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Found 24 results

  1. Hello all, I am very stressed and anxious and feel I have no one to speak to about this. I would be grateful for any help anyone can offer me. I will keep it as brief as possible. Thank you for reading and taking the time out to help me. I was arrested for a very foolish issue in 2009, my assets were frozen so I received legal aid as I was unable, due to the restraint order being in place on my assets, to pay legal fees myself. In 2012, after many, many (expensive) meetings with my solicitor and barrister, I plead guilty and am sentenced to prison. I come home in 2014 and
  2. Hi all, I'm involved with something with a heathcare trust they have set Ross & Roberts on me who have told me they will be sending doorstep collection agents (They call them enforcement agents). I've emailed them as I dispute the debt and told them that I will only enter into discussions with them in writing and that they do not have permission to come onto my property and they will be trespassing if they do. added to clarify: there is no court order or anything They say they won't be. Am I wrong? Advice would be great, thank you!
  3. Hi Can you remind me what my rights are regarding council tax payments had an email from Ross and Roberts they are trying to get hold of me I want to contact our council office direct and make a payment can I just tell them I'm doing this and they will have to accept it the council know that I'm registered disabled so I take it that's why I have had an email and not a visit Thank you
  4. We rent a house, and as part of the tenancy agreement the landlady agreed to pay the council tax for the property. Well for one reason or another she didn't pay it, and the council obtained a liability order for over £2500 dating back to the date we moved in. We had received letters from the council, which we forwarded onto the Landlady in the expectation she would pay the outstanding amount, but due to financial problems she never paid the bills, and as you would expect the council in the end obtained a liability order. We received notificaton from Ross and Roberts that they would b
  5. Evening all, I'm helping a friend out with a Council Tax bill which was overlooked after a misunderstanding with the paperwork. When they contacted the council to set up a direct debit they were advised they were £96.00 behind on payments so made this payment in full there and then on the phone. That was the end of the issue so they thought. However they were not advised of an underpayment of a bill in the period of 2014 - 2015 which was left outstanding and as such not aware of. In the phone call and a reminder letter they received they were not told about the overdue CT of £11
  6. I hope I have posted this in the right place, need some advice as to how to proceed on this matter. I missed some payments of council tax back in 2013 which according to an email response from them totalled £208, and the 2014 tax year ahead would be £161.84, in March 2014 I emailed them and asked for a payment plan and the council said I could set up payments for both the current year and the debt spread over 12 months, £28.84 payable 1st April 2014 followed by monthly payments of £31 from May to March, I asked if I could break it down every two weeks instead so
  7. I had an arrangement with Ross & Roberts to pay £1060 within 4 weeks I was short by £110 (paid 950) and while its my problem and while am insured my dog had to have emergency out of hours vet treatment so the amount I was short is the excess - emergency was life threatening (he eaten a load of heart meds from my other dog so was in danger of renal failure) so even if I'd opted to put to sleep (which thankfully I didn't need to) I'd still have incurred charges. That aside I rang R&R to say I had an unexpected shortfall (my problem) I will have £50 this week but will be paid ne
  8. Good Day I was recently sent a council tax bill for a property I lived in 3 years ago. It was for £115 for my final months council tax. It was a genuine mistake on my part. The letter came to my house asking for payment within 14 days, however I was away from home for a long period of time so by the time I got the letter the debt had been sent to Ross and Roberts who now wanted £190. I wasn't sure the original amount was right so queried it with the council who asked me to post some details to them which I did recorded delivery. 2 weeks later came a phone call from the bailiff, so I got b
  9. We have a council tax debt from last year (2013/14). Following some to-ing and fro-ing, several unanswered letters and not a little stress, we agreed a payment order with R&R. The agreement was two months at one sum, then an increased sum for the next four months (our proposal, not theirs). They confirmed the lower sum for a longer period, made no reference to the increase to the higher sum and didn't reply when I wrote to correct them. We made the first two payments and 30th April was the date for the first of the higher ones. Because of
  10. Hello, I've stupidly fell behind on a few Council Tax bills and owe in the region of £1,400. I never received an LO however have been informed that a Liability Order has been made against me (the council told me this over the phone but won't send me any information on it). Had a first letter through the door yesterday from Ross and Roberts Bailiffs. After reading this forum I understand some of my rights and am a little calmer (still my mind is exploding with images of being left with nothing but squalor and sadness!). I know I don't have to let them in, however I do want to ar
  11. Well Mr Jones the councillor and I went to see the council yesterday about the Hedder H fee and the Attendance to remove fee being charged the same day as the levy we agreed that the Hedder H fee was a controversial fee and there were different opinions they stated the south Ribble case and agreed that there were several LGO reports saying it couldn't be charged I said it was an advertising fee introduced in 1993 and can only be charged if goods are removed Council said No its not just for advertising its for other expense's couldn't tell us what other expense's or wh
  12. Hi Just looking for a bit of advice and making sure I have my facts right on this. Missed a couple of CT payments 2012/2013 and had letter from ross and roberts about a month ago. must admit forgot all about it as had alot going on with my son who is currently being assessed for mental health problems and that has taken alot of my time and been my main priority. But got my second letter today through my letter box. They didnt even knock on the door this time as I was in. It states that unless I call them today the option to pay by installments will be removed. Can they
