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Found 24 results

  1. Hello all, I am very stressed and anxious and feel I have no one to speak to about this. I would be grateful for any help anyone can offer me. I will keep it as brief as possible. Thank you for reading and taking the time out to help me. I was arrested for a very foolish issue in 2009, my assets were frozen so I received legal aid as I was unable, due to the restraint order being in place on my assets, to pay legal fees myself. In 2012, after many, many (expensive) meetings with my solicitor and barrister, I plead guilty and am sentenced to prison. I come home in 2014 and have to sell my family home to settle a large confiscation order – no issue with all this – I was a fool and it's fair and correct that I pay back what I made through my ‘crime’. House sold in 2015, confiscation settled. I am aware that I have received Legal Aid (of course) but my solicitors advise that ‘if they don’t contact you, forget about it’ essentially. Now, after selling my home and settling my confiscation order, I am left with a sum of money, certainly well over £30k. I was half expecting a letter from the LAA whilst I was in prison or at least as soon as my home was sold and the freezing order lifted – but I heard nothing. Assuming the onus is not on me to call them and pay my legal aid bill, I assume (that word again) that all is clear and I can move on with my life. The funds I had remaining are slowly spent on rent, repaying family and friends who had loaned me money and a failed business investment (it’s been a rough few years _ In December 2017, everything changes. I receive a letter from Rossendales asking for £100,000 plus in the form of a Capital Contribution Order – the first I’ve heard of it and a ruined Xmas ensues. Rossendales letter states that they think I still have all the assets from before settling the confiscation order, which I do not have anymore. I decide to engage with the LAA direct and they seem fair and I explain that I used to have the assets that Rossendales mentioned on their letter but they were sold to pay the confiscation etc.I send proof of this of course. The LAA ask for annotated bank statements covering the last few years which I send - they show that there is little money remaining and the funds, that I suppose, they feel are theirs, have been spent on 'living' by me - to repeat - I had no idea I owed this money beyond knowing I had received legal aid. My communication with the LAA has been along the lines of 'you missed your chance as all my funds have been spent since being released from prison and your letter came out of the blue etc' – I have been totally transparent and honest with them and have nothing to hide, if they had asked me for the COO upon selling my home back in 2015, I would have had the funds to pay them in full with no argument – but writing to me 2.5 years later, the funds have been spent. After various emails and receiving 3 years of annotated bank statements, the LAA appears to accept that I have spent almost all my funds but because I was left with enough funds on selling my home in 2015, the COO should remain and I ‘still have a liability to pay towards the Capital Contribution Order’. They appear willing to remove my rent payments and settlement payment to HMRC from the funds I was left with, but nothing else. I am struggling with these points: - I have a job and earn c£30k a year – but even if I agreed to pay £250-£500 a month towards the COO – this would cause me real hardship and still take me the rest of my life to repay the debt. - Was the onus on me to contact the LAA once I was free and settle this matter? - Are the LAA likely to make me bankrupt or would they rather I make a payment each month to settle my debt over many, many years / decades Perhaps you could give me some suggestions – I feel really worried and feel like giving up all together frankly. I don’t really dispute that I received legal aid, but I don’t have the money to pay this debt that has come from nowhere. Thanks for reading this far. Phillip
  2. Hi all, I'm involved with something with a heathcare trust they have set Ross & Roberts on me who have told me they will be sending doorstep collection agents (They call them enforcement agents). I've emailed them as I dispute the debt and told them that I will only enter into discussions with them in writing and that they do not have permission to come onto my property and they will be trespassing if they do. added to clarify: there is no court order or anything They say they won't be. Am I wrong? Advice would be great, thank you!
