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  1. Hi Guys, I picked up a Sony Vaio for next to nothing and it's in pretty good nick. I am however having internet connection problems. I have connected it to my router via ethernet and wirelessly, but Internet Explorer still can't display the web page. The internet icon says connected with 100mbs speed, but still can't work out what's wrong. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, My sony Bravia TV has developed a fault after two years, where by the screen is green when I turn it on. As it is outside the Warranty period I asked currys to fix, replace or contribute to a new tv under the SOGA. They said unless I can get a independent report demonstrating that the TV had a manufacturing fault they can't help me. I paid £575 for this TV and two last only two years is a joke. Where can I get an independent report carried out? thanks for your help.
  3. Hello fellow Caggers. I am really looking for some advice here, not jst for me, but for others that are experiencing the same issue as myself too. This is going to be a very long story, but I will try and keep it as short as possible. I upgraded to a Sony Xperia Z5 in October via an early upgrade, through my mobile network, Three. The phone itself worked fine in a sense of using apps, calls & messages. However, all was not well with the camera which Sony Mobile claim is, "The Worlds Best Camera in a Smartphone." When taking some photos I noticed a blur on the left side of the photographs I had taken using the camera on the handset. So, as per the instructions on the three.co.uk website I arranged a return to Sony Mobile. I was without my new handset for a period of 7 days and Sony Mobile sent me a replacement handset back. However, the same issue existed in that photographs had a horrible blur on the left hand side of photographs taken using the handsets camera. It was at this point I did some more digging and contacted the Customer Service Director of Sony Mobile UK, Mr Gary Acors. What I found was a number of users had reported the same issue with a number of different models in the Xperia Z5 range (Z5 Compact/Z5/Z5 Premium) on the Sony Mobile forums. Not only that, but users on Reddit had also reported the same issue. XDA users have also reported the same issue here & here. Now after a continous 2 weeks of contact via email with the UK Customer Service Director, I was advised the following: Here in lies an issue for me. What methods are service centre staff using in order to test the functionality of the camera and trying to replicate this issue? To me, it doesn't seem they are doing anything near to the level of what other users (including myself) doing, or beyond, to identify/replicate this issue. The many people that have posted in other forums/blogs CANNOT be wrong. We aren't just seeing this or making this up, which says to me that the staff at the service centre (SBE Ltd) are incompetent and aren't doing their job correctly. My questions are as follows. I paid Three UK £102 so that I could upgrade early and as I was originally outside their Returns Period I was unable to send the phone back and swap for a different handset by a different manufacturer. What can I do further to get this issue resolved? I can't keep sending handsets back in the hope of getting a handset abck that doesn't suffer this fault. Some people have had 5 or so replacements and every single one of them has had the same issue with the camera. Can I start a small claims against Sony Mobile UK (or would it be wise to) to claim the cost of cancelling my contract so that I can upgrade to a handset from a different manufacturer. Whilst the issue isn't with the Three network itself, is there anything they can do to get this resolved? I have uploaded a couple of photos to online albums which show the blur issue. Others have done the same through various links on other forums too. I have also made Sony Mobile UK aware of these albums, so they've had a chance to look at them. The common consensus is that the handsets are suffering from a de-centred lens, which is resulting in causing the blur. Links to my albums Xperia Z5 E6653 - Blur/Smudge Camera Issue! Xperia Z5 E6653 Replacement - Blur/Smudge Camera Issue! -EDIT- I should add that the camera was one of the main reasons I upgraded to the Xperia Z5 as well as Playstation Remote Play. The handset replacement I received was refurbished handset and not a like for like replacement (new for new).
