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Found 6 results

  1. Submit your evidence to assist Carillion investigation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/submit-your-evidence-to-assist-carillion-investigation
  2. Hello, was hoping for some feedback from those in the know - i feel like i was mis sold recovery service... My car broke down at the weekend so i called my trusty arnold clark assist phone number looking for help. I was quickly informed that the policy had expired in November last year. This came as a shock as we were under the impression the cover lasted as long as our finace deal? I was told no, it was only for 2 years but i could still get assitance - for a fee of 80 plus vat an Arnold clark assist engineer would come to my rescue to fix my car, or if it could not be repaired roadside, it would be towed to the nearerst dealership who would fix it there. I agreed, the guy turned up, started the car, decided a bearing was dodgy and that it would have to go to the dealer for repair. Fine by me. I let him take my car and off he went. This morning i called the garage and after initally not having a clue what i was talking about, they finally found my car, sent it to a different garage and i sat by my phone waiting to find out how much the repair was going to cost. Turns out, that for in order to decide whats wrong with my car, the Service team want to charge me another fee of 89 plus vat, meaning im already 200quid down and my car is still not working! While i agree i probably should have seen this coming, im furious that it was made out by the recovery team that the original fee of 80 plus vat was to diagnose and recover my car if required. Does anyone have any any advice? I desperately need my car back but have refuse to allow the service team to look at it without knowing one or the other fee's be waived.... Thanks for helping
  3. Hi, I have a loan of approx £1300 next week due to repaid to quickquid. I just cannot afford to continue to repay interest on the loan so I am going to stop now. I am so worried that they will contact my workplace and demand money, I am going to email them with a very acceptable repayment plan which I hope they will agree to. Has anyone have experience dealing with this company? I fear the worse being honest. I will get my wages to be paid into another account so I should be okay but I just want to get an agreement with them and get on with my life.
  4. Hi, I was involved in a non-fault accident and the other drivers insurance accepted liability. Drive Assist took the vehicle to Motorfix to be repaired. The vehicle was repaired by Motorfix and returned all ok. I received a letter from Motorfix telling me that as Drive Assist is in administration that I am liable for the £1250 repair bill. They have given me 7 days to pay before they take court action. In the letter they sent me, they said "that by handing the keys over to them that I am now responsible for the debt". This seems to be very unfair, as my insurance company arranged the repair through Drive Assist, who then got Motorfix to repair. Plus the accident wasn't even my fault, so surely I should be the last person to be stuck with the bill or do they actually have a right to claim from me? Any advice on this would be great, I don't think they do have a right to claim from me as it was my insurer and Drive Assist who instructed them but I am not 100% on this. Thank you for your time
  5. Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice please. (hope I'm in the correct sub-forum) My daughter got a lot of missed calls from an 0845 number, she just had a phonecall from a different, landline number, with someone saying they were from First Assist on behalf of *her bank name given*. They were trying to sell sickness/injury insurance. Because they used her middle name which she only ever uses with the bank, she confirmed her name and address, told them who she works for and that she has a child and the childs age. Luckily I came in and found out it was a 'sales' call before she agreed to take out their insurance and give her bank details to them and I got her to hang up. I rang the 0845 number also and got a recorded message stating they were calling on behalf of the bank. I then rang the bank to find out if First Assist were affiliated with them in any way and they said no and they never pass on any customer info/details. I googled the number and found lots of people have been getting calls from the same numbers for a couple of years now. Is there anything she can do, anyone she can report this to, she is now worrying about ID theft even though she didn't give her bank details. Is there anyway we can find out where this company or agent got her details from? Thanks Gem
  6. I own a home with my wife and desperately need to move due to size as we have more kids on the way. Since buying my home 7 years ago there are a string of defaults etc on my file, unsecured and in the main unsettled, but being paid by arrangements. I have been stupid and irresponsible, for the last 6 years, building up a debt of £25k to various loans, cards, payday lenders etc. This can only be put down to me being an idiot! Missed payments are on unsecured stuff, mortgage has never faultered. The current home is worth £200k, and i owe £120k to standard Life now woolwich. £80k equity that i would love to use to pay off my £25k debts and use the remainder to use as a deposit on the new home. my earnings are now good £50k pa + £10k regular bonus, with my wifes part time work bringing in 18k. wifes crredit is good but with about £6k in loans, but never missed. Is there any suggestions for how i could get a lender / broker to assist with this situation on moving home many thanks
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