  3. Hi Can you remind me what my rights are regarding council tax payments had an email from Ross and Roberts they are trying to get hold of me I want to contact our council office direct and make a payment can I just tell them I'm doing this and they will have to accept it the council know that I'm registered disabled so I take it that's why I have had an email and not a visit Thank you
  4. We rent a house, and as part of the tenancy agreement the landlady agreed to pay the council tax for the property. Well for one reason or another she didn't pay it, and the council obtained a liability order for over £2500 dating back to the date we moved in. We had received letters from the council, which we forwarded onto the Landlady in the expectation she would pay the outstanding amount, but due to financial problems she never paid the bills, and as you would expect the council in the end obtained a liability order. We received notificaton from Ross and Roberts that they would be attending ( as you would expect ) to get the money paid. I got straight on the phone to them and explained what had occured. How the Landlady should have paid it, but didn't. I have to say the woman on the phone was absolutely wonderful. remarkably helpful. Whilst she accepted it wasn't our fault, as she rightly pointed out, the bailliff could only deal with the liability order in our name and we were responsible to get it paid. She gave us two weeks grace so we could get in touch with the landlady and see what arrangement we could come up with, but as stated, we had to ensure that money got paid. I immediately made a couple of payments to show good will, then got in touch with the landlady and made arrangements whereby should Ross and Roberts agree, we would pay it over a set period. The same woman agreed instantly to our proposal, and as long as payments were forthcoming she would suspend bailliff action. I explained our financial situation basically over hte phone, and she actually suggested I reduce what I proposed by £30 a week, so as to ensure that we didn't leave ourselves short over the winter period. I was sat open mouthed at how helpful she was. We made the payments on time, barring one week when the day we were supposed to pay, happened to fall on Christmas day, and I just got a very polite phone call from their office saying they understood that due to Christmas the payment would most probably be late, and to remind me to pay it as soon as I could, so I would stay within the terms of the agreement. Once we got to the last 2 payments, they rang us again, telling us how much was left, and telling us to ensure that we didn't pay too much as the final payment was less than all the others would have been. I've dealt with bailliff companies in the past and found them to be downright obstinate and refuse point blank to listen, but in this case, Ross and Roberts were absolutely fantastic and helpful. So for a change, heres a thumbs up to a bailliff firm for being considerate and downright helpful.
  5. Evening all, I'm helping a friend out with a Council Tax bill which was overlooked after a misunderstanding with the paperwork. When they contacted the council to set up a direct debit they were advised they were £96.00 behind on payments so made this payment in full there and then on the phone. That was the end of the issue so they thought. However they were not advised of an underpayment of a bill in the period of 2014 - 2015 which was left outstanding and as such not aware of. In the phone call and a reminder letter they received they were not told about the overdue CT of £117.09 Needless to say I was woken up this morning to my friend in complete panic about the Bailiffs and have drafted some letters and come up with a repayment plan for their arrears and CT for the remainder of the financial year. Having looked at the payments they [the council] were requesting over 10 months 2015 - 2016. I have managed to devise settlement of the arrears and current tax years bill over the remaining 9 months of the financial year. This is roughly the same amount if they paid over 10 months without arrears. So the following letter went to the Council This was sent by Fax. A copy was sent to Ross and Robbers for their records. The same day the below Fax went to Ross and Roberts directly: Sent the same day by Fax also. I'm not sure we'll get anywhere with the 2x Fees that are in question. But both as we all know here a grossly disproportionate to the costs incurred to the Council. I wrote this with a recent judgement in mind that a summons fee of £70 was considered unreasonable. Sure I read that in the news letter from CAG some time recently. Also an additional £75 Bailiff Compliance fee for sending 1 letter second class post is ridiculous and shameful. Oh and lets not talk about the local council outsourcing operations to Capita......... Hmmm... Other than the above is there anything else they [my friend] should be doing? Or is there anything I've overlooked here? Many thanks Shark xx
  6. I hope I have posted this in the right place, need some advice as to how to proceed on this matter. I missed some payments of council tax back in 2013 which according to an email response from them totalled £208, and the 2014 tax year ahead would be £161.84, in March 2014 I emailed them and asked for a payment plan and the council said I could set up payments for both the current year and the debt spread over 12 months, £28.84 payable 1st April 2014 followed by monthly payments of £31 from May to March, I asked if I could break it down every two weeks instead so it would coincide with my housing benefit/JSA payments (I am a single mum out of work at the moment) and she was agreeable to this and said she would send me a direct debit mandate and the figures were something like £16 once a month and £14 once a month. The problem was that I sent the direct debit form back and they only took one of the amounts per month, I had an operation and was out of action for a bit so didn't really deal with it and just paid what they billed me. I missed a letter from them and now have an enforcement notice from Ross & Roberts for £251, comprised of £176 debt and a compliance fee of £75, I phoned the council and spoke to an enforcement advisor to ask if i could pay the council and he refused, I said that I had offered to pay last year and they only took one direct debit a month unlike the 2 we had agreed, he said this was due to a benefit change in March 2014 but he couldn't say what, which 'changed the figure' and I can't recall any change, my operation didn't change my JSA entitlement as I did a sicknote for 14 days. He says since I have not made efforts to pay the debt since I spoke to an advisor by phone a few months back to pay a payment that was refused by the bank (incidentally she put the mistake with the lack of withdrawal of 2 payments a month down to the fact I should have signed 2 direct debits, I told her I only received one) he won't recall it and says I should have noticed the discrepancy (I told him I had a blood clot after my op and tbh checking my bank direct debits wasn't top priority!!), my question is, what do I do now, I can't afford to pay R&R the amount in full as I don't have much, if any spare money, and am only on benefits, and I worry that they will whack on loads of charges/find an excuse to visit my home , if I offer to pay by installment, whats the best plan of action as I have seen stories of debts of a similar amount to mine turning into stupid money!!