  4. I have painstakingly repaired an old Sony Network Walkman NW-HD1 have the 2.3 disc but ofcourse this does not cover or allow the playing of MP3 files the later 4.3 updated software does. now there are loads of sites that either point to the now defunked sony update link or ofcourse poke you a virus file which is nothing to do with it. does anyone par chance have a working download [proved] or a copy of the disc sonicstage 4.3 that they can send me an .ISO of? this for a disabled user that has learned for years to use this devise and cannot now learn any other. this would really make her day regards dx CAG siteteam
  5. I purchased a Sony LCD 40 inch TV from Preston Sony Centre, the store closed about 2 years ago. The TV failed just before the expiration of the 5 year warranty.Ii contacted the parent company Sony who told me to take it to the nearest repairer to me. The TV according to the repairer can't be repaired economically as the part is no longer available( although Sony say they will have parts available for 7 years) therefore the whole screen would have to be replaced. The repairer cannot get the parts from Sony and Sony keep telling me that they are looking for the warranty. This has now been going on for a couple of months. i didn't receive a third party warranty certificate to cover the 5 year warranty when I took delivery of the TV only the standard Sony warranty paperwork. Preston Sony Centre was a franchise operated by a company by the name of Willo who have now gone into administration. I have tried on two occasions to contact the administrators to try and find out who the third party insurer was , however I have had no response todate. Is this a lost cause or can anybody offer some useful advice. If so it would be much appreciated. thank you
  6. Hi Bought this phone in March amongst other reasons because it claimed to be waterproof. II IS NOT. Despite Z3 webpage showing happy smiling people taking videos & photos underwater it is not waterproof as I learnt to my cost in Vietnam. Now I took it back to CW & they told me that as its over 28 days they could not swap it but will send to Sony which will take upto 14 days. The time limit is up next week & I know Sony will claim T&Cs that it is some how my fault. I did drop it into a sink for 10 seconds & it the wifi & calls no longer work . Photos & music are great but.. So I bought it for £475 Half was on a visa credit card. But question is this as CW give a 2 year guarantee is it them or Sony that I will be having a fight with? What about Consumer Credit Act fit for purpose etc. Interestingly Sony's new flagship model Z4 COMING OUT is no longer advertised as waterproof. Funny that.
  7. A friend of mine is having a nightmare with her Experia Miro mobile phone . . . it loses mail, it loses calls, it loses contacts and turns itself off intermittantly . . . she is 1 year into a 2 year contract and been back to the vodafone shop many times to resolve the said problems. It has been sent away to be fixed and it's still happening . . . to say this phone isn't fit for purpose is an understatement and the fact there are so many problem threads like this my friend is worried it will never be resolved. What legal rights does she have to get this sorted because fixing it doesn't seem to working and she pays £28 per month for the privilege! Thanks in advance for any help posted . . .
  8. Hi everyone, i come here as I'm really confused about what to do next, to summarise, I ordered a Sony KD65X9005A TV (2013 model) for £3100 on a buy now pay later finance agreement in April last year. The retailer Sonic Direct delivered the TV which was faulty on delivery and replaced it with another that then developed a fault after 4 months, at this point I think I rang Sony for advice and ended up dealing their support from that point on. Sony subsequently delivered 4 replacements under warranty, the TV I had originally ordered couldn't be repaired or replaced so they supplied the equivalent 2014 model the KD65X9005B which had horrendous edge light bleed and was deemed unacceptable by the local service centre that delivered it. They replaced that twice more and all of them were the same i asked for a refund or an upgrade at my expense to a higher model the curved KD65S9005B. That request was initially denied but I then emailed someone higher up and explained that I had had 5 faulty TVs since May, Sony eventually agreed to upgrade me to the KD65S9005B at no additional expense to myself, that was delivered in Jan this year and that developed a fault after 1 month (blue line down the screen). Sony have acknowledged the fault with this 6th TV and I told Sony I wanted a refund not another replacement , they agreed that was the sensible next step and I've been waiting for it to be authorised for a month now (I reported the latest fault and asked for a refund on the 19th April). Every time i ring Sony for an update they say the refund is waiting to be authorised, frankly I don't think Sony have any intention of giving me a refund so what