first payment of JSA within the next 3 days however I'm worried that Wonga will take it all from my account the moment it gets paid in. As such I've been trying to work out what to do which is what led me here. I followed the advice on the forums in other posts and attempted to ring Natwest to get them to cancel Wonga's CPA on my account, they said it could not be done and the person on the phone to me from Natwest overpowered me and wouldn't let me get a word in and due to my lack of knowledge of what to be saying ended up with me failing. I later that day sent a complaint to Natwest regarding what happened during the phonecall, stating that they were breaking FSA guidelines and specifically regulation 55. I received an email stating that it has been forwarded to a more specialized department and could take between 8-15 days for a reply. I attempted earlier today to call Wonga to see if they would co-operate and organize a new repayment plan or stop the automatic payments, the man on the line said he could do nothing unless they could take a part payment today, he was extremely sympathetic and upset that I was stuck in this position and that he could do nothing to help and apologized several times. I assumed from this that he could not actually do anything and was stuck doing what he was told to do. And now that brings us to where we are now. I am planning to go to the bank tomorrow with a letter following what others have said demanding that CPA is removed and payments stopped to Wonga however from reading the boards I see other people have had difficulty with this so this is why I have started this thread hoping that someone could specifically tell me what to do and what to go on with and what to say. As in what I should print out (FSA Guidlines etc.) and who to speak to and so on as I am at a lost. It seems that the wealth of information has confused me and I need some help. I hope someone can point me in the right direction and help me get this sorted out because if I don't and Wonga take my money I will have nothing left and will not be able to survive. Thank you all for your time for reading this and I really hope someone can help me out. I understand I was stupid to leave this to such a last minute thing and to get a PDL in the first place.
  20. My understanding is when I close an account it is closed e.g. no funds available and no liability; not according to Natwest following closure of my credit card account. I have told them I consider all CPA's that may have existed to be cancelled but they have responded "although the account is now closed, we may still be required to honour a transaction on your behalf". WTF! Surely this is counter to FSA guidance and common sense. Effectively there is an open ended liability. How should I respond, I have already quoted FSA regulations at them?
  21. Hi, I've just had a phone call from Barclays at work, regarding my cash account with them, as it is apparently £67.92 overdrawn. All the direct debits against this account have been cancelled and the account hasn't been used for months, in fact I was thinking about closing it. I asked what had taken it overdrawn, and after a lot of faffing about the guy on the phone said it was a card payment for £68 for the AA taken on the 19th of December. I had £0.08 in the account, and they have authorised a CARD payment for £68 - can they actually do this?? I know they're obliged to pay DDs but thought with a CPA, which this presumably is, that if there were no available funds then it wouldn't be paid? I am going to speak to the AA tonight to see if they will refund whatever this is for, because I don't have insurance or breakdown cover anymore and don't recall agreeing to anything like this, although I obviously have at some point. I don't hold out much hope... I'm just wondering what the legal standpoint is with Barclays, because I don't understand how they've put my overdrawn, on an account that doesn't have an overdraft, for a debit card payment....
  22. Hello all, I am getting closer, I think, to being in a position to get control of my finances. I have set up a parachute account for my wages, cancelled my card (lost/fraud) sent letters to all of the lenders asking for a repayment schedule and withdrawing the authority for the CPA. I walked a letter into my local Santander to try and get them to stop the CPA their side and it's taken them three days to get back to me, but they have managed to register a dispute against each of the lenders. They have just said to me that regardless of this is the PDL go to VISA they can still get the transactions authorised!! How is that possible?? Santander appear to be supportive and would like me to provide them with all of the evidence of communication between the PDL and myselves. The current situation is that I have not deafualted on any of my PDL yet, I have written to them explaining I will not be able to make payment and requested that they put me into a repayment plan. Should I also be doing this via e-mail or just leaving it to recorded delivery letters. I cannot enter a DMP with StepCHange as my I&E puts me at a negative due to me being paid commission every month. I just want to get on a repayment plan as quickly as possible so that I can get out the other side of this horrible mess. The stress is really starting to hit home as I have bills coming up that I just won't be able to pay.
  23. Right guys, I am so appreciative of all your help on my many recent threads regarding my debt, especially the 2 PDLs we have, but I am still not CERTAIN whether a CPA can be reinstated by the PDL once I have got the STOP CPA letter into the bank signed and stamped. I am not whingeing about the advice I've been given but I'm still not certain as I have had a couple of different answers/advice on different threads. I want to keep my current account with Natwest but have also set up a new account with them to get my income paid into. If the CPA can be reinstated at a later date what the heck would be the point cancelling the CPA...?.. Can someone please please tell me if I am safe to keep my accounts once I've confirmed cancellation of all CPAs. Thanks again guys.
  24. Hi guys, I posted a few days ago with problems about Natwest refusing to cancel my CPA's and telling me the PDL's are not using CPA ect. Anyway i have now made an official complain thru the FOS, but after everything i told them on the phone they basically sent the Bank a 3 line summary of my complaint and everything i had said. Luckily the FOS letter sent to me gave me details of who is dealing with my complaint at Natwest so i have wrote a full 2 page letter explaining what happened in the branch in detail and im sending it off today. i will be keeping you all updated and hopefully get some results. I ended up being forced to cancel my account with natwest and it seems even tho i had a second account with them that i transferred my money in to it has successfully stopped the PDL's getting access to my money. i will keep you informed. Thanks to this site and members or none of this would have been possible and i would have been totally cleared out this week.
  25. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19598492
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