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  1. Ive rang court and they are sending me dispute forms but because we both working full time I doubt wed get any help with the fee :0( How do I check the judgement online please? sorry ive no clue with things like this. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi Looking for some advice please. Cabot purchased our secured loan from welcome finance last year (unknown to us until months later) they had been calling and calling, i presumed re welcome loan whch we are and always have paid weekly without missing, they transferred the dd into marlin cabot. I have received a judgement for claimant today for 664 which includes fees. I have had no paperwork at all through from either cabot or court (or mortimer clarke solicitors) until this judgement. I cannot afford the whole amount nor the £155 appeal fee especially when i am unsure as to what the debt is. Court says it relates to a vanquis credit card which may well be possible as I was in dispute with them over fees but I have no information on it at all as it was years and years ago Having checked my credit file, it was noted as in default in may 2009 but there is nothing before this. Can anyone please advise on the best course of action, we are just pulling ourselves out of the debt cycle and managing to maintain all monthly payments for mortgage etc, just not wanting to ruin all the hard work weve put into getting back on track with a ccj :0( Any help please, we would be most grateful. TIA
  3. Will do re sar thanks. Should I cancel dd until i get this info? am i risking my home if i do? or do i keep the dd and pay? Thanks
  4. thanks for the reply, in all honesty i have very little info and no paperwork at all. Loan was taken originally in 2007 and rewritten a couple of times. Outstanding with welcome is around 13k, payment schedule with marlin is £25 a week until october 2016. Welcome has a charge on our home , ive checked land registry. Thanks but thats probably not a lot of help to you. PPI reclaimed, just under 4k, taken straight off loan amount.
  5. Welcome have sold our loan (which was being paid weekly without missing) to cabot financial, they advised they are selling off their debts. I now have a letter from marlin stating that having agreed changes to your direct debit details ...... (we have had no contact with anyone other than welcome) and they have set up a direct debit on my account without my consent for the same weekly payment as we were paying welcome. 1. can they do this? 2. its for around 10k less than we owed welcome when ive worked out the payment dates 3. does this mean its no longer a secured loan? anyone having the same issues? thanks in advance.
  6. Just received a letter this morning saying my account was now owned by cabot financial and was sold 24th june 2014. Ive been paying weekly for years and still have my direct debit paying welcome drect, they say they are only handling the payment and forwarding to cabot.... As this is a secured loan does this have any implications for my home? Ive rang welcome they said to contact cabot but i dont really want to until i have the correct info. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. phew! have just come off the phone to northumbria water again and they agree the letter is worded badly and agree something needs doing, they are going to lobby the government to make the changes needed, as a goodwill gesture they have removed the account from marstons and we have paid 100 today and agreed an arrangement of 25 per week to clear it, thanks all for your advice, really appreciate it.
  8. having spoken to northumbria water and they have said the letter they sent out is a letter drafted by the government and after this letter was written the legislation changed so they can indeed get away with this.... does anybody know the fees for the stay of execution off hand please?
  9. Letter states f you do not pay or agree a payment arrangement by the date about (which is today 5pm) an enforcement agent will visit you and may seize your belongings - this is called taking control. Marstons are saying this is first enforcement stage and can only agree to a repayment plan once this stage is started - so why give the option of agreeing a payment arrangement before this time if they cant until after the time? Ive contacted northumbrian water and their litigation dept is going to contact marstons.
  10. We didnt put any forward as they said it was a waste of time as they wouldnt accept anything without an enforcement agent gaining entry to the home. Yes its been to court but we genuinely hadnt received any paperwork.
  11. Thanks in advance. My husband received a letter from marstons stating he owed 980 for unpaid water rates plus a fee of 90. We were given on the letter until 5pm today to contact them to pay in full or according to the letter set up a payment arrangement. They wont set up an arrangement stating they had no say in the way the letter was worded and to set up an arrangement the officer must enter the property and will only agree to repayment by installments if there are insufficient goods to cover the debt. They wouldnt discuss it with us any further and said they wont until it goes to the next stage incurring us even more in fees that we cant afford. Any advice please, they said we should seek legal advice as they wont do a payment arrangement. She also said they cant force entry to property is that right? Thanks for any help you can give.
  12. They just rang out of the blue and asked for proof.. explained we havent missed a payment etc which they admit but have still said we are in breach of the agreement .
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