  7. I had an arrangement with Ross & Roberts to pay £1060 within 4 weeks I was short by £110 (paid 950) and while its my problem and while am insured my dog had to have emergency out of hours vet treatment so the amount I was short is the excess - emergency was life threatening (he eaten a load of heart meds from my other dog so was in danger of renal failure) so even if I'd opted to put to sleep (which thankfully I didn't need to) I'd still have incurred charges. That aside I rang R&R to say I had an unexpected shortfall (my problem) I will have £50 this week but will be paid next friday for the remainder (am self-employed) but now as its in default they're going to whack the charges on me (£235 + £100+ if they manage to get past the door). I have very little to remove (a TV, no car) - am so fed up as I live simply with few extras in my life (I have fibromyalgia so struggle moneywise but this idea that I owe £110 which will be become an extra £335 makes me feel sick thinking about it). R&R won't budge - I got the impression that even if I only owed them a tenner they were going to add the charges. While I don't intend to let them in am worried they may catch me out when I take the dogs for a walk - something I can't avoid doing
  8. Good Day I was recently sent a council tax bill for a property I lived in 3 years ago. It was for £115 for my final months council tax. It was a genuine mistake on my part. The letter came to my house asking for payment within 14 days, however I was away from home for a long period of time so by the time I got the letter the debt had been sent to Ross and Roberts who now wanted £190. I wasn't sure the original amount was right so queried it with the council who asked me to post some details to them which I did recorded delivery. 2 weeks later came a phone call from the bailiff, so I got back onto the council who said they never received the letter. Gave them the recorded delivery number and alas they had. Anyway, they informed me of one or two things and I had to agree that the original amount of £115 was correct so I paid it to them immediately in full. Put the phone down and text the bailiff to say it had been sorted. Next thing is I have a voicemail saying I still owe Ross and Roberts for costs. Is this correct? Now the debt is closed with the council do they have the legal right to pursue me for their costs? Thank you for any replies in advance.
  9. We have a council tax debt from last year (2013/14). Following some to-ing and fro-ing, several unanswered letters and not a little stress, we agreed a payment order with R&R. The agreement was two months at one sum, then an increased sum for the next four months (our proposal, not theirs). They confirmed the lower sum for a longer period, made no reference to the increase to the higher sum and didn't reply when I wrote to correct them. We made the first two payments and 30th April was the date for the first of the higher ones. Because of me changing bank accounts and a few other cash flow issues, it didn't get paid until 7th May (date on the receipt - showing on my bank statement on 8th). On Friday just gone (15th) I had a 'removal notice' dated 8th and saying the bailiff in charge WOULD remove my goods to auction within the week (doesn't say which date that relates to, however). It implied he would do so whether or not I was there but would prefer that I was. I've emailed them twice to say I've paid the instalment and I've made a complaint to my council about their tactics, but they haven't responded and I'm still worried that the bailiff may appear and nick my twenty-year old caravan from my drive whilst I'm out at work. It's not worth much but it's the only way we can afford to go on holiday. It's clamped and hitch-locked but I doubt that would stop the bailiff. Unfortunately I can't hide it, although I have considered transferring ownership (on paper, at least) to my son and setting up a backdated receipt. Can they do this, given that the most recent payment was few days late? Also, no-one's ever visited re. this matter and I've had no hand-delivered letters (although a couple of threateners via Royal Mail before we made the payment agreement). I've never signed anything either. I'd also like to know, can I ask the council to take the debt back at this stage and accept the remaining instalments? Is the council obliged to take any payments I make to them via bank transfer? Because I'm sick and fed up of dealing with R&R. BTW, the council outsources its Council Tax operations to Capita who, I believe, also owns R&R.