should my next step be to get one a) send a 'letter before action' to Sony threatening them with court action if they don't give me a refund b) make a section 75 claim against the finance company , it's on a buy now pay later which is interest free until 24/5/15 (was originally due to be settled by 24/4/15 but they've extended the deadline by 1 month due to the issues I've had) c) can I do anything as far as Sonic Direct are concerned, they refused to give me a refund last year saying they needed an uplift code from Sony who wouldn't give me one and I've dealt with Sony since last Sept where does the buck stop , I feel like taking Sony to court cos they're refusing to refund me and I'm pretty certain I've got a good enough case to win but ultimately the retailer is responsible by all accounts but they've been out of the loop for months now. The easiest option seems to be a section 75 claim on the face of it but that's letting Sony off the hook and they've annoyed me so much I don't really wanna let them off that easily but then again that's getting personal and I should be objective really. At the end of the day though the TV is still under warranty and faulty so Sony have a responsibility to sort that out one way or another. What should my next step be please as this has being going on for months now, in less than 12 months I have had 6 TVs all of which have proved faulty including the one I have now and I'm due to pay for it in 2 months Thanks
  9. Hello CAG, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, please feel free to move if incorrect. Long time lurker, only ever posted once before (against NCP - and won!!), just hoping someone can give me some helpful advise on an issue I now have. purchased a Sony TV from Tesco in April 2012. It had a Tesco 1 year warranty and also has a manufacturers 1 year warranty as well. No issues until now, but this weekend turned it on, and there are lines across the screen (horizontal), happens on all inputs/channels, checked cables etc etc, definitely the TV. Not impressed because I paid the extra for the 'name' and I thought I was making a bit of investment rather than paying less for a cheaper model. Phoned Sony and got through to some rude woman in Egypt?! who said go away. I then spoke to a guy at Sony in Scotland who was helpful, but they said being as it was after the manufactures warranty had expired there is nothing they are prepared to do, and the cost of repair would probably be more than actually buying a new TV. To me, a TV should last a lot longer than 2 years 8 months.. ie without a fault that effects the general operation of it... Whats also annoying as this is the 'upstairs' telly, which isnt used half as much as the TV downstairs so this is even more annoying! Is there any kind of act that even though the manufactures warranty has expired, I can 'lean on' as the consumer that the goods are not of good quality and have not lasted a reasonable amount of time... I cant really say to Sony that the TV was faulty upon purchase as the lines have only appeared now... Any help greatly appreciated, and keep up the fantastic work that you guys do here.
  10. Got a E1 for christmas and had no end of problems with it since. I have one it is back at vodafone shop waiting for me to collect after being repaired allegedly. l am not the only one having problems u can establish this from the vodaphone reviews. It has deleted everything on my SD card. U cant set ringtones as when it had music on it nothing was recognised but the text tone could be recognised as jessie j pricetag. All photos deleted. It has also caused no end of problems with my sim card. I have not recieved text messages regarding things from vodaphone since my sim card has been in that phone to the extent my family group was suspened as l did not get the texts and my family group despite being reactivated has not been fully reactivated as noone can make calls without it charging them. Apps deleted or disappearing of the home screen and if they are on the home screen on installed they dont work. Further sim problems include telephone numbers disappearing texts from the schools not coming through. keeps dropping the wifi to forget so l have to re enter this about 3-4 times a day. I am sick of this phone. I dont even think its fit for purpose but according to vodaphone store they have not had any problems and not even one back. I know thats a lie as l have returned 2. The phone was brought on the 15th Dec using cash. My partner was told by the store manager(K) we had until the 19th Jan to return for a full refund. When it was taken back on the 17th She denied this. K is also the one that claimed they have not had any back. K also claimed it was my memory card that caused the problem but when she was shown the memory card in the e1 was not suddenly being recognised but when it went into the old phone a vodafone £40 phone it was working and being recognised she changed her mind. Can l get the money back for this phone as l dont want it as l dont believe its fixed.
