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  1. This company have caused me nothing but grief in the last year. They began emptying my account back in June and luckily my bank stopped them and I called up asking what they were doing and asking where they found my account details. They said I had applied for a loan on their website and they were taking owed payment. There and then I agreed a payment plan. The payment was due at the end of July and it never came out and again in August. I wrote an email asking why and they said it's their mistake and they now have it all set up. Today, I've been paid hal
  2. The words 'responsible lending' I find a con. I know the amount of debt I am in is my own fault but the last year I have started up payment plans with them and tried to get myself back on track. I have 3 that I use still, WDA which this month I paid off in full and then had to reapply because it is a huge amount. Now I am having trouble with Quid Market. They gave me a PDL when I probably shouldn't have been accepted but it was a massive help none the less. Last month, I was going to pay off my loan in full so I didn't respond to any of the defferal messages and thought it would be dealt with.
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