  10. Hello, I've stupidly fell behind on a few Council Tax bills and owe in the region of £1,400. I never received an LO however have been informed that a Liability Order has been made against me (the council told me this over the phone but won't send me any information on it). Had a first letter through the door yesterday from Ross and Roberts Bailiffs. After reading this forum I understand some of my rights and am a little calmer (still my mind is exploding with images of being left with nothing but squalor and sadness!). I know I don't have to let them in, however I do want to arrange a payment plan with them. I have a few questions :- 1) Who should I arrange the plan with? I've tried calling the council and they won't deal with the debt at all. 2) I'll be sending Ross and Roberts a letter and depending on part 1, I'll send them some money via their online payment system to make sure they understand I want to pay the debt back (and not use something like refusal to pay against me). What can I do if they reject my plan? I was thinking of paying in the region of £65.00 a month for 24 months as that's genuinely all I can afford. 3) Is there any way I can get the council to take the debt back? Thanks for any advice, just reading through this forum has saved my mind from exploding.
  11. Well Mr Jones the councillor and I went to see the council yesterday about the Hedder H fee and the Attendance to remove fee being charged the same day as the levy we agreed that the Hedder H fee was a controversial fee and there were different opinions they stated the south Ribble case and agreed that there were several LGO reports saying it couldn't be charged I said it was an advertising fee introduced in 1993 and can only be charged if goods are removed Council said No its not just for advertising its for other expense's couldn't tell us what other expense's or why some bailiffs charge it and some don't but its something to do with the Walking possession agreement I argued my case and said the levy fee covers their expense's I mentioned Regulation 10 of The distress for rent rules 1988 and was told that does apply to council tax only rent I asked if they had taken legal advice and spoke to there solicitors and they said NO they will however consult them now and get back to us there was further conversation about it but that was the jist of it they ask what we wanted and I said if im correct return the money and remove the fee They gave me some paperwork with the information they are relying on to charge the fee (outlawla will you please post it on this thread please) I told them that I still think they are wrong and I wont be going away I then got on to the Van attendance fee being charged the same day as the levy They didn't think they were discussing that today well they thought wrong I asked why Rossendales bailiffs had charged the fee 197 times from 209 and why neither Jacobs or excel had provide the information MR Jones the councillor then commented about the lack of information and why the council cant provide the info asked for information before the next audit committee I was told that as they hadn't planed to discuss it they would have to check legislation on that I stated that there would be no argument with this fee as I know im right and had they read the FOI they would have noticed the comment from Excel who hadn't actually checked there records but state the answer would be none as an ATR fee cant be charged the same day as a levy I went on to say how many bailiffs is this 5/10 more than 10 is it the same few bailiffs Systematically defrauding us because make no mistake that's what it is and it must be looked into and if its the same bailiffs all the time then at the very least I would expect a form 5 to be sent to there certificating court however it is fraud and the police should be involved Council told me I was getting ahead of myself said I wasn't because I am correct there is no contravention as to when this fee can be charged
  12. Hi Just looking for a bit of advice and making sure I have my facts right on this. Missed a couple of CT payments 2012/2013 and had letter from ross and roberts about a month ago. must admit forgot all about it as had alot going on with my son who is currently being assessed for mental health problems and that has taken alot of my time and been my main priority. But got my second letter today through my letter box. They didnt even knock on the door this time as I was in. It states that unless I call them today the option to pay by installments will be removed. Can they actually take that right away? I didnt actually notice they had posted this letter through my box till this evening so that is not possible but also I know that I should pay the council direct which is what I am going to do in weekly payments on their online system. The letter also states that my file will then be passed to their removal enforcement Bailiffs. I would never let them into my house but I do have a car although this is on HP so can they still levy it? There is also a van on our drive belonging to my husband but it can not be moved as it is under repair ( well until we have the money to fix it) I am going to write to ross and roberts stating I am paying the council direct in weekly payments as I do not wish to speak to these muppets on the phone and know that is unwise anyway. Is this the right thing to do and is it likely to stop them passing it to their Removal Enforcement Bailiffs. Many thanks