  11. Hi Team, I bought Xperia Z2 in March 2014 which is when it came out. I have been a HTC user prior to that. Phone build quality and functions impressed me for first few weeks and then it started dropping calls. Being Techie, i have done factory restore, latest software update, Tried that SIM into different phone to provde its not SIM problem and etc. And finally it was a phone fault. Went to Vodafone shop with the problem as Intermiatan network dropping while call is going.. Vodafone Team logged this fault and sent it to Repair Centre which i think was their Repair Centre - not Sony's. Phone came back in a week Time and Report was written saying - the reported problem has been fixed and latest software has been upgraded ! Being satisfied with that service i took the phone back and then put back my own stuff on it- like emails and etc etc. Started using it from then and again it gave the same problme of Network Dropping in Oct early days. This time, to shows the evidence i have captured few screenshots using the third party Application so that someone can seriously investigate on the problem. Pleasee see my attachment here. Unfortunatelty Shop Team cant send mye evidence to repair team as there is no any mechanism to send and they says they mentioned my fault on the repair case and repair team will see it and then they will surely fix it. Phone came back within 3 days and as usual i started using is- put my all data on it and again it started giving me same problem - network dropping intermitantly. now i know if i got to the shop -same story will repert - phone will go in repair and then i will need to transfer all my data, phone will come back with some fix report and possibly fault will go forevere. Being on 24 month contract, this is absolutely embarassing and i do not want to spend my whole life taking my data backup - sending this phone in repair every month - wait for repair - put my data back - and then same problem. I tried this method twice already within first 6 months of my contract. I am looking for the solution either from below which Vodafone team is not ageering with. - Allow me to break the contract and go for any different phone as Sony Xperia Z2 i got no trust at all. Basic all drop problem is not at all acceptable for any phone . Especially a premium type phone - Take this device back and offeer a Brand new Xperia Z2 if you think that Z2 hasnt got know problem but possibly only my phone has got some problem. Kindly note, all the test i did was in the area where i get full network coverage so do not blame the network. Also i tried the same SIM in different phone various times to prove its not a SIM fault or network Fault. Its definately a Device Fault. Please help to get this resolved.
  12. End of June -July Around the end of June my contract with Virgin expired and after a another shoddy year of service, and an insurance claim made really awkward... I decided to change ServiceProvider to EE, (out of the frying pan...) i hadn't tried any recent flagship handsets so went to my local CarPhone Warehouse a stones throw from my house to give them a go.... while I was there they snagged me with a £120 cashback on my old handset on the then new Sony Xperia Z2! happy days! or so I thought on porting from virgin to keep me old number ...the regular will take 72 hours scenario ...went to work only to find virgin had cancelled my contract instantly without being asked?? so 72 hours on the temporary sim number? well not ideal but oh well! SIM number 1 72 hours come and go ... to no avail ... visit cpw they say another 48-72 hours after chasing EE up... I managed to wangle £15 topup as it is my primary work number!! although they needed to issue a new sim for it SIM number 2 can you see where this is going?? another 72 hours pass ...back to cpw they say porting issues from EE side has made automatic porting bugged and a new manual ported contract will need to be setup...ok? unfortunately my last contract included trade in and other deals that would be a check through cpw to allow them to cover the 700 pound odd for a new handset and cashback to be credited and transferred to a new contract!? this would take 24 hours.....48 hours later im back at CPW signing a new contract and manually porting over to EE also I swaped my handset as the old one kept overheating till it would power down I was thus given SIM number 3 and the all familiar 72 hours is offered yay by which Im starting to believe my number has been lost.... maybe EE dont like me..... No! keep the faith! To my disbelief my phone sucessfully ports! I get my old number back once ive figured out what sim it is WOOT! trouble over YES!? NOOO!!! I get My first bill! for the active accounts of SIM1 and SIM2 neither of which im using namely SIM3! and then THE last week in July with my shiny z2 in pocket listening to music to music overheats and not until I get in the shower do I realise how bad, 2nd degree contact burn!!!! :violin: after the clinic treated and bandaged me up i had to take 5 days off work! Im self employed no work =no pay!! what a month!!!!!
