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  1. This will be more info than you have asked for but gives full story Reason for the arrears: loan taken out Jan 2006 wife left mid 2006, arrears started build up from Aug 2006 left with son at school and daughter at collage lost job May 2007 Claimed 6 month PPI, until got a low paying job managed for a while could not manage after 1st year arrears quickly built up to £10800 by 13 may 2008 First-plus took me to court got repossession order that was suspended in June 2008 agreed to pay additional + main payment I continued paying until I lost my job December 2008 waited for the repossession order to be used never used Had some one interested in buying my house in February 2009 called first-plus to ask for a settlement figure and was told that they would not agree to the sale as I was in negative equity and would not pay the loan off I then decided that if first-plus would not let me sell it I would not pay loan and force them to use the suspended repossession order, but they never used it and that is how the arrears have built up since 2009 I did have a an offer for someone to buy my house in 2016 and once again went to Barclays (as by then first-plus gone) and solicitor for purchaser told him to pull out as Barclays stated that not only was the principle amount due but also £54,000 of arrears and advised that would leave me in negative equity and could not buy. Since then I have just waited for Elderbrige to get in touch so I could have my day in court and tell a judge what has happened and ask if it is legal for them to allow my arrears to become more than my principle loan amount (pig headed) So I know face the fact that I will have to pay the outstanding amount and agree to a monthly charge of some £900.00 to stop the eviction, I was just hoping that Elderbridge had to go back to court to get another repossession order, if not I will not have my day in court and will have to start making the payments until I pop off this mortal coil
  2. They want to Evict me,can you help. Can someone please advise what I can do to stop Elderbridge (company that purchased from Barclays, all Firstplus accounts) evicting me from my house, I have received a letter today from Elderbridge stating that they are instructing their solicitors (Eversheds) to ask the court to set a date for Elderbridge to take possession of my property. What I want to know is if they can do this as the original repossession order was granted to Firstplus who have gone bust (and then taken on by Barclays as they were the bank that set up Firstplus) Last year Barclays sold my outstanding account to Elderbridge, does that mean that they automaticity have the right to use the suspended repossession order to start eviction process? If yes how do I contact the courts to stop this eviction and make payments to this new company Elderbridge. Account Balance £64,809.59 Arrears Balance £64,722.09 how can Firstplus, Barclays have let my arrears get so high and charge me 7.8% intrest, I have asked all of the above to stop charging interest but have all refused.
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