  13. I have recently had some dealings with a bailiff from ross and roberts, the problem as such is sorted, in that I never ever let him in my home and I am paying the council directly. However I cannot find this bailiff on the register as a certified bailiff. On my "first notice" it only has his name as S Jackson I'm not entirely sure what his first name is, I've searched the company and the surname and another mr jackson comes up but not with that initial. I am dealing with the council first to ask how much I still owe and I will deal with ross and roberts once the council have replied, as I'm interested to know what my charges are etc I annoyed this bailiff because I was recording our conversation when he turned up at my house, the reason for this was many years ago I was threatened by a bailiff from the same company, another one of my questions is was I legally allowed to record that converstion ( I warned him I was doing so and what my reasons were before he started to talk to me, he then said to someone during a phonecall "she is recording me and I haven't given her permission"). We were outside my house so a public place. Thanks for your help, sorry I've been a bit vague , if I told the whole story I would be here forever and a day, so I kept it down to essentials
  14. I recently had a letter from Ross and Roberts regarding two unpaid parking tickets ( for which I Plead Guilty) this was dated 13th August 2013. The letter stated that each ticket was now worth £98.44 making a total of £196.88. It had contact details for the Bailiff on the form and a contact number to speak to the Bailiff. It also had on it additional charges added to it of approx £100.00 added to each of the previously mentioned tickets taking the total to almost £400.00. I rang the number on the letter and spoke to the Bailiff and asked him why he had added £100.00 to each of the tickets as I had been told that on a first visit that they are allowed to add 28% to only one of the tickets which would have been now way near £400.00 and more like £226.00? Anyway he replied that the charges were indeed correct and that he would be adding further charges when he revisited the following day ( Friday 23rd August 2013}. I explained to him that his visit the next day would be a waste of time because I did not have sufficient CLEARED FUNDS in my account to pay him anything on that day, and he woud be adding costs on for no reason other than to bump up the outsatanding amount further, Plus i was wanting more time to contact his office and check on the costs he had added on the first visit. I phoned his office but they were telling me i had to deal with the bailiff, which i told them I had tried too but he was being unreasonable. He turned up the next day (23rd August 2013) I asked him why, when i had tried to explain the day before tht I had not got sufficient cleared funds in my account. He then told me that he would be taking a car parked in a private car park over the road that he had blocked in if I did not pay him some money. I explained that the car number plate was mine (Private Plate) but made no mention that I had sold the car on the 8th August 2013 to a friend of mine that happens to be in the motor trade but I still had the car in my possession because I had recently had a heart attack and i also pointed out that the car had no carpet in it and was due an MOT and Taxing at the end of the month. I was advised by my doctor to avoid stress and thought that if i let him take the car it would remove him from my home and give me time to sort things out with his office. Dispite that he left me with a bill for nearly £900.00 and the threat of selling the car at an auction to pay the money he was demanding. I have since written to Ross and Roberts to officially complain about the Bailiff and i have also went to see South hams district council in person and complained about being intimidated by an agent sent by them to my home and the story of the car being taken away on a tow truck. I did pay the two initial bills of £98.44 the following day on the Ross and Roberts website with money borrowed from a friend as it was a bank holiday weekend and I figured that he would not be handing in his paperwork untill the Tuesday 27th August because of the bank holiday. I have now seen a solicitor who has written to Ross and Roberts and waiting a reply but the council who instigated this situation have been asked by me under the freedom of information act a copy of the agreement that they have with R & R of the practices and fees charged which they have agreed to do within the next 21 days. The owner of the car has spoken to R & R and sent them by FAX as requested copy of the V5 Document, a receipt from me dated 8th August 2013 and proof of his business address and still they have the car and it is now 25th September 2013