  13. Hi all, A few months ago my friend purchased a Sony as100v sports camera to bring on our summer holiday. These are similar to a Go-Pro and come with a waterproof case so the unit can be used to film underwater. Day 1 of using the camera in the water resulted in the waterproof case failing and water getting into the camera itself, causing obvious damage. We are familiar with these types of cameras as we already have an Sony HDRAS15 which is a slightly older model. The unit has been usedcorrectly, and at depths well within the limitation of the unit. We actually took the camera out of the case and submerged the unit in a few inches of water and, sure enough, it failed to remain water-tight. This product was purchased (by debit card – sadly!) from anon-line retailer called eGlobal. The product is shipped from Hong Kong so does not come with a manufactures warranty,but did come with the retailers own 6 month warranty. The warranty itself all seems a bit vague,but it does have a section specifically referring to waterproof cameras, etc… (fromthe site) Special Note for Waterproof Cameras/Casings/Bags Damages due to impact, exceeding recommended depths, etc. would void the warranty.Please be advised that the warranty offered is strictly for the purchased item only. eGlobaL will not be held liable for any defects or damage on any other item(s) used in conjunction with this product. Full conditions: http://www.eglobaldigitalstore.co.uk/warranty-policy.html My friend has provided proof or purchase, but has been advised by them that they will not replace or repair, as it is not covered. This seems contradictory…. I know he has some rights, but I am not entirely sure what the best course of action is to take. We would obviously prefer to avoid the small claims court if possible. Any advice on an approach would be massively appreciated. Thanks!
  14. how about this one?.. i bought my son a ps4 in January when were living in Canada ..in May we moved back to the UK.. two weeks ago It just died. phoned Sony in the UK and was told as it was purchased in North America they couldn't help me ..although it is still under warranty and was told to contact Sony North America. .when I contact them they say its not their issue as I no longer live there they told me to contact Sony in the UK or take it to a Sony store. I took it to a store who wont touch it as I did not buy it there and they are a franchise and not owned by Sony. im stuck with a machine that is still under warranty but Sony wont honour that warranty because I moved.
  15. Hello, Could you please help? Not sure where to post as this also involves poor service from Sony not just the laptop purchase. Bought a Sony VAIO Fit E model SVF1421S1EB laptop for £444.88 and a 3 year warranty £44.00 in November 2013. In January 2014 the mouse started behaving erratically, contacted Sony who sent a lengthy list of things to do in an attempt to resolve which I deemed overkill as it involved a system restore which would have wiped my data and software - I opted for an external mouse instead. In May 2014 the hinge broke, contacted Sony who claimed I had damaged it, even though I pointed out that there were cases of this 'common issue' all over the internet. The casing and hinges are plastic not sturdy at all. Shortly after my wireless signal quality dropped - max 2 bars, most times 1. Again contacted support who admitted this is a known issue. They asked me to do a bunch of stuff including a system restore which I did, asked me to do it again when it didn't resolve. At that point my sound started misbehaving. Support offered me a wireless adapter to 'boost my signal' and asked me to do yet another system restore to resolve the sound issue In the middle of the emails I asked Sony for my money back but they suggested I contact the vendor as my contract is with him. I contacted Laptops direct last week, initially they gave me directions for filling a return request online but it seems they have refused my claim. My Issues: The laptop hinges broke within 6 months. This is not acceptable period obviously expected the laptop to last that's why I bought an additional 3 years warranty. Sony has refused to replace or repair the laptop even though it is still under warranty. Sony Support is crap - I have sent over 10 emails and 2 online complaints - their offices are only open week-days till 5pm. I am pretty sure the troubleshooting instructions I got are meant to serve as a deterrent - one was over 2 pages long! When it still wasn't fixed received a second email was the same instructions in a different order! The laptop can not be used for the purpose it was intended ie internet and movie streaming - touchpad & sound are still erratic and wireless is rubbish. What to do? I am looking to get my money back. Is this a feasible position as the laptop is over 8 months old? Worst case I would like to get at least half of my money back and a refund on the additional cover I bought. How do I go about doing this - presumably it is the vendor and not Sony? Small claims, ombudsman? This is the worst computer I have ever owned by the way and I been using them since Windows 3.1! If anyone is thinking of purchasing a Sony Vaio DON'T Thanks so much, sorry about the length - not happy !!!
