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  1. He is currently not part of the company and his partner ceo just passes it back down to the CS manager. I have tried both CEOS and have heard back from neither
  2. I purchased a second hand multiyork sofa and wanted to get a new cover for it. So i paid £550 for a new cover from multiyork. I waited 8 weeks for the cover to be delivered (not a problem as it was a bespoke item). When the cover arrived it was an extremely poor fit. Obviously got in touch with them and they eventually agreed to uplift the cover and the sofa so that it could be fitted at there factory. This was a satisfactory response and so all was well. We then awaited the return of our sofa..... When it returned the cover was fitted beautifully and so we were happy. Unfortunately the feet on our sofa had been moved. When they left us they were fitted in the front corners as you would expect. they were now set in from the corners and uneven. Upon closer inspection we discovered that the feet now fitted to our sofa were not our original wheels. Got in touch with them and told them of our concerns. The customer services supervisor told us that no work had been done to our sofa apart from the cover being fine tailored. I sent some photos to show that 1. the feet had been moved from the original holes with new ones drilled 2. They were not our original feet. She responded and told me that these sofas had 2 fixing points for the front legs and they had simply been put in the wrong holes. I have since contacted 3 of there stores and all have told me that this sofa comes with only one fixing point for the front feet and even if i paid for it extra holes could not be added as the frames come in pre drilled. at this point i asked the questions was my sofa damaged in transit What work has been done to my sofa Who authorised it why have my feet been changed and moved where are my feet. i sent her pictures of the old feet and the new feet. the new feet are completely unmarked (bear in mind this sofa must be 10 plus years old) i also sent pictures proving the feet had been moved and new holes drilled. her response was that 1. she had spoken to the "craftsman" who had fitted my cover and no work had been done to my sofa 2. it was unclear whether the feet had been moved due to the angle of the pictures 3. The new feet were my original feet. i spoke to her on the phone where she told me the pictures were in front of her i pointed out the clear diffrences and she was still adamant that they were my original feet. she did say that they would send a technician to my home to repostion the feet but this would take 3 weeks for an appointment to be made. I told her that i did not want any further work doing to my sofa ubtil they could explain what had happened. i also asked to speak with her boss. Ok so now im at custmer services manager level. She gave the same response as her colleague on all counts. Neither would answer any of my original questions. I then contacted the CEO who told me that the Customer services manager would be in touch once she had completed a full investigation. So i waited for answers. Next thing i know i receive an email from her......were there answers. NO! there was an offer for a full refund of my original order (The cover which i now had no issues with at all) i have refused the refund as this does not fix my sofa and as i am unaware what work has been done and why i cannot seek to get it fixed with anybody else. i then spoke to them and said i would allow them to send a technician to reposition the feet. I did this because the new feet have diffrent fixings from the old ones and so they do not fit into the old holes. This means that he would not be able to reposition the feet proving that they were not my original feet and they had drilled new holes to fix the new feet. They made an appointment for 27 nov. friday i received an email from CS manager telling me she had cancelled the appointment and that a refund had been authorised to be made to me. obviously i do not want a refund as this will not fix my now damaged sofa. i have written to her stating i do not want a refund and that i am happy for anybody at multiyork to come and asses my sofa. They have blocked me from there facebook page and nobody will speak to me. All i wanted from them was a sofa cover. i have ended up with a sofa with wonky feet and the people best placed to explain why and fix it will not give me any explanation or deal with my issues. I also want my original feet back as they are my property and i did not give them any permission to touch my sofa or carry out any work. It is now 4 months since i made the initial order and i am sick of the stress of dealing with them. i realise that i may not have explained things very well but would really appreciate any help as i am at the end of my tether!!!! [ATTACH]60262[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]60263[/ATTACH] These are my original feet note the wear to the castor and the fitting right on the corner of the sofa [ATTACH]60264[/ATTACH] this is the position of the feet upon its return [ATTACH]60265[/ATTACH] This picture clearly shows the old and new holes. remember they are telling me that these holes were in the sofa from new. so the staples which are shiny and silver are 10 plus years old????? you can also clearly see the nuts for the feet to fix into on the new holes are surface mounted. they are set into the old holes by about an ince this means if you try to put the new feet in the old holes they push the castor out of the bottom I have lots more pictures which proves everything i have said. i cannot see how such a simple task for them has turned into such a web of lies and again would appreciate any help. sorry its so long Thank You
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