  15. Ok, so I found a job a couple of weeks ago and did 2 days paid work, this meant I had to sign off from JSA for those 2 days. I have been on JSA for about 4 months since my last job ended. After those 2 days I was no longer required so I resigned on to JSA. My payment for Ross and Roberts was due on the 1st July but I did not receive my payment from JSA till the 8th due to signing off and on again and don't receive any payments for those 2 days work till the end of July. As soon as I received the JSA on Monday 8th I made a payment to R&R of £40, the amount specified when I told them I had lost my job 4 months ago and had to argue with the baliff for a long time to get a reduced amount (was paying £100 per month when working) and I have a copy of the email receipt in front of me now. When I got back this morning from dropping my 2 year old off at school with my partner I found a default notice on the front door from a Baliff saying if i didn't make contact immediately I would lose my possessions. I rang the guy and told him I had made the payment but it was late and told him the circumstances of what had happened. He said he understood it was beyond my control and he would only ask for £183.00... ONLY! I was surprised by this as the payment has been made, slightly late but made anyway. I told him I had no money whatsoever. We receive £201 a fortnight and pay electric, gas, food, waterbills and R&R and that pretty much our money gone. He then said if i could not pay today that he would remove possessions today. Can you tell me if he can do this? Is it right that my payment schedule thing is now defaulted and he can charge me £183 in visit/administration fee's for just leaving a letter? I can't pay this so I could do with someone helping me out here! Thanks! Neil
  16. I mentioned this in another thread that I had started and was advised that it was worthy of raising as a separate issue in this section. Ross and Roberts debt for council tax. I gave them a walking possession last year, plus £300 up front and agreed to pay £150 a month, which I can afford. However, I paid it via the Internet (their web site) and was a couple of days late. About a week after that payment, they turned up and said that even though I was up to date , they were terminating the agreement and now wanted £1,600 odd or they would take away my car and some of my furniture; they then put the wind up me further by setting out the extra costs that this would involve. I had £1.000 clear in my bank account, paid that , and after the usual threats and posturing , they agreed to accept a cheque for £624.30 for the balance. The cheque for the balance bounced and I immediately called the bailiff and gave him my card details to pay the £624 that was due. I later noticed that they only taken £505.80 which included a £30 fee for the cheque bouncing. I have now got a full statement from them, which I have uploaded. Clearly the explanation is that they got their figures wrong when they called to enforce the warrant. They had not taken into account the last £150 which I had paid, although I did make it crystal clear to them that I had paid it (via the Internet). So, they were after me for too much anyway ! Paying that money left me totally broke and unable to pay my bills or mortgage this month. Consequently I have had to ask a relative to lend me money. I am annoyed that this has happened and feel that they have been most unreasonable. They came out to collect the balance of the money, even though I was up to date with payments (just that I had paid a couple of days late). In doing do, the bailiff earned and extra £178 (see statement). Although technically correct (they do say that if you pay late a further visit may occur with minimum costs of £178), I do feel that in my case it was purely enrichment on their part. And the fact that they did not care about leaving me destitute, sticks in teeth. Is there anything that I can do to get some of my money back? Advice/ help much appreciated,
  17. people in this country need to wake up and smell the coffee quicktime, because r&r are harassing people with incorrect information. i have a similar case, with Torbay who are chasing me for £90 for a ticket which i appealed against and woin the case, and they are using them to get the money, but thankfully i am an ex cab adviser, so i know what they can, and cannot do, and i am just waiting for them to try that, as i have already warned them not to trespass on my property because i will forcibly remove them. i am sorry that you have this stress, b ut i would advise you to get to the cab or anyof the other legal advice centres like yesterday, and let them talk to them, who would tell them to back off. it may be too late as you have l;et them inside your house and they can return and get in especially if there is a window left open for then to squeeze through. i will be posting my encounter with them on this and my page as well, because i want the world to know i kicked their butts off my property.
  18. I'm interested in how many people have had false charges added to their LO's with regards to Council Tax. Ross & Roberts seem to be the 'Fairy Tale' Bailiffs of the industry. The trouble is, to lie, you have to have a good memory and be a good liar whilst at it - Oh, and that pesky thing called CCTV always gets in the way of a good lie. How many others have been fleeced by this not very intelligent outfit?