  16. I received an email some weeks ago telling me that my Playstation Network password had been changed, £55 had been topped up on to my online wallet and that £55 had been used to purchase a digital copy of a game from the PSN store. This was quite surprising as at the time I was in the middle of a 12 hour hospital shift and already owned a physical copy of the same game. As no one else has access to my account it seemed pretty clear I’d been hacked, and as I’d logged my debit card on Sony’s site (something I’ll never do again) whoever had got into my account had been able to essentially withdraw funds from my bank account. I immediately contacted my bank to cancel the card, but I was unable to get in touch with Sony until the next day. The customer service rep I initially spoke to seemed confident I’d have the money refunded, so I was reassured. Unfortunately Sony are now refusing to refund the money because the purchase was apparently made via a web browser rather than another Playstation, and as per their terms and conditions I am responsible for the security of my account and so am liable for these purchases. I’ve been a loyal customer of Sony since the early 90s and so I’m pretty disappointed in their response. I don’t feel like they’ve done enough to protect my account, compared to the measures that other online gaming services like Steam have in place, and it seems that they’re willing to snub a longstanding customer for what is to them a relatively paltry sum of money. Can anyone offer any advice on anything I might be able to do, or anywhere I can go for help? Thanks in advance everyone!!
  17. Hello, I recently bought a Sony Xperia Z1 on a contract with Vodafone. The phone and contract was bought via a Carphone Warehouse. Within 28 days of purchase and after brief use in the rain the phone screen started to flicker, the issue progressed further until the phone screen was completely non functional. The touch screen and all buttons still responded, I could even hear myself navigating menus on the phone, but couldn't see it. I took the phone to a Carphone Warehouse store and put the phone in for repair. After two weeks I was informed the phone wasn't repairable and was not covered in the manufacturers warranty. The company ran e vacuum test which indicated the ports were functioning. They concluded I must of had a port open, likely the SIM port, which resulted in the phone failing. I disagree with this conclusion, not only am I not that utterly foolish, I have no reason at all to open the SIM port except for when I first put the SIM in 3-4 weeks prior. I have since had an actual inspection of the phone and I've noticed the SIM ports rubber seal has some quite visible imperfections, I didn't inspect closely to avoid damaging it further. I have placed the phone in for inspection with Vodafone instead and indicated the damage on the rubber band. I contacted Sony via email for their opinion but they will not give one until they have seen it themselves, via me placing the phone in a jiffy bag of all things and sending it to them. I maintain that, despite the passing of the vacuum test, a degree of common sense acknowledging I've no reason to open the SIM port outdoors in the rain. Couple that with acknowledging the damage on the seal which could not rationally have been wear and tear given the port has been opened once since I purchased the device (excluding any engineers looking at it). Surely in certain circumstances, under the right conditions, the phone would be unable to maintain its waterproof nature per the warranty and thus would become damaged. I have yet to receive a response from Vodafone regarding the situation. Does anyone have any thoughts on these circumstance in case Vodafone's conclusion comes back and does not support my case? I find the idea of paying for a phone for two years which I am not actually able to use, and paying for a replacement. I see it as £800 wasted and I'm not especially willing to accept that. Thank you in advance!