  13. I have recently had some dealings with a bailiff from ross and roberts, the problem as such is sorted, in that I never ever let him in my home and I am paying the council directly. However I cannot find this bailiff on the register as a certified bailiff. On my "first notice" it only has his name as S Jackson I'm not entirely sure what his first name is, I've searched the company and the surname and another mr jackson comes up but not with that initial. I am dealing with the council first to ask how much I still owe and I will deal with ross and roberts once
  14. I recently had a letter from Ross and Roberts regarding two unpaid parking tickets ( for which I Plead Guilty) this was dated 13th August 2013. The letter stated that each ticket was now worth £98.44 making a total of £196.88. It had contact details for the Bailiff on the form and a contact number to speak to the Bailiff. It also had on it additional charges added to it of approx £100.00 added to each of the previously mentioned tickets taking the total to almost £400.00. I rang the number on the letter and spoke to the Bailiff and asked him why he had added £100.00 to each of the
  15. Ok, so I found a job a couple of weeks ago and did 2 days paid work, this meant I had to sign off from JSA for those 2 days. I have been on JSA for about 4 months since my last job ended. After those 2 days I was no longer required so I resigned on to JSA. My payment for Ross and Roberts was due on the 1st July but I did not receive my payment from JSA till the 8th due to signing off and on again and don't receive any payments for those 2 days work till the end of July. As soon as I received the JSA on Monday 8th I made a payment to R&R of £40, the amount specified when I told th
  16. I mentioned this in another thread that I had started and was advised that it was worthy of raising as a separate issue in this section. Ross and Roberts debt for council tax. I gave them a walking possession last year, plus £300 up front and agreed to pay £150 a month, which I can afford. However, I paid it via the Internet (their web site) and was a couple of days late. About a week after that payment, they turned up and said that even though I was up to date , they were terminating the agreement and now wanted £1,600 odd or they would take away my car and
  17. people in this country need to wake up and smell the coffee quicktime, because r&r are harassing people with incorrect information. i have a similar case, with Torbay who are chasing me for £90 for a ticket which i appealed against and woin the case, and they are using them to get the money, but thankfully i am an ex cab adviser, so i know what they can, and cannot do, and i am just waiting for them to try that, as i have already warned them not to trespass on my property because i will forcibly remove them. i am sorry that you have this stress, b ut i w
  18. I'm interested in how many people have had false charges added to their LO's with regards to Council Tax. Ross & Roberts seem to be the 'Fairy Tale' Bailiffs of the industry. The trouble is, to lie, you have to have a good memory and be a good liar whilst at it - Oh, and that pesky thing called CCTV always gets in the way of a good lie. How many others have been fleeced by this not very intelligent outfit?
  19. Hi, Here is my story... R&R bailiff clamped my bf car who was visiting (embarrassing as not been with him long) this was May 2010. They pretended to say they were taking it etc as on my property. Anyway, I knew little about bailiffs and my Rights. He ended up coming in (if only I had researched first & not been niave!!!) as I owed SBC (Swindon Borough Council) differing CT amounts totalling over £5000. He made me pay £545 then agreed to allow me to pay £120 p/m which I have done since. It was back in the days of when I was hiding from debts which I am now not. I had
  20. My ex-husband unwittingly allowed the Bailiff to enter his home - she said she was there 'on behalf of the local council and at no time said she was from Ross and Roberts. It was only after she made a list of goods and asked him to sign a paper saying he would pay back the council tax debt at £65 per month, that he realised she was not actually from the local council. I used to deal with all the financial problems when I was with him and I try to help him out now as much as I can because he not only doesnt really understand most of it, he suffers from anxiety and high blood pressure and
  21. Hi all, today i came home and found a hand delivered letter from these bailiffs the letter says it is a second notice, for arrears of council tax from croydon borough. the letter is addressed a person not known at our address as we have lived here for over 30 years. the name i do recognise. it is the name of my ex-landlady, i used to live in one of her flats but gave it up 3 years ago. i have no council arrears as i paid them all up to date and have records to prove this. i find it very odd to have received this letter at my current address and am at a l
  22. Hi I would really appreciate some help on this matter as soon as possible. Ross and Roberts attended my property last Nov as apparenty my account was in default (even though i had never missed a payment as was advised by them that my account was clear). To cut a long story short, they have been to visit me twice now where they levied my goods and made me sign an agreement to pay and amount each month that i told them i couldn't afford to pay. In december i phoned them to make my payment as said i couldn't afford the ful amount and could i part pay, they agreed to
  23. Good afternoon, I have joined this forum in the hope someone can help me with this situation!! I had a council tax debt which was passed to Ross and Roberts. I was paying £40 a month for 6 months until i was late with a payment by 2 days and they sent the baliff around again! I then had to pay another £130 after being hounded!! I then reverted to paying £40 a month again for 8 months. Due to a move i again missed a payment! I was working on Monday and my daughter who is 11 was at home with my 17 year old sister. My 11 year old answered the door where a balliff asked for me, sh
  24. Hello. I find myself in a difficult position in regards to the above bailiffs. In 2007 I walked away from a business and defaulted on the lease. The landlord saw that the business wasn't capable of sustaining itself so was fine to take back the lease. In the period between then and now, I have moved around 5 times. On the 2 May this year, I returned to my current home to find a letter through the door from Ross and Roberts saying I had arrears of Non-Domestic Rates for 2008 and 2009 totalling £8300. This was the first I knew about it. Apparently, t
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