  19. Hi, Here is my story... R&R bailiff clamped my bf car who was visiting (embarrassing as not been with him long) this was May 2010. They pretended to say they were taking it etc as on my property. Anyway, I knew little about bailiffs and my Rights. He ended up coming in (if only I had researched first & not been niave!!!) as I owed SBC (Swindon Borough Council) differing CT amounts totalling over £5000. He made me pay £545 then agreed to allow me to pay £120 p/m which I have done since. It was back in the days of when I was hiding from debts which I am now not. I had liability orders etc and with him coming in he listed the following against me/my payment 20 dvds old style big backed tv 2 dvd players (one has stopped working) glass cabinet (want rid of anyway) 2 & 3 seater leather sofas (cut the fire safe regulations off as am aware they cannot resell) Wii console and 7 games (were my bf's but I bought from a catalogue) sony amp (old) cd player (does not work) Dell pc system (doesn't work anymore lol I was working f/t at the time bit since had a stroke so cut my hrs to 26 but still kept payments up. I was off work for 6 months since starting July 12 (depression) so am still employed but claiming ESA and am a lone parent. I bring home just over £100 a week. Previously I had a bailiff named S.Montgomery who said he would reduce my payment to £60 a month when OSP/SSP ran out whilst i claimed ESA till I returned to work. My bailiff has changed to A.Banks (lol) and when I rang him he said he had more debts passed by SBC to R&R and he would reduce payments if he could come in and do the paperwork. I said, I cant let you in as you have 5 new accounts passed on (as emailed R&R for History statement and to see what I had paid off as I was using ref no's by auto phone to pay each month). Then I said I am willing to add them on but cant let you in as then you will need to take a lump sum payment again to start of new payment scheme which I do not have any spare cash. He said 'tough, you will continue to pay £120 per month'. Rang HQ as done some studying on this and they said its in hands of bailiffs. Rang SBC and as they are also owned by Capita (along with R&R), they were not interested in taking this debt back. What can I do please. I thought there were special rules for lone parents and people on benefits? HQ said no, you need to speak to A.Banks. I read they pretend/lie a lot (I know as they clamped my bf car to fain entry into here). I'm thinking of calling their bluff as the stuff they have listed means nothing to me except sofas but have seen they have to leave seats so would be 2 (me an Dgtr). Would they still take the sofas if I cut off fire labels or is it scare tactics? Is it true they have the right to come in and they then have the right to search upstairs, kitchen etc and take anything they touch, tvs, washing machine, fridge freezer etc? I have nothing worth much (no more than £100 at auction) but am worried regarding my daughter (although they cannot take anything belonging to a child.) I was wondering what's going on if I call their bluff and they do take things mainly re the sofas, would they take them even with fire safe regs cut off? I can probably get the money to cover April 1sts £120 from family but then what shall I do? Any help will be much appreciated I now owe another 5000 (dealing with C.A.B to sort out perhaps bankruptcy etc) Many thanks, Claire.
  20. My ex-husband unwittingly allowed the Bailiff to enter his home - she said she was there 'on behalf of the local council and at no time said she was from Ross and Roberts. It was only after she made a list of goods and asked him to sign a paper saying he would pay back the council tax debt at £65 per month, that he realised she was not actually from the local council. I used to deal with all the financial problems when I was with him and I try to help him out now as much as I can because he not only doesnt really understand most of it, he suffers from anxiety and high blood pressure and gets very agitated when he tries to deal with these situations. He is a builder (63 years old) and has been in and out of work for the past couple of years, he has now transferred from JSA to Pension Credit so won't have alot of money to spare each month. My question is, can he file a valid complaint for the Bailiff not stating who she was, and also is it a possibility to have the debt transferred back to the Council. It would just be so much easier to have a debt that could be paid into an account via his bank account (which I can access and set up a monthly payment for him) as all Ross and Roberts offer is cash, PO, bankers draft and online - they said it would not be possible to create a direct debit or standing order, and also every single transaction has an admin charge - each month if he pays the £65 online, he will incur a £5 admin charge even with a debit charge - is that legal? I have asked him to go to his local council tomorrow and get a breakdown of the debt and find out exactly how much went across to R & R as I want to see how much they are charging on top of that. They have said in the agreement my ex signed that if he defaults by so much as a day on a monthly payment they can charge him £146 - is that possible? I hope this makes sense, and look forward to some positive advice if any is to be had. Many thanks.
  21. Hi all, today i came home and found a hand delivered letter from these bailiffs the letter says it is a second notice, for arrears of council tax from croydon borough. the letter is addressed a person not known at our address as we have lived here for over 30 years. the name i do recognise. it is the name of my ex-landlady, i used to live in one of her flats but gave it up 3 years ago. i have no council arrears as i paid them all up to date and have records to prove this. i find it very odd to have received this letter at my current address and am at a loss to what to do. the bailiff letter says £843.94 is owed and that they should be contacted. i now live with my elderly mother and am very worried about what to do next what should I do?, i know the name of the person but the address is wrong please help? i don't really want to speak to the bailiff but im worried that they may return when i'm not here or if my mother is on her own.