  18. Can anyone help please? Several years ago I purchased a Sony PS3 for my 11 year old son. I set up the online account with my own email address and since then he has been using this account to play games online. He is in his early teens now, and last week he bravely went online and wanted to change the email address on the account to his own email address. but in the process entered a typing error and now cannot get into the account. I have contacted Sony and explained the situation to them, giving them my original email address home address etc but they have asked me to tell them what the new email address was which my son has set up. Now, he cannot remember exactly which bit was a typing error so I cannot give them this. So I asked them to reset it to the original email address but they won't do this until I send in two forms of photo id. I explained that there is no reason why they would want my photo id from me as they cannot compare it against anything. I don't recall sending it to them when I set the account up. They argue that my account now has other information on it such as billing or purchases but we have never bought anything from Sony online and I don't believe they have any of my credit card details. Are Sony right to demand photo id before they reset my account. It is easter holidays and my son cannot go online to play his beloved PS3 because a lot of his scores and settings for his games are accessed via the account. Can anyone help please? Kind Regards Gobsmacked
  19. Hello I bought an Xperia Z directly off Sony Mobile and about 5 weeks after owning it the back started to come unglued which seems to have happened to quite a few people. I contacted Sony customer services who arranged for it to be sent in for repair on the 14th Aug. and said it would take approx. 5-7 working days to repair. I got an e-mail confirming they had received it on the 16th Aug. 4 days ago I checked the status via the website they provided and it said "with repair engineer". It's being saying that every day for the past 4 days. I contacted Sony again yesterday as it had been 7 working days and no updates on what was happening. They said they couldn't give me any idea how long it would take or what was happening just that they would repair it as soon as possible. I then read a couple of other people who had the same issue had received their phones back scratched and had to send them back for repair again. After searching for the company doing the repair (SBE Ltd) they have terrible reviews and I'm now worried that it might come back in worse condition than I sent it. I need the phone in 3 weeks time so if I don't have it back and working by then I will have to get another phone. As I have no idea how long it's going to take, I'm really not sure what to do. If it arrives back scratched or not repaired I won't have time for it to be sent in for repair again. If takes more than another 2 weeks or arrives back in worse condition would I be able to get a refund? Thanks for your help.
  20. Hello, I need some help from a SOGA expert. My Sony Bravia failed after almost exactly 3 years needing a new circuit board at a total cost of £122. The TV new was over £600. SOGA suggests that it should have lasted at least 6 years. Obviously I cannot go after Comet so my question is can I pursue Sony through SOGA, to the courts if needed. Their so called customer service is based off shore with very poor english and they were most unhelpful. I certainly won't buy Sony again. Any advce would be welcome. I will write to them suggesting they cough up as a good will gesture but, given their attitude on the phone, I am not too hopeful. Thanks Martin g
  21. Hello! This is my first post, but I have lurked for some time in admiration at the spirit of compassionate mutuality which is the essence of 'consumer citizenship'. For too long has unscrupulousness been the operating principle of commerce in this country. Right! So, I had an inoperational Playstation 3 replaced under warranty by Sony Computer Entertainment UK on the 2nd/1st/2013. The fault with the inoperational console concerned a faulty disk drive, which meant I had a disk lodged inside (namely a copy of Fifa 13). I was assured I would get my disc back within six weeks. This did not happen. I have telephoned their premium rate 'consumer support' call centre several times and on each occasion they have told me they are 'escalating the investigations' into the whereabouts of my lost property. Now, it is clear to me from the 'progress' of these investigations (of which none is discernable) that SCEUK do not employ any sleuths. On the last occasion I spoke with them (sometime last week), their agent intimatated to me that 'according to the terms & conditions' my property may never be returned. This seemed remarkably complacent to me. No matter what their 'terms & conditions' state how can I be arbitrarily deprived of my property without recompense, especially when this situation has been created by their robust incompetence? What is the legal sitution here, considering that technically nothing was bought or sold?