  22. Hi I would really appreciate some help on this matter as soon as possible. Ross and Roberts attended my property last Nov as apparenty my account was in default (even though i had never missed a payment as was advised by them that my account was clear). To cut a long story short, they have been to visit me twice now where they levied my goods and made me sign an agreement to pay and amount each month that i told them i couldn't afford to pay. In december i phoned them to make my payment as said i couldn't afford the ful amount and could i part pay, they agreed to this and said to pay the remainder on 21st dec, when i phoned to pay i had a recorded message saying the offices were closed until 2nd Jan, when i called back 2nd Jan i was told my account was in default and a bailiff would attend. He did come to my property yesterday and i refused to let him in, i am really concerned about what will happen next, Is anyone able to advise what i should do please??? Thank you
  23. Good afternoon, I have joined this forum in the hope someone can help me with this situation!! I had a council tax debt which was passed to Ross and Roberts. I was paying £40 a month for 6 months until i was late with a payment by 2 days and they sent the baliff around again! I then had to pay another £130 after being hounded!! I then reverted to paying £40 a month again for 8 months. Due to a move i again missed a payment! I was working on Monday and my daughter who is 11 was at home with my 17 year old sister. My 11 year old answered the door where a balliff asked for me, she said i wasnt at home and he thrust a letter at her. When i got home my sister told me and i now have a letter stating that the visit cost me £124 and i need to contact them asap or they will remove my good even in my absence. My daughter also has my old phone and the balliff had text it telling me i need to cotact him or he will be removing my goods. He wants £200 and said i need to pay more than £40 a month. Im a single mum and although i work full time after all my outgoings im by no means well off and just try to provide for my child as best as i can... What can i do? I honestly dont have the £200 to pay him but i dont want him trying to enter my property whilst im not there or whilst my daughter and sister are there? I know i should not have a CT debt but it was from 2 years ago and a nasty time during a break up. Many thanks for your help
  24. Hello. I find myself in a difficult position in regards to the above bailiffs. In 2007 I walked away from a business and defaulted on the lease. The landlord saw that the business wasn't capable of sustaining itself so was fine to take back the lease. In the period between then and now, I have moved around 5 times. On the 2 May this year, I returned to my current home to find a letter through the door from Ross and Roberts saying I had arrears of Non-Domestic Rates for 2008 and 2009 totalling £8300. This was the first I knew about it. Apparently, the council only give 3 free months business rates on the closure of a business and after this period, the rates become liable again. The shop wasn't re-let until 2009, meaning I am responsible for the charges during the vacant period. Along with the letter from Ross and Roberts, the bailiff had also completed a Notice of Seizure and Inventory of Goods - detailing the two cars outside the garages which are next to my flat. The first car is the neighbour's vehicle, the second is my company car. The letter detailed charges as follows: Two first (£24.50) and second (£18.00) visit fees (one for each period of arrears), 2 x walking possession fees of £12 each, 2 x admin fee of £24.50 and two levy fees against the cars (£124 and £72). I immediately phoned the bailiff on the number given and told her I wasn't aware of the arrears. She explained the situation and said I had until 5pm to pay £1800, or the cars would be removed. I explained the cars were not mine and then told her I needed to call the council for confirmation of the arrears. Having confirmed the arrears were correct, I called back the bailiff, but told her I didn't have £1800 and couldn't be expected to get it by 5pm, this being the first I'd heard of the debt. She then turned nasty and threatened me with arrest and other threats. I ended the call. I then received another call from Ross and Roberts Removal Bailiff, telling me if I didn't pay the £1800 by 5pm he would have the cars removed. When I explained the cars weren't mine, so he couldn't remove them he said he would enter my premises and take my personal belongings. Having read some of the information on line, I was aware he couldn't do this and told him so. He said he could and would bring the police with him, so I told him to do that. Of course, they didn't arrive. Since finding out about the arrears I have been in constant communication with the Council and have copied them in on every correspondence to Ross and Roberts. Whilst I didn't know about this debt until the letter from Ross and Roberts, I accept that I am liable to pay it, and want to do this as quickly as I can. I don't like being in debt! Here are my questions: What fees can Ross and Roberts charge me? Their latest statement includes all of the above listed fees and additionally an enforcement fee of £287. Can I pay the amount directly to the Council? I have organised an interest free credit card for 16 months, so am prepared to pay back the full amount so I don't have further dealings with these people. If I do pay back the amount to the Council, what will I still owe to Ross and Roberts? Is there anything I can do about the fact that all correspondence about the arrears has never reached me? The council have given me the dates and addresses of letters sent, and all of them just missed me when I moved. Thanks for your help, in advance. Andy
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