  22. Nice one Sony. www.at7addak.com/en/Articles/226627/News/PS3/Sony-Just-Patented-its-Own-Downfall Greed always kills in the end.
  23. Have I got a leg to stand on??? My 15yo son asked me to purchase an ps3 online bundle. He gave Sony the card details and they took the money. I have now discovered that Sony have kept the card details despite my son giving the wrong address and my son has now inadvertently run up a bill of £500!!!! Whilst I must take some responsibility, it peeves me that this company is allowed to keep these details without any proper checks and that there is no cap or limit applied. My son is not the only one to fall foul of this system and he wont be the last. My bank blames Sony and Sony blames me however, my son is a minor which means the contract he has with Sony with his online account is surely uninforceable? Sony do NO checks to ensure that their gamers and payments are legitimate and of age. Do you think i can get any of this money back please?
  24. Hi there would be grateful if someone could help with this one. I have been a customer with o2 for a long number of years and took out a new contract for 24 months in March 2011 they sent my new phone Sony Ericsson xperia X10i not had any problems untill last month when it started dropping calls, switched itself off with 43 per cent battery power in the battery, etc,etc. Went to one of there shops, they sent it off for repair, it was sent back to my home with this note inside. Thanks for sending us your phone. One of our engineers has found that its got a problem that your warranty doesn't cover. As a result of this, its going to be cheaper to replace the phone than fix it. We're sending the phone back to you. It might still work, but the damage could cause problems later. If you would like to see a picture of the problem, log on here selfservice.o2repairtracking,co,uk/ But all is not lost. There are a few ways to get it up and running again: If you've insured your phone with another company, give them a call If your current contract has come to an end, you might be able to get an upgrade. You could also get money for recycling your phone. I was told when i took the phone to the shop that it was still under warranty as it is still under contract, it has not been abused and looks brand new as its been in a protective cover since new, if its under warranty why did they not fix it? what should i do now, and what rights do i have (if any) any information would be most welcome thanks
  25. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could suggest me what should I do. I ordered 2 units of Sony Vaio laptops from sony website. I received an acknowledgement email from sony that they have received my order. Then after 3 hrs I got another email from Sony that for some reasons my card payment was not authorized by my bank and they asked me to call them. I made a call to sony straightaway. One of their Sales Agent told me that my bank did not authorize the payment but when they tried 2nd time my bank did authorize the payment and my payment has been accepted and the order is in under production. 2nd day I called sony to know about the status of my order. I was shocked to hear that they cancelled my order without letting me know. The reason they gave me over the phone that they didnt receive the payment because my bank didnt authorize it. Then I called my bank to know about the problem with my transaction. They told me that there was not any problem with the payment. The money left my account the day when I made my order. My bank gave me the authorization code as well. I called sony and asked for the manager because I didnt want to talk to those agents as they were playing with me and were not serious about the matter. i spoke with the manager and told him the matter. He was not believing me that my bank authorized the payment. I did give the authorization code but still he was not believing me. He asked me to take a snapshot of my online bank statement and send him. I emailed him my bank statement. Got a reply from him that he got the document and he will investigate within 2 days. The next day I called them again, the manager was on holiday. One of their sales agent told me that they received the payment but on further checks on my account they cancelled my order. I asked them on what grounds my order was cancelled when you have already accepted the payment. He said on further checks they found out that the mobile number which I gave them during placing my order was involved in some SUSPECTED ACTIVITIES back in march and my email address didnt match with my debit card. I asked him whatever you are saying I want this in written. But he refused to give me this stupid reason in written and said if I required any further information I need to write to the head office. and I will get the refund in 10 days. Why they were keep saying 1st that they didnt get the money then I gave them the proof then they changed their statement and giving me ...... They should have made checks before taking the money out from my account. Please any suggestions. What should I do? Regards